Blunt Questions for Six Nations by Gary McHale

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Caledonia, Deseronto, Gary McHale, Headlines, Land claims, Natives

As published in the Hamilton Spectator April 29, 2008

I cannot count the number of times I have heard how native protesters just want peace and that they are not targeting the people of Caledonia.

In 2006, when I first heard such words, you could see the dark black smoke rising from behind the native spokesperson in Caledonia.

Although I have primarily focused on the Ontario Provincial Police and their failures in Caledonia, I would like to ask the good people of Six Nations a few blunt questions.

Why have you allowed your neighbours, the residents of Caledonia, to be used as pawns in a dispute between yourselves and the government?

Why have you allowed your hotheads to become the symbols of your struggle?

Why have native protesters followed the violent path of Malcolm X and not the peaceful path of Martin Luther King Jr.?

Why have you not denounced the hatred that some so-called native spokespeople have spewed over the past two years?

Why do native chiefs in Deseronto publicly denounce native activist Shawn Brant, while Six Nations protesters block a road in support of him?

The injustices of society are not just measured by the actions of those who commit the injustice but also by those who stand back and allow it to happen.

The injustices of the past are used to explain the injustice of the present which can only lead to more injustice in the future.

The cycle of violence must end.

It is up to the good people of Six Nations to unite against the violent few who are found in every society.

When that happens, all Canadians will see a clear demonstration of a true desire for peace.

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