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Canadian Press – March 31, 2008

REGINA – The decision by a First Nations group to reinstate a controversial aboriginal leader accused of promoting hatred drew swift criticism Monday from politicians and Jewish organizations.

The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations quietly reinstated David Ahenakew as a senator Friday by a vote of 43-3. But B’nai Brith Canada called the move a big mistake.

“David Ahenakew is on record for having made vile, hate-filled, anti-Semitic remarks,” B’nai Brith’s Frank Dimant said Monday from Toronto. “We urge the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations to reconsider.

“The onus is on the federation to distance itself from Ahenakew’s bigotry and not to reward him by welcoming him back with open arms.”


March 26, 2008

This is what happens when a Police force is not being ordered to stand down by their chief.

From the RCMP website:

Drug Trafficking Ring Dismantled by the Aboriginal Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit

MONTRÉAL, Wednesday, March 26, 2008 – Early this morning, the investigators of the Aboriginal Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (A-CFSEU) dismantled a criminal organization that allegedly specialized in the trafficking and exportation of marihuana to the United States.



The Brantford Expositor 

It’s time Ottawa chipped in more cash to cover the ballooning expense of a southern Ontario aboriginal occupation that’s cost provincial taxpayers $50 million and counting, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday.

Although the federal government gave Ontario $26 million a year ago for costs associated with the Caledonia occupation, the province has since paid out $50 million on top of that contribution – the bulk of it for round-the-clock policing. (Edit: The Spectator told us just weeks ago that the total cost of the occupation so far is $54 Million.. Now we’re up to $76 Million. Do I hear $150 Million?)


The Brantford Expositor

Six Nations activists say they will continue to block construction for a new hotel in the city’s northwest until its owners comply with all Confederacy demands.

“They’re trying to come on the site but we can’t let them do it until they comply with all requirements,” native activist Floyd Montour said in an interview at noon Monday.


The following was forwarded to me and is an excellent example of the dangerous rate at which the arrogance of Natives in Canada is growing as a result of the ongoing lawlessness in Caledonia. Note the use of excessive propaganda designed to mask their abhorent behavior.

Update: March 23rd/08 – I’ve added the label of blog to this article due to the volume and nature of the comments. Thanks for all the feedback 

Squamish Territory (“Vancouver, Canada”)
16 March, 2008

Led by Hereditary Squamish Chief Kiapilano, fifty people occupied Holy Rosary Catholic Church in downtown Vancouver this morning in the midst of a high mass, and issued an Eviction Notice to the Roman Catholic Church.  (See Public Declaration, below)


March 5, 2008

The Director of Central West Region for the Attorney General’s office John Pearson went before a Justice of the Peace this morning in Cayuga court and deemed the assault committed against me in August 2007 to be too “trivial” to pursue. He asked that the charge be dismissed and as the crown has absolute authority over these decisions, the Justice had no choice but to put an end to my unresolved private prosecution of Councilor Buck Sloat.


March 3, 2008

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino made an interesting move yesterday in an effort to counter the Caledonia residents protesting outside of his Woodbridge home. He created a second headline for the media, and I’ll leave it to you to decide which one was more news worthy.

Headline 1: Caledonia residents protest at OPP Commissioners home

Headline 2: Cop visits donut shop.


Live updates will begin around noon and continue from the protest at Julian Fantino’s home at