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February 6, 2008

Deputy Mayor of Haldimand / Council member Buck Sloat made his first appearance in a Cayuga court this morning to answer to the assault charge laid I laid against him stemming from an August 2007 incident.

Accompanied by Councilor Craig Grice and a Haldimand County lawyer, Sloat appeared before a Justice of the Peace who remanded the matter until March 5 at 9am.


Occasionally, when I talk to people about landclaim lawlessness, their reaction is something like, ”Yeah, but look at how we (Canada) treat natives on the reserves. They don’t even have safe drinking water for God’s sake. No wonder they’re angry.”

The latest installment in the National Post’s ‘Rethinking the Reserve’ series entitled, ‘Problems of Governance‘ completely destroys  – once and for all – the myth that it is Canada’s lack of compassion or deliberate misfeasance that has led to the problems on reserves. 

Included in the Post’s shocking revelations about how reserves are riddled with unbelievable corruption, mismanagement, incompetence and unaccountability by native leaders and managers is the jaw-dropping story of how the Kashechewan reserve had to be evacuated due to contaminated water because the plant managers didn’t follow up on an automatic alarm that sounded after a $30 chlorine injector failed. Rather than fix the problem, they simply disconnected the annoying alarm and allowed the reserve water system to be poisoned by E.Coli. Incredible.

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In ‘National Post takes the blinders off MSM,’ Jeff Parkinson and I gave some well-deserved recognition to the Post for taking a strong stand against landclaim lawlessness and political cowardice with their recent editorials and series, Rethinking the Reserve.

Today, we must recognize a true, unsung Caledonia hero for his continual efforts to hold the government accountable for their miserable failures in the face of outrageous aggression by native criminals: lawyer, John Findlay.

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From CD98.9 

Haldimand OPP are investigating two fires in Caledonia. Early Thursday morning police got a report of a barn fire at the Caledonia Fair Grounds on Caithness Street East. Haldimand County Fire Department extinguished the barn that stored wooden planks, straw, and utility trailers.

Minutes later, firefighters and police were called to another fire – this time at a smoke shop at the south end of Argyle Street on Highway 6 in Caledonia. The smoke shop sustained minor damage as the fire was quickly put out by firefighters from Hagersville.

No injuries were reported in either fire and the total amount of damage is unknown at this time. While the cause of the barn fire is to be determined, the smoke shop fire has been determined as intentionally set.

Edit: More information on this fire / alleged arson will be posted as it becomes available but for the moment the OPP are being quiet about the details and I’m not going to post the rampant rumors and speculation floating around.