Highway 6 bypass remains blocked by Six Nations protesters

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, DCE, Deseronto, FantinoGate, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Natives, OPP, Terrorism
April 27, 2008
The Hamilton Spectator

Six Nations protesters say they have no immediate plans to open the Highway 6 bypass.

For a while this afternoon it looked as if the barricades might come down. But when protesters found out the OPP had not backed down at another protest near Deseronto, Ont. the decision was made to continue to stand firm.

The protesters are continuing to block the Highway 6 bypass today after police backed off an attempt to clear the road last night.

The road is now barricaded with a downed hydro tower, wires and a telephone pole. The blockade has escalated since it was erected on Friday in support of Tyendinaga protesters near Deseronto, Ont.

Native spokesperson Hazel Hill said there has been no new communication between the OPP and natives in Tyendinaga. The protesters have demanded that police retract statements that the natives were armed.

“If the OPP would back off from the people in Tyendinaga and allow them to freely leave on this own, this would have been over,” she said of the Caledonia protest. “This was only a demonstration of support.

The Ontario Provincial Police made an attempt to try to open the Highway Six bypass  last night, only to back down because of concerns for officer and public safety.

The move prompted some tense moments at the Sixth Line bridge and underlying roadway. About 100 Six Nations protesters gathered around 7 p.m. at the two sites, ready to defend their blockade.

Although police vehicles came within about a kilometre of where protesters were, there was no confrontation between the two sides. After learning the OPP planned to reopen the road, about 30 protesters gathered on the bypass, some with faces covered.

“We’re staying here,” said Six Nations spokesperson Brian Skye. “The road is closed until the armed forces that are in Tyendinaga move away from the quarry. And that’s firm.”

OPP have blocked off either end of the Highway 6 bypass to traffic.

Shortly after OPP tried to reopen the road, Caledonia residents and natives ended up standing about 15 metres apart on Argyle Street South. Residents gathered in a nearby parking lot around 6 p.m. and made their way over to near the former Douglas Creek Estates. There were about 60 people on site at each side during their high points and the scene was relatively quiet, although it took more than an hour to disband.

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino also held a press conference in Caledonia late last night to clear up what he says are misconceptions about what’s happening in Caledonia and at Tyendinaga.

Fantino said none of the Tyendinaga arrests, which started Friday with the arrest of well-known protestor Shawn Brant, had anything to do with land claims.

The Commissioner went on to say OPP had not trapped anybody in the quarry, nor pulled or aimed guns, among other things.

There had been reports the police had drawn guns on a group of people near the quarry.

The renewed problems have brought Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer to tears. Speaking after Fantino, the Mayor was visibly upset at the developments.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” she said. “I don’t know who to ask.”

Trainer says despite going to meetings where everyone is cordial, nothing changes.

As of yesterday there was still no indication when the Highway 6 bypass would reopen.

Skye said the situation in Caledonia is dependent on what happens in Desoronto. A men’s meeting yesterday decided that protesters would continue to stay on the bypass.

The situation has angered some area residents, who are complaining police treat native and non-natives differently.

“If any of us blockaded a road they would come in full force,” said Bill, a Caledonia resident who did not want his last name used.

There is also concern about a construction project slated to get underway in a few weeks, which will see the town’s main bridge reduced to one lane. The bypass is supposed to provide a traffic alternative when construction gets going.

  1. Annie says:

    My god you people in Caledonia have the patience of Job. How can Fantino bring in the forces here and allow such stupidity there. They should all be arrested. These guys were armed. Okay the spear for fishing, but the brass knuckles, what are you going to do beat the fish to death? And let’s not forget the drugs on Brant, the fact that they hurt two officers. It really is time for Caledonia to be free of these idiots who use any excuse to hold your town hostage. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all those held hostage by these terrorists. Why cannot they appoint someone to the OPP who has the courage to end his situation? It is time to move beyond talking and time to bring in the wagons and load people up and off to jail. The hatred shown by first nations in these communities to its neighbors will take generations to repair, and even then it will be difficult to return to some level of civility. As a mohawk, I will have nothing to do with the Bay of Quinte Mohawks, a band card or anything for the rest of my life because clearly those on the reserves and territories have shown their hatred to those off the reserves. They hate their own kind. My ancestors must be saddened by such actions, because that is not our way and these terrorists KNOW THAT!

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    One possible explanation for the cowardice of Fantino is that the reserve up there is relatively small compared to Six Nations which these terrorists would have everyone believe is packed full of reinforcements.

    So Fantino does a press conference babbling about peace while the terrorists have dragged a hydro tower across the road and as of last night are said to have started digging it up with a backhoe. No doubt as a show of solidarity with the Terrorists in Deseronto.

    It will be interesting to see what they’re going to do now that the OPP have taken apart the blockade in Deseronto this morning.

    You are a shining example of how we have always believed the average First Nations people feel about all of this Annie, and how you’re being victimized by race based policing just as much as anyone else is a sad fact that the public needs to be made aware of.


  3. James says:

    2 years, no progress in Caledonia. We are supposed to believe that there are clear claims to land.

    People are arrested who have warrants out for their arrest. People show “support” by blockading roads and attacking police officers.

    Do they really take us for fools ro what?

  4. Dion Goforth says:

    The hicks of ontario will never win. call us terrorists, shoot at us, throw us in jail, send in the army, kill us. YOU will never win. If your government does any of these you will tirgger country wide reprecussions from reserves and native peoples accross Canada. I hope more blockades are planned for 2008. Natives have lived far to long in Canada, worrying about the comfort of our european settlers and theyre decendants, you pussys cry about the misconvienince of having a road blocked, or rail crossing, well thats just a small taste of what us natives have been dealing with in terms of negotiations with the government regarding landclaims, residential schools and treaty rights. This is one of the sickist websites ive ever come across, they sit there and promote hate, based on the circumstances of terrorism, kinda like how the US and Canada got people on the bandwagon to attack a innocent country like Afghanistan, or soverign countrys like Iraq. Your blatant use of the word terrorist, allows the government to not only try to take control of our security, but gives them more rule over your liberties and freedoms. How dare you compare largely peaceful protestors, exception for a angry few, to terrorists, i hope you have all your liberties and freedoms stripped from (in the name of keeping you safe from terrorists) you cause those who are willing to sacrifice liberties for freedom, deserve neither.

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thank you Dion for sharing your loathsome hatred for all Non Native people.

    I especially appreciate your personal wish that I have all of my freedoms stripped from me because you don’t like Terrorists being called Terrorists.

    While you may not be able to seperate the legitimate grievances of peaceful Native people from the political agenda of the Terrorists who claim to represent them all, I can and will continue to.

    I realize it must be frustrating for you that some of us are refusing to live in silent fear, but my advice to you would be deal with it. The number of people who no longer fear the small group of Terrorists claiming to represent all Natives (which is total BS) is growing and we will continue to expose them for what they are.

    Your attempt to suggest that I compare all peaceful Native people to terrorists will not be successful as my readers know very well that I see the difference between peaceful, law abiding Native people (and protesters) and the handful of Terrorists who hide their agenda behind the legitimate grievances of First Nations People.

    Had you taken the time to read my site perhaps you would know that I have never called for the army to be brought in or for anyone to be shot or killed. What I and the people I work with want is the simple restoration of the rule of law to Caledonia, Deseronto, Brantford, and anywhere else that extremists who happen to be Native pop up claiming to own everything.

    Jeff Parkinson

  6. Well said, Jeff. Some guy, who is obviously full of hate himself, comes in to accuse you and all people not like him of being racists. The irony is so thick you could spread it.


  7. Annie says:

    Dion, I am mohawk and live outside of the territory. I have no rights according to Shawn Brant and his warriors. They hate mohawks who live off the territory and I like all my neighbors suffer the consequences of their actions in the name of furthering the first nations cause. Land claims take time, court processes take time, that is the system open to all of us. Terrorizing neighbors, by using hatred is no way to settle anything. I do not hold my neighbors accountable for something done some 8 or more generations ago. I trust that in time the process will settle this matter. The next time you are stopped at a blockade of first nations people with masks who scream, and threaten you, as your children cry, and mock you because you cannot possibly be mohawk if you do not stand with them. You know the current philosophy of “your either with us or against us.” as the OPP just watch, and then go home with your car dented, because it was kicked. Then try to explain to your children why, you were treated in this way. Brant has taken away my liberties and freedoms, for sometime now. So yes, absolutely terrorist is the right term. Learn to see all the sides of the situation, before you judge so harshly Dion.

  8. chithead says:

    We have a thought… and this will likely get some Native (American) Canadians upset at me (I’Ll deal with your messages as they come but you better be open minded) here goes anyway:

    1. I did not steal your land. I don’t know who did and will never meet them…. They’re dead. (If my great grandfather killed your great grandfather, would I go to prison?)

    2. No one stole YOUR land. You were not alive when it happened and do not know anyone personally whom it happened to.

    3. I’m white. but I have Native American in me (many times through multiple generations as most Canadians are) … Am I less deserving of land because of the colour of my skin?

    4. I pay taxes. If you want help from a government, you should too. You want help with water problems? pay taxes, or at the very least organize your own government to collect money from you and fix the stuff that’s broken.

    I’ll end this here… as going further is not worth my time and just makes things more messy. I must clarify something here: I have nothing against Native Americans in general (only those who bring ancient issues I had nothing to do with in the forefront). in fact, some Native ladies are quite the lookers!

    I allways have had problems with the term “Equality” that was taught to me as a child thought the Governmental school system. It was all the rage, women wanted equality, cultural equality, gay rights equality…. I’m all for equality. But we should make sure that things are really equal. I have not yet seen a Cultural Majority straight men’s pride parade yet… just a thought. Double standards really bug me!!!
    Basically you can’t have it both ways (unless your bi- but that’s completely different… and maybe just as complicated)

  9. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Annie, as always I appreciate and have great respect for your view as it’s of great importance that average people like myself who have no idea what life in Desronto is like understand clearly that people like Shawn Brant do not speak for the Mohawk people he claims to represent.

  10. Dion Goforth says:

    Okay lets blow everything out of proportion now.
    1. I never said you stole my land, but your government has benifited from the oppression of natives, which you directly benifit from.
    2. If i steal from you, i die, you die, but my ancestors can prove my estate was wronged am i not entitled to my property.
    3. People who are alive are to ignorant to native issues, and capitalist to care or even try to recitify what Canada (your country) has done. Even if natives won certain landclaims you think the whites who illegaly bought property, will give it back, theyll fight for it, like terrorists. And being 1 fifth of a quarter, twice removed, doesnt make a status native, we have laws in canada about who is eligable for status, so we dont get infiltrated by white people like you who claim to be native.
    4. I pay taxes too, so does over half the native poplulation that lives off reserve. The other half also pay taxes, except for the few that have sustainable development on reserve who are exempt from personal taxes on there wages. Whats your point?. Nice Generalization but the majority of natives do pay taxes.

    Reading between the lines i get the sense you are one of those people who think white people are living in a society unequal to everyone else. Poor white man, the real victims here, your ancestors plundered the earth and were never brought to justice but thats okay, the world, doesnt care, and how dare those natives whine, if we never conquered them i bet the spanish would have. And at least we never killed em all. Is that your view?. And you had the option of what you learned or what school you were allowed to attend, my grandmother was forced into a residential school, where you know the story. Another one for equality, women were given the right to vote before first nations. Double standards, you know nothing of what they are, Say thanks to us natives for sacrificing our culture, lands, and bloodlines, so you can sit there and disrespect, millions of people who have unwillingly died and gave up there culture to make way for YOUR way of life.

  11. Dion Goforth says:

    Annie, unfortunatley some people will have to sacrifice to win battles against, poweful groups, like Canada, the Provinces, the churches. Titles, treatys, money and even lives will be lost. All revolutions reqire sacrifice, from all the people. Im sure brandt had to tighten regulations on who are band members due to the fact, native reserve politics have infiltrators. People who dont have the reserves interests at hand but rather appeasing the interestes of the colonial government.

    Id just be glad it was the band that has changed the regulations and not another government forced sanction trying to tell us whos status. And you have more rights then you know as a Canadian citizen, if your not a status native, infact i would say you have some of the best rights in the world.

    And everyone knows, i would assume you off all people that mohawk are very traditional people, they are among the only group in canada who hadnt succumed to colonial oppression. They hold secret the traditions and values they have fought for hundreds of years to keep alive. The mohawks also believe in honor, standing by your tribe, no matter what the circumstances are. Through life or death, right or wrong. Its a shame you have allowed your urban way of life cloud your ancestoral teachings. Because if you were behind those mohawks instead of against em, maybe your children could have learned what it feels like to stand for what is truly right (something so powerful only doing it can explain it) , instead of feeling the fear they claim they feel, now that our ancestors have felt for generations.

    So annie or should i say terrorist. You are mohawk right. You think if they start rounding up mohawks like they do with muslims terrorist, theyll spare you if you have the same last name as some one at a protest or roadblock. Brandt has only took away what you have allowed him to take, you cannot take somthing like liberties and freedeoms away from someone who deserves em cause they wont allow it. Same shit goes for white people who buy into this terrorst bullshit, its people standing up for there rights in the way they know how. They are not killing people cause if they were the army would be sent in Asap. Terrorist kill people, if we broden the spectrum of what we called terrorists, im sure you can call all the people in jail right now terrorists, cause they used criminal activites to get what they wanted.

  12. Dion Goforth says:

    “Thank you Dion for sharing your loathsome hatred for all non native people.”

    Just white people like you

  13. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I’m all for letting everyone have their say Dion, and you can rant at me for being “white” all you want because I’m not ashamed of my heritage, but allow me to be very blunt with you before we continue.

    If you ever again use my site as a forum to call someone like Annie who has committed no crime, and is the epitome of a peaceful, honorable, proud, and brave beyond any level you could comprehend Mohawk woman a terrorist again, no comment you attempt to make here will ever see the light of day.

    If you want to babble about colonial oppression while hiding behind a weak alias such as “Dion Goforth” like a coward by all means feel free, but you will not use this site to defame the character of someone who should be given a medal for her bravery in speaking out against the likes of Terrorist Shawn Brant.

    In this Country (and yes you are subject to the laws of Canada deal with it) Terrorism is not defined by your emotions, but by the Criminal Code.


  14. Annie says:

    Dion, if you understand anything about the Mohawks, then you would know they are a peaceful, honourable people who cherish their heritage, ancestors and neighbors. There is a land claim process, and a claim was made. It takes time to settle them, and it will be settled. I stand with my people and their traditions, which include living an honourable, peaceful life with whoever is my neighbor. As has been the way of my family and the majority of us who live in this area. You are talking about a small group within the Bay of Quinte Mohawks, who are using hatred, violence and blockades, with the mistaken assumption, that this will speed up the land claims process. It will not, but it will change how our friends and neighbors for generations will see us.

    I was raised to see all people, not by colour or economic status but SEE all people. It is unfortunate that you are part of the “your either with us or against us club.” Because that automatically makes your vision limited. Shawn Brant is doing nothing to make wells on the territory better, nor is he helping making the services better, nor is he helping educate the young. I know another Brant, a wonderful young women, Janet Brant who pursued an education, came back to the territory and is great nurse to our people. Another Brant names James Brant who built Eagle orthopediacs on the territory, who has changed the lives of everyone he has helped, then there is the FNTI need I go on? These are the people I shall tell my children are the real heros, for mohawk people. They have shown through hard work and determination, a tremendous love not only for their people but all people. They do us all proud. Shawn Brant simply likes the press, and knows how to sell his colourful story that shares no realtionship with reality.

    My children will learn from the actions of Shawn Brant and his group of terrorist, that hatred is WRONG, violence is WRONG, and terrorizing your neighbors whose families have known your families is absolutely WRONG. When I am in a car, stopped at a blockade with children, my only concern is my children, and trying to calm them when masked men are screaming and kicking a car. They are lucky their mohawk father was not in the car. He is furious. He believes as I do that, while you may not like the process, you must let it take its course. He too is a fine man who does his ancestors proud. If you take an honourable stand on an issue you do not need to hide your face to make your argument. We have travelled on and off territories and reserves all the time and are not harassed by OPP or any other police force because we are mohawk. I do not believe that just because you may share the same last name as protestor you are rounded up, if that was really true I would have been arrested numerous times.

    While I do not live on the territory, I love and have helped many there. As we all do. Like my husband, I have dug well trenches, helped build homes, taken meals to those in need, helped parents with the school system for their children, and I have absolutely done the same for my friends and neighbors in the community where I live. We endured a painful fight that took a decade to better services for ALL children.

    My deepest regret is a Chief who does not come out and talk to the people being hurt by these blockades and violent behaviour. Dion, if you know anything about the Deseronto area and the territory, you would know that there are families that go generations back here. Some right back to the war, including some of my family who proudly fought with many united empire loyalists. We understand each others pain and sufferings, and we genuinely care for each other, we have known each others family names for generations, our history is a part of there history. It is hard to watch someone call themselves an mohawk and speak such hatred at people who we have all known. It is hard to see such violent behaviour, from masked people calling themselves mohawks against these same people who have done nothing against or too them. It is hard to hear about masked men setting a pile of hay on fire on the farm, of a family that has been here for many generations. You cannot call that anything but terrorism and those perpetrating these acts are terrorists.

    I appreciate Jeff, giving me the opportunity to share my concerns. I feel the radical opinion of a few is all the press cares about, how will others know if we are all silent. When the land claims are settled, healing must start, and many of us have been trying to help our neighbors who clearly understand land claims, cope with being terrorized by someone who has spent his life, doing nothing to further the first nations issues. If all Canadians hear is Shawn Brant, then they will assume the Mohawk people to be just like him, and we are NOT. That I choose to not hate, and be understanding of all is a tribute to my ancestors , grandparents and incredible parents, who raised us care for ALL. Thank you Jeff, for your kind words, I appreciate that. I have heard worse, from some people, it is a real shame to see people hate with no real understanding of both sides of a situation.

  15. Dion Goforth says:

    Just because you know what annie has done, does not mean that the rest of us in Canada know, and unfortunately give a shit. My alias is not Dion Goforth, its my real name. I am not scared to write what i say, i will also be one of the first to tell how i feel to your face.
    If this comment does not make the light of day, then at least you’ll read this Caledonia wake up call. I never “attacked” annie (i must be a terrorist) i stated my opinion to a comment which i was confused by, cause i could not see how a fellow aboriginal, could call others terrorists. Like that is gonna make our causes easier i thought. Terrorist is one of the most demeaning names you can call a minority right now. It honestly makes it easier for society to accept armed action against people who are deemed so called “terrorists”. Lets not forget, looking at both sides of the fence, one mans terrorist is another freedom fighter.
    Also let it be known respect is earned not given away freely (especially from us crees, seems like canadians think its free), and i am sorry for offending you annie. Im just sick of how this web site portrays natives as terrorists. If you really are about both sides caledonia, lets see some storys about those mohawks like annie who are doing something good, I can gurantee you, for every 5 mohawks at protests in the caledonia area, 40 have good intentions in there hearts and have no intention violence unless it is done unto them before.
    You caledonia focus all your attention on the bad ones (the criminals, not terrorists). I commend the mohawk for showing restraint against these oppresive forces who benifit from natives being sideline on the basis of being terrorists. Its the same as in Iraq once they were terrorists, it was acceptable to go in and take all there resources and assets cause they are funding terrorism.
    I truly believe what happens in Caledonia, is gonna be just a small picture of what is to come. Many nations are watching to see how this unfolds, and when it does, we will see true colors. Lets not forget Canada is schedualed to apologize to aborignals this year, we also get the truth and reconsilliation commision.
    Oh and Caledonia what in the criminal code justifies a terrorist, parking fines, traffic tickets, indictable offences, high severity charges. Just because you say some one is a terrorist while you try to hide behind the criminal code, doesnt make it so. The criminal code defines criminals, not terrorists, that is a whole different story and set of laws and regulations.This isnt the united states we dont have the patriot act here. Dont like it move to the states where that shit flys. And the notion you would delete my comments is sickening, it just proves that said somthing that you dont like, and dont want others to hear cause it goes against your great vision of canada being one great big multicultural shit pot were everyone prances around with flowers in there hair loving everyone.

  16. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Yes Dion I edited some of your earlier hate filled comment because your message of hatred does nothing for my message which is the simple restoration of law and order. If you want to start your own site to spew your rhetoric from, you’re certainly welcome to do so, but you don’t have any special right to bombard my audience with your message.

    Had you taken any time to read through this site you would have known the position that Annie is coming from as you would have read it here, and you would know that my name is not Caledonia or Caledonia Wakeup Call but rather Jeff Parkinson.

    If in fact your real name is Dion Goforth then I apologize for my mistake.

    You say I focus all of my attention on the bad ones, and none on the good, but I would suggest to you that most (not all) of the good have been scared into silence by the bad.

    I have offered to publish anything that Annie would like to write at any time as a guest editorial as I have great respect for her, and I believe she represents a group of average people who have largely been intimidated into silence by the likes of Shawn Brant.

    You suggest that I’m calling the Mohawks or all Natives terrorists when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that out of a population of roughly 10,000 some 100 showed up to terrorize Caledonia and shut down Highway 6 this past weekend. I continue to call the terrorist thugs precisely that, and I continue to believe that they in no way represent the average Native people of this country.

    Having said all of that, I will gladly answer your question about what definies Terrorism. The following is straight from the Criminal Code of Canada.

    “terrorist activity” means

    (b) an act or omission, in or outside Canada,

    (i) that is committed

    (A) in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause, and

    (B) in whole or in part with the intention of intimidating the public, or a segment of the public, with regard to its security, including its economic security, or compelling a person, a government or a domestic or an international organization to do or to refrain from doing any act, whether the public or the person, government or organization is inside or outside Canada, and

    (ii) that intentionally

    (A) causes death or serious bodily harm to a person by the use of violence,

    (B) endangers a person’s life,

    (C) causes a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or any segment of the public,

    (D) causes substantial property damage, whether to public or private property, if causing such damage is likely to result in the conduct or harm referred to in any of clauses (A) to (C), or

    (E) causes serious interference with or serious disruption of an essential service, facility or system, whether public or private, other than as a result of advocacy, protest, dissent or stoppage of work that is not intended to result in the conduct or harm referred to in any of clauses (A) to (C), and includes a conspiracy, attempt or threat to commit any such act or omission, or being an accessory after the fact or counselling in relation to any such act or omission, but, for greater certainty, does not include an act or omission that is committed during an armed conflict and that, at the time and in the place of its commission, is in accordance with customary international law or conventional international law applicable to the conflict, or the activities undertaken by military forces of a state in the exercise of their official duties, to the extent that those activities are governed by other rules of international law.


  17. Annie says:

    Dion, that a fellow first nations woman does not side with first nations is not that confusing. I was raised with a strong sense of right and wrong. I do not see that as a betrayal. Let me put it this way, if your brother is beating his child, do you stand by him no matter what? No, not in any of my houses would that be tolerated. There is a right and wrong in this life and I refuse to stand by someone who is first nations when they are so wrong. Wrong is still wrong no matter how it is dressed up and skew it. That is the biggest problem with the “your with us or against us” mentality.

    While I appreciate your definition of a terrorist, not all of them gun people down. By mere definition they terrorize the group that they target. Masked mohawks, screaming at you and kicking your cry, laughing as your kids cry, are in my mind, terrorizing my family. I would call anyone who did this the same. Jeff, included the criminal code definition and it absolutely fits.

    From my little corner of the world, Brant and company are terrorizing people because they can.They have not done ONE THING to help anyone on the territory. Did the people who lobbied hard for a Commission on truth and reconciliation, where masks and terrorize those who could make that happen? Did the people who lobbied hard for the truth about residential schools terrorize others to get their way? These are but two examples of what can be done, without blockades, and violence. Dion, there are many things wrong in the world and you know as I do that many first nations problems are complex and multifaceted, they are not simple. They certainly ARE NOT the exclusive fault of the “white man.” Each of us must take responsibility for our OWN actions. If you want to make a difference, then make a difference truthfully, and honorably. We earn respect, and my neighbors he hurts have earned not only my respect, but my love and understanding. They are the first to help anyone in need, and care greatly about first nations issues. Dion, I just did not want someone saying like the press does that Shawn Brant is the leader of the mohawk people, and for his voice to be all that Canadians know of Mohawks, because his speeches are not based on reality, and are so filled with hate. (I am referring to the You Tube videos) In all the time they are spending doing this imagine how many well trenches they could have dug to help with clean water, or how many students they could have encouraged to stay in school, how many meals they could have prepared for those unable to do so etc….

    While Jeff and I come from different heritages, he was likely raised as I was to respect other people and respect the law. Then you grow up hit a problem and realize that things are far more complex. The process is MIND NUMBING and slower than a snail’s pace. Caledonia should not have happened and should never have gone on for two years. A man should never been beaten in Caledonia, left with a brain injury that has forever changed his life. I am ashamed of those who feel these tactics are justified. It is always a shock to think that the law will protect you and then see the law just watch people kicking your car.

    Dion, as we have fought injustices, so this sight exists to remind people of a horrible injustice in Caledonia and people are really hurting. Jeff, tells the other side of the story, the one that is not in the news media because someone has decided it is not important. If you read through the site, you can see, he is not a racist, he is just floored at the level of lawlessness that is hurting people. I contribute because I care about the people of Caledonia, and the territory, both on and off, and I want them to know that this and many other first nations people care.

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