Mohawk warns of protests; Chiefs agree to disrupt traffic again May 29

Posted: April 16, 2008 in Caledonia, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Natives, Terrorism

Another article on Terrorist Shawn Brant’s plans to attack Canadian infrastructure on May 29.

The Kingston Whig Standard

The Mohawk protester who helped shut down a stretch of Ontario’s busiest highway last June says Canadians can expect more disruption on May 29.

That’s the date chiefs across the country have circled for another day of peaceful demonstration to push for urgent action on native poverty.

Shawn Brant, who led highway and railroad blockades near Kingston last June, says placard-waving won’t cut it.

If anything, he says, militancy has grown over the last year.

“Now we’re in another nose-to-nose situation. What I’ve been hearing from the communities and leadership is that people who stood relatively quiet last year, like B.C., are committing big-time to this initiative.

“Certainly locally, ones that demonstrated and held rallies are talking about stepping it up and maybe going out on to the highways and railways.”

They’re set to send a loud and clear message to tax cut-obsessed Conservatives, who’ve “dropped the ball” when it comes to First Nations still living without clean water and other basics, says Brant.

“I think if there is an escalation from last year, you know, the government has only itself to blame.

“In Canada, do we have to fundamentally go out and demonstrate when our babies get sores on their bodies because we washed them in the water? That’s not something you demonstrate [for], that’s something you expect.”

Brant served two months in jail after blocking the main CN rail line and a secondary highway running through Mohawk territory June 29 last year. Thousands of commuters, trucks and millions of dollars worth of goods were diverted when police shut down several kilometres of Highway 401 for 11 hours.

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