Haldimand Council votes to pay for Sloat defence

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Buck Sloat, Haldimand County Council, Headlines


Haldimand County council has decided to provide legal representation for one of its councillors facing a charge after a incident last summer. On January 9th, Councillor Buck Sloat was charged with assault stemming from a private complaint filed against him. Allegations are that Sloat assaulted an individual at the county offices while on break from a council meeting in August. That month Gary McHale, who has made headlines in Caledonia before, faxed the OPP and politicians asking for police protection from Councillor Sloat.  

The request was made due to an alleged altercation between Sloat and another man outside council chambers earlier that month, and that fact that McHale feels Sloat has a personal hatred towards him. Under a by-law passed in 2002, council ensured that public servants exercising duties in good faith would be protected from personal and financial risk from claims and actions with respect to matters arising out of County business. This incident is believed to fall directly under that clause.

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