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In what CTV is calling a “flashpoint”, dozens of Native terrorists and OPP officers are facing off in Deseronto right now with the Natives refusing to budge and the OPP standing their ground (for once).

It’s reported that the latest confrontation was sparked by the Mohawks refusing to leave a spike belt placed on the road by the OPP while they are filling in the section of road the Natives tore apart this weekend.

More as it comes in

1pm – From residents of Caledonia we’ve received the following update:

The Terrorists blocking the highway have torn up and are using sections of the railway in their blockade in addition to a hydro tower and hydro poles, and the Natives have used a Backhoe to dig up the road. 

The number of “protestors” is increasing at this point and Haldimand Council has called an emergency meeting for 2pm. Much as in 2006, the Natives have used a Backhoe to dig up the road.

April 28, 2008

Note: Thanks are once again due to John Tory for carrying our message to the Government and the media.

Canadian Press

TORONTO – The Opposition says the Ontario government should immediately break off all talks with aboriginal groups until their roadblocks come down.

Provincial police have removed a roadblock set up by aboriginal protesters on an eastern Ontario rural road north of Deseronto. But a southern Ontario highway around Caledonia remains blocked by Six Nations protesters.


April 28, 2008

Note: It will be interesting to see how the extremists who have used this as an excuse to terrorize Caledonia again will react to this news. Clearly the OPP are capable of enforcing the law when they choose to do so.

The Toronto Sun

The OPP moved in on a roadblock at Deseronto this morning and have taken back a road that was under the control of Mohawk protestors, OPP Commssioner Julian Fantino said.

“We did,” he said of reports OPP officer moved in and regain control of Slash Road. “There was no incident or arrests.”


April 27, 2008
The Hamilton Spectator

Six Nations protesters say they have no immediate plans to open the Highway 6 bypass.

For a while this afternoon it looked as if the barricades might come down. But when protesters found out the OPP had not backed down at another protest near Deseronto, Ont. the decision was made to continue to stand firm.

The protesters are continuing to block the Highway 6 bypass today after police backed off an attempt to clear the road last night.