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Belleville Intelligencer

Homeowners here have grown tired of blockades and protests and were once again expressing frustration as Mohawk protesters erected a blockade along Old Highway 2 at the town’s eastern limit.

Images of last year’s Day of Action – which closed Highway 401 and rail lines in the area – are still fresh in the minds of many who live here. For sale signs mark the town like pieces on a Monopoly board and residents who spoke with The Intelligencer said they would sell but the land value has dropped because of native protests and land claims.

“This is not going to be good for real estate value,” said a Thomas Street resident, his home only a block away from the barricade. “I just moved here in February and I wouldn’t have bought it had I known all about this.”


The Kingston Whig Standard

Native protesters (Edit: Criminals) who seized a major portion of this small Hastings County town pledged yesterday to maintain the disruption for a week to send a message to any would-be developers of disputed native lands.

“Not another shovel in the ground,” said protest (Edit: Criminal) spokesman Dan Doreen, standing outside a roadway blockade of Old Highway 2 on the eastern fringe of town.

“That mandate was set in 2006 and it still stands – we’re here to protect our land and that’s it,” promised Doreen, who was clad in camouflage with a red bandana tied around his left arm. (Edit: HAHA Mandate!)