Caledonia “Interlopers” coming to Woodbridge

Posted: February 26, 2008 in Caledonia, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP, Residents

Feb 26, 2008

Julian Fantino will soon get another chance to use his beloved term “interlopers”, only this time it won’t be Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas, and myself he’s targeting. A convoy of Caledonia residents who have grown tired of being ignored by the Commissioner will be heading to Fantino’s neighborhood this Sunday March 2 to exercise their legal right to peaceful protest.

It will be a pleasure to join the residents of what Fantino wishes was a forgotten town in raising Canadian flags and presenting facts to the public and the media about the continued lawlessness in Caledonia under the leadership of Julian Fantino.

Regrettably for Mr. Fantino, his OPP will not be able to attend and interfere with this event as it does not fall within their jurisdiction.

Why all this trouble to raise a flag? Some may ask. As we have repeatedly pointed out to the media and the OPP, the supreme court ruling of Ramsden v. Peterborough gives us the charter right to hang a flag on any pole we want to, and as Julian personally came to town to deny us this right on January 20, 2007, met with the DCE occupiers that morning and refused to give us the same courtesy, we think the poles on his street are an excellent place to send a message to Mr. Fantino.

There is no better symbol than the Canadian flag to remind Mr. Fantino that we live in a country where the charter of rights and freedoms, and the rule of law trump his personal agenda of attacking our group.

Will Julian bring us some nice hot cocoa? I rather doubt it but we’ll find out very soon. See the official press release here

Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Caledonia Wakeup Call

  1. I don’t think Commissioner Fantino will be very amused at your group invading his home and privacy. Those that go there with Gary McHale might want to pack a tooth brush as they will likely be spending the night in jail after being charged with public mischief.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    You’re quite right that he won’t likely be ammused Mr. Whittle, but you seem to be of the mistaken belief that Gary McHale is leading this protest. I can assure you he is not.

    Will Julian be pleased? No. No more pleased than the residents of Caledonia have been by his willful decisions to deny policing by the OPP to the families on Sixth Line Road, order his officers to ignore any crime they see being committed by Natives, his visits to DCE to have dinner with the thugs who terrorize the town (whom he told the Hamilton Spectator he gave his cell phone number to in case they wish to talk), his repeated refusal to meet with Caledonia residents or any of us who fight for their rights, his threatening of their elected officials, and his abolute denial that there is anything wrong going on in Caledonia at the hands of the OPP or anyone Native.

    We’re not going to commit any crimes on Sunday and you must remember that it’s peaceful nonviolent law abiding protests which Julian has ranted about in the media and has such a personal disliking for.

    Before anyone suggests that we take this protest to the OPP headquarters for example, that’s not going to happen for the simple reason that nobody would care if we did. Mr. Fantino seems to have a great deal of trouble seeing that there are residents of Caledonia who are suffering under his “leadership” and perhaps this will help bring that fact into focus for him.

    If he finds it stressful that strangers are going to spend a little time on his street doing nothing illegal, he can take comfort in knowing that at the end of the day he will go to sleep once again in his comfy, safe bed knowing that everything is fine while some residents of Caledonia try to get to sleep wondering if nearby thugs are going to choose to riot again that night while the police who are sworn to protect them stand by and watch.


  3. I know Gary didn’t organize this latest protest, but if he participates he will be targeted as an instigator and charged accordingly. He isn’t a resident of Caledonia. You should only go with real residents to prevent Fantino from using Gary as the wedge. He’s already facing charges and bail restrictions, why would he want to compound the problem by injecting himself into your political protest at Fantino’s private residence?
    And don’t forget the municipal cops will be swarming about looking for any excuse to appease Fantino. Cops of all stripes are a brotherhood and stick together. Personally I think it a bad idea and will result in criminal records and legal expenses to fight them most ordinary people would want to steer clear of that will never go away and come back to haunt when you are looking for a job that is bondable.
    If anyone should be ashamed it’s Dalton McGuinty for even getting involved in the first place since Aboriginal issues are a federal concern, but the minute Dalton bought the DCE he made it a provincial problem he is not equipped to solve.

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I agree that they likely will be around looking for a reason to arrest us, but they’re not going to get it.

    One fact the OPP have had to deal with in Caledonia is that despite what Fantino says, we don’t commit crimes. I’m certain this will be proven when Gary is found not guilty of any wrong doing from December 1st.

    McGuinty should be ashamed of his involvement in all of this, but even if he is responsible for the orders being given in Caledonia to ignore any Native lawlessness, it’s Fantino who is the head of the OPP and bound by his oath to protect the residents he has abandoned.

  5. Going by Gary’s quotes in the media like the Toronto Sun he makes it sound like he’s attending. Here’s the quote they used from an e-mail he sent.

    Protester Gary McHale yesterday said in an e-mail: “We expect a few dozen people and I am sure Fantino will pressure the York Regional Police to stop us.”

  6. James says:

    I listened to Gary on CFRB on tuesday morning(27th). The host Bill Carrol only showed conptempt for the idea of picketing Fantino’s house.
    He often told McHale that he should be ashamed of himself. Also that he was making this personal.
    Carrol I felt missed the point of the protest, he kept going on about what Mrs. Fantino and her family had to do with this. He even suggested that Mrs. Fantino would be frightened! Imagine that, your husband is a top cop and she would be frightened by a few people with placards! A bit of stretch. He just couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live with this type of protest on your door every day. That I feel is the point of this protest.

    McHale suggested that the Toronto media hasn’t been giving Caledonia enough coverage. Carrol suggested that they’ve spoken to all the people involved. Although I believe that Carrol has tried to speak to people, I don’t think he has kept it at the forefront.
    What number do you sleep well at on that sleep number bed Bill? As long as he can sleep at night I guess.
    The (Toronto)media obviously hasn’t been doing enough after two long years that is for sure.
    I would add that thsi mornings drive into work while listening to CFRB was not surprising. Not one mention for that hour of the 2nd anniversary of the occupation. What was that Bill? You’ve got the situation covered? Or just you in your sleep number bed. Man, I hate those commercials.

  7. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Agreed James.

    If you watch the clip of Mr. Carroll on CHlive@5:30 last night his behavior gets even more strange. He comes in as some sort of authority on the topic, and proceeds to yell at a senior citizen that he’s intimidating and that waving some flags and signs is going to make us like the criminals who have violently terrorized Caledonia.

    His “interview” with Gary was equally bizzare as he’s supposed to be a credible broadcaster and all he did was yell at his guest, refuse to let him answer questions, and do everything he could to get the last word in on a topic doesn’t seem to be familiar with.

    I guess by his logic, Sam Gualtieri should not take it personally that Fantino made a decision not to allow the OPP to do their jobs which nearly got him killed.

  8. Mary-Lou says:

    Mr. Carol was behaving like the out of control bully on his show, not Gary.
    I have written John Tory and expressed my dislike of his comments regarding the protest in Woodbridge. No one is offering a solution in authority, but several are kicking the poor residents while they are already down for coming up with the idea.
    Fantino could agree to a meeting especially after two years of avoidance, but I don’t think this will happen because he likes to be the one doing the bullying.
    I was very proud of Merlyn on CHTV and also of Donna. She gets it. After you have tried everything normal to be heard, what do you do?? I am glad these people are braver than those at Ipperwash. Caledonia is refusing to get used to or get over it, and suck up the violence against them. No matter how you try, no victim can get used to being victimized for an indefinite length of time no matter who is asking them to do so. At some point they will break, Fantino should be thankful that with all the abuse he has made them endure, they are not going to protest unlawfully with bats and guns.
    These residents have more class in their little fingers than Fantino has in his whole body. I truly believe that someday soon payback for the do nothings McGuinty and Fantino wil be well worth all the negative rantings of the Bill Carol’s of this Province.
    Even that scumbag may be protected in the future with what the Caledonia Protestors are doing.


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