Builder fails to get native OK to resume his project

Posted: November 29, 2007 in Brantford, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Native Extortion, Natives

Nov. 29, 2007
Brantford Expositor

A Brantford builder remains in a standoff with Six Nations protesters over the future of his duplex development on Grand River Avenue.

Mike Quattrociocchi, a former city councillor and owner of Mayberry Homes, went in front of officials at the Haudenoshaunee Development Institute to plead for understanding on Tuesday evening, hours after Confederacy members Floyd and Ruby Montour and a handful of supporters took over the site of his four-duplex development.

But he left the meeting empty-handed.

The shutdown was the second such action since the Montours stood in front of construction vehicles in September.

The Montours said the occupation was prompted by the fact that, despite months of talking, Quattroociocchi had not yet paid assessed development fees to the HDI, nor had he signed a protocol document recognizing that organization’s jurisdiction.

(Edit: Maybe that’s because the “fee’s” are extortion, and the HDI has no jurisdiction over anything anywhere nor will they ever)

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  1. WL Mackenzie Reux says:

    This hypocrisy of Bryant pertaining to this situation was totally ignored by the boot-lick media.

    Nothing displays the dystopian nepotistic state Bryant-McSliney are running like the lack of official action to protect this developer’s Provincially deeded/permitted enterprise….obviously he is paying property taxes to a regime who will not defend his legal property rights.

    The courts have stated that HDI demands for “fees” or tax or “permitting” is illegal as they are an illegitimate authority in the Ontario deeding and development permitting administration. Essentially whenever HDI misrepresents their authority to collect a property development fee upon threat of natives illegally trespassing on the site, they are engaged in the federal crime of conspiracy, extortion, impersonation public officials and a dozen other offenses related to fraud, impersonation and misrepresentation…ALL indictable crimes. Bryant KNOWS this…this is why he said that developers approached to pay such fees and recognize such illicit authority, “are advised to not comply”….he said the Ontrario deeding and developing system/authority is upheld by his government and the provinces powers in deeding and permitting is exclusive.

    Well, is that so….here is the perfect case to prove all Bryant’s bluster is more than hot air. The Quattroociocchi development is duly deeded and he has payed all applicable provincial fees and taxes to get all the requisite provincial permits to develop….yet the province continues to allow his development to be encumbered by court judged illegal HDI interference….The dourt has stated HDI is engaging in illegal activity if it aserts to charge fees or demand recognition as a legitimate authority.

    Quattroociocchi is also a fixture in the provincial PC party so there may also be partisan vindictive foot dragging at play here as well. All I can see though is that Bryant is a liar by his inaction in dealing with something he admits is illegal and for failing to support the province’s deeding and permiting authority.

    The Quattroociocchi case reveals the McSlimy-Bryant regime have no intent of protecting the provincial deeding system or exclusive development permitting powers….they are L-I-A-R-S!

    The message has gone out loud and clear to property owners, speculators and developers….Ontario deeding is undependable and nepotistic….spend your ven-cap or buy your property elsewhere with a working deeding and property rights system.

    Words fail me in expressing the disdain I feel for this regime and their contempt for property owners.

  2. Murray Hilton says:

    This occupation and blackmail being perpetrated by the Six Nation Mafia WILL RESULT is violence; started by HDI against so many companies/individuals that own property and pay tax on.
    Any violence that occurs, regardless what excuses the spinless Federal and Provincial governments should come up with will rest 100% on the shoulders of McGuinty, Fantino and the entire lot of spineless morons in Ottawa. This WILL develop into a far more serious affair if the lazy simple serpents in Toronto and Ottawa don’t get something done and soon. Remember the weather won’t be the only thing ‘heating up’ in the upcoming months. Bryant and McDinky better get off their asses and do what they get grossly overpaid to do for the taxpaying multitudes.
    Thanks can only be given to the ‘cool heads’ that are being presently abused by two senior levels of government.

    Murray, another Canadian taxpayer

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