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Feb 26, 2008

Julian Fantino will soon get another chance to use his beloved term “interlopers”, only this time it won’t be Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas, and myself he’s targeting. A convoy of Caledonia residents who have grown tired of being ignored by the Commissioner will be heading to Fantino’s neighborhood this Sunday March 2 to exercise their legal right to peaceful protest.


CALEDONIA — If Sam Gualtieri had died when he was attacked by a pack of goons last year, would Premier Dalton McGuinty have come down for his funeral?

That was the main question people here asked yesterday.

If he ever decides to check out one of the province’s most embarrassing messes, the first place he ought to stop is the home of Gualtieri, a 53-year-old former homebuilder who believes he was one blow away from being murdered.

Instead, after being viciously attacked by native protesters who were squatting in a home he owned, he spent a week in intensive care with numerous broken bones and severe brain trauma.

“He has been through so much,” wife Sandy said. “We are just glad we have him.”

This May he will walk his daughter Michelle down the aisle for her wedding. He was attacked in a home, in a neighbouring development to the occupied Douglas Creek estates, he was building for her. “I just went there to check it out and was jumped when I walked in the door,” he said.

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Much more on the Human Cost of Illegal Occupations here

CBC News 

An aboriginal leader sentenced to time behind bars for defying two court orders and blocking a prospective uranium mining site has agreed to stop participating in protests so she can avoid going to jail.

Paula Sherman and Robert Lovelace, co-chiefs of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, were sentenced to six months in jail by Justice Douglas Cunningham in a Kingston, Ont., court Friday after being found guilty of contempt of court.

Sherman was also fined $15,000 and Lovelace $25,000.


The Hamilton Spectator
Feb 13, 2008)

A Dec. 4 letter to the editor described Gary McHale in a way that was not accurate. The Hamilton Spectator withdraws any suggestion that Mr. McHale has perpetrated violence in his activities at Caledonia. The Hamilton Spectator apologizes for the error.

Brantford Expositor – Original title “Fair will teach kids about traditional native tobacco”

A nutrition fair that will also help educate kids on the difference between smoking cigarettes and using traditional native tobacco will be held Friday at Central Public School.

The Ononh’kwa on: we (Original Medicine) Tobacco Wise and Nutrition Health Fair will run at the George Street school starting at 9:45 a.m.


The Hamilton Spectator – with commentary added by Jeff Parkinson

A plan is being promoted to have the Ontario Provincial Police and Six Nations police do joint patrols of a rural concession caught in the middle of the Caledonia land claims dispute. (Edit: A road which Six Nations has no jurisdiction over nor any right to)

The OPP have not been welcomed by aboriginals (Edit: Criminals Who have no more right to dictate to the OPP than you or I do) on the Sixth Line, which runs south of Douglas Creek Estates, since the OPP raided the site two years ago in an effort to end the aboriginal occupation.



Haldimand County council has decided to provide legal representation for one of its councillors facing a charge after a incident last summer. On January 9th, Councillor Buck Sloat was charged with assault stemming from a private complaint filed against him. Allegations are that Sloat assaulted an individual at the county offices while on break from a council meeting in August. That month Gary McHale, who has made headlines in Caledonia before, faxed the OPP and politicians asking for police protection from Councillor Sloat.  

The request was made due to an alleged altercation between Sloat and another man outside council chambers earlier that month, and that fact that McHale feels Sloat has a personal hatred towards him. Under a by-law passed in 2002, council ensured that public servants exercising duties in good faith would be protected from personal and financial risk from claims and actions with respect to matters arising out of County business. This incident is believed to fall directly under that clause.

By Donna Pitcher

At the Council meeting February 4th, 2008, council voted 6-0 in favor of having the County Lawyer represent Councilor Buck Sloat. Councilor Sloat appeared in the Cayuga Courthouse Wednesday February 6th, 2008, with the County Lawyer and Councilor Grice at his side.

I don’t really have a problem with a member of council being represented by the county lawyer if in fact the problem is of an “official” Haldimand County Matter. But when a council member is charged under the Criminal Code, that is a whole new ball game!

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Daniel Nolan
The Hamilton Spectator
CALEDONIA (Feb 8, 2008)

A smoke shop at the centre of a December fracas that led to nine arrests has been damaged by fire.

Arson is the suspected cause of the fire that struck the shop at the south end of Argyle Street South, just east of Highway 6.

It follows a fire last month at another smoke shop on Highway 6 and Fifth Line, although fire officials said then it was not considered suspicious.


As first posted on here is Gary McHale’s response to David Crombie telling residents of Caledonia that no progress will be made on their behalf for years to come.

Feb 08, 2007 

Mr David Crombie
Federal Liason for Caledonia

Dear Mr. Crombie:


February 6, 2008

Deputy Mayor of Haldimand / Council member Buck Sloat made his first appearance in a Cayuga court this morning to answer to the assault charge laid I laid against him stemming from an August 2007 incident.

Accompanied by Councilor Craig Grice and a Haldimand County lawyer, Sloat appeared before a Justice of the Peace who remanded the matter until March 5 at 9am.


Occasionally, when I talk to people about landclaim lawlessness, their reaction is something like, ”Yeah, but look at how we (Canada) treat natives on the reserves. They don’t even have safe drinking water for God’s sake. No wonder they’re angry.”

The latest installment in the National Post’s ‘Rethinking the Reserve’ series entitled, ‘Problems of Governance‘ completely destroys  – once and for all – the myth that it is Canada’s lack of compassion or deliberate misfeasance that has led to the problems on reserves. 

Included in the Post’s shocking revelations about how reserves are riddled with unbelievable corruption, mismanagement, incompetence and unaccountability by native leaders and managers is the jaw-dropping story of how the Kashechewan reserve had to be evacuated due to contaminated water because the plant managers didn’t follow up on an automatic alarm that sounded after a $30 chlorine injector failed. Rather than fix the problem, they simply disconnected the annoying alarm and allowed the reserve water system to be poisoned by E.Coli. Incredible.

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In ‘National Post takes the blinders off MSM,’ Jeff Parkinson and I gave some well-deserved recognition to the Post for taking a strong stand against landclaim lawlessness and political cowardice with their recent editorials and series, Rethinking the Reserve.

Today, we must recognize a true, unsung Caledonia hero for his continual efforts to hold the government accountable for their miserable failures in the face of outrageous aggression by native criminals: lawyer, John Findlay.

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From CD98.9 

Haldimand OPP are investigating two fires in Caledonia. Early Thursday morning police got a report of a barn fire at the Caledonia Fair Grounds on Caithness Street East. Haldimand County Fire Department extinguished the barn that stored wooden planks, straw, and utility trailers.

Minutes later, firefighters and police were called to another fire – this time at a smoke shop at the south end of Argyle Street on Highway 6 in Caledonia. The smoke shop sustained minor damage as the fire was quickly put out by firefighters from Hagersville.

No injuries were reported in either fire and the total amount of damage is unknown at this time. While the cause of the barn fire is to be determined, the smoke shop fire has been determined as intentionally set.

Edit: More information on this fire / alleged arson will be posted as it becomes available but for the moment the OPP are being quiet about the details and I’m not going to post the rampant rumors and speculation floating around.