Queens Park and a Pig Roast for Peace

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Caledonia, DCE, Gary McHale, Haldimand County Council, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP

April 21, 2008

Since the first March for Freedom event was announced for October 2006, people have been asking the question “why do you have to be so confrontational? Why don’t you go to queens park to protest?” and the answer has always been that nobody would care if we did.

Yesterday however we decided to test that theory by loading up a bus and taking the residents of Caledonia to protest at Queens Park. By all accounts it was a successful event which saw us peacefully deliver our message about the continuing lack of basic law and order in front of the Ontario Legislature.

One thing became abundantly clear as the afternoon wore on however which is that without the potential for us to be attacked by a mob of thugs, the mainstream media simply didn’t care about the event.

The unique and colorful display we set up grabbed the attention of plenty of passing motorists, and one heckler with a ZZ Top beard who yelled at us about the lack of Buffalo in Caledonia, and called Merlyn a tyrant, but the major media was nowhere to be seen.

The list of dignitaries who were invited to join us at this much requested protest included John Tory, Toby Barrett, Marie Trainer and Haldimand Council (I was looking forward to interviewing Buck Sloat), Diane Finley, Mayor Hancock and his council from Brantford, Dalton McGuinty, and especially the missing Aboriginal Appeasement Minister Michael Bryant.

Much to the shock of nobody, none of the politicians dared to take a step up from their big talk to actually doing something.

We were joined by a delegation of upstanding Caledonia residents, but many were unable to come as they were attending the Pig Roast for Peace on the property that a judge has told Chris Syrie he does indeed own despite the invalid claim Natives say they have to the adjacent Douglas Creek Estates.

It was a pleasure to join in the festivities after returning from Toronto, and fascinating to watch as a gathering at the DCE failed to yield a crowd. Perhaps their level of calmness has something to do with the impending visit to nearby Cayuga by Aboriginal Appeasement Minister Michael Bryant, or perhaps the bulk of their supporters simply couldn’t make it up from New York State for the weekend.

I was actually looking forward to writing about the total lack of OPP interjection into the day, but was visited this morning by two officers who are investigating to determine if 2 people spoke to each other on the bus ride to Toronto and reportedly spent 3 hours grilling one of the residents today in an effort to gather evidence against Gary McHale in the hopes of arresting him yet again for something he did not do. Your tax dollars hard at work folks.

 Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. James says:

    As an interested onlooker from Hamilton, i totally forgot about your activities theis weekend. The media certainly didn’t help to inform me. You are on the money there.

    Keep up the fight everyone!

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