Haldimand councilor charged with assault

Posted: January 9, 2008 in Buck Sloat, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs

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January 9, 2008

After much effort by myself and Merlyn Kinrade, a Justice of the Peace has signed a criminal charge of assault against Haldimand council member Buck Sloat, and he will have to appear at the Cayuga court house on February 6, 2008 at 9am to answer to the charge.

The foundation of the law and order that we are fighting to see upheld clearly states that Mr. Sloat is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, so please consider all statements below to be alleged until such time as they are proven.

The circumstances are somewhat unique as the OPP refused to lay this charge and I had to go to court personally to get it done.

On August 7, 2007 I attended a council meeting at the municipal building in Cayuga to hear the outcome of a resolution by Council to monitor the correspondence of Mayor Marie Trainer. During the lunch break, Merlyn Kinrade and I noticed Mr. Sloat standing on the back steps of the building and decided to go talk to him to see if he could tell us anything about the resolution before council.

A short time into a conversation between me, Mr. Sloat, and Mr. Kinrade, Mr. Sloat became upset, grabbed me by the shoulder, pulled the digital recorder from my pocket where it had been clearly visible the entire time, and dropped it to the concrete below.

After lunch Mr. Kinrade and I attended the OPP station in Cayuga to file a complaint of assault. Constable Andrusyk agreed to take our statements after spending considerable time trying to council me not to proceed with a criminal complaint and assured me that the matter would be investigated thoroughly. He suggested that I would hear from him within a week with the outcome.

Two weeks later I phoned the OPP station as I had not heard anything and I was told that Constable Andrusyk was on duty and would be paged to call me. He called me late the following afternoon and informed me “Basically we’ve reviewed the statements and everything, we’ve spoken with Mr. Sloat and at this time there is not enough grounds to lay any charges”.

Around this time I learned that a person can see a Justice of the Peace at the Courthouse and do what is called swearing a private information which is basically filing a charge for such things as assault or theft as a private citizen.

I attended court several times as there were various delays not the least of which was my inability to attend due to a head injury suffered in December, and today myself and Mr. Kinrade told a Justice of the Peace what happened at which time he issued process for the charge which means Mr. Sloat has now been charged by the court with assault, and will receive a summons to appear to defend himself.

The entire procedure was handled with the utmost professionalism by the Court system and both a crown and Justice of the Peace were brought in from another jurisdiction to hear the complaint to ensure total impartiality for both Mr. Sloat and myself.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in Court as the Justice informed me that the Crown may at their discretion simply dismiss the charge at a later date, and the Crown who attended these hearings was opposed to it as she stated “it’s not enough of an assault for the crown to be interested in pursuing”, but after reading from the Criminal Code of Canada, the Justice clearly stated that this falls under the definition of assault and issued the charge.

I asked the crown if I could speak with her after the hearing to enquire about her opposition and her answer was simply “No”.

Regardless of the outcome of this charge, it’s nice to know as a Canadian that when the Police fail us, we do have other options at our disposal to pursue justice.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Welcome to the “new” justice and “new: democracy.

    Cornerstones: unaccountable elected officers, unaccountable police officials and unaccountable justice officials…and a lot of arbitrary power to shut down public scrutiny of malfeasance….and of course contempt and hubris towards a private citizen seeking redress.

    Is there any wonder there is so much apathy?

  2. DJTroy says:

    Thank You. There are reasons why certain people don’t get charged, and why your charges will be dropped. Not everyone out here likes you (Gary), but they are also the same ones who sit back passively and do nothing but talk.

    They are confused. They justify (as do I) the need for violence to bring attention to this (these) national matter(s). (This is the fault of out sensationalized and censored media). Then they say that this is a locals problem and outsiders (like Gary) should go away (but many of ‘they’ are recent additions to our community and only self-proclaimed locals). They are SO confused and so lacking ambition, conviction and traditional values. Maybe if they had gone to school with the natives…

    – Kudos to Six Nations and their Native Warriors, showing us that we can fight the oppressive OPP and irresponsible Government.
    – Kudos to Gary for doing more than nothing. You have earned you name in print.

    Two opposing sides both with the same goal, just not the same mission. One Law & One Country, where a man is not judged by the colour of his skin or ability to cut stone. Where a cop is just a cop, not a dictator.

    The Canadian way: White vs. Indian, French vs. English, West vs. East. But NEVER us against the government, which would not be allowed.

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow, we are writing modern history and manifesting our nation’s future. What role will you play?

    Keep the faith and fight the good fight.

    PS: I am a real local. Born, raised & schooled here. Grandpa helped to build this town. Period.

    PPS: USMC Command in Kuwait thinks that Fantino is a “Punk”. And what happened to the police commissioner who was in charge when this started. Transferred to Ireland wasn’t she? Nice… Wasn’t it a botched OPP attack on DCE that started this? Nice… My union taught me about manafesting overtime and ensuring job security…

  3. DJTroy says:

    Told You So. Welcome to my hometown.

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