McGuinty says escalating Terrorism won’t stop negotiations

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Deseronto, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Liberals, McGuinty, Natives, OPP, Terrorism

Note: This story required some amount of editing to remove excessive political correctness so my comments will be bracketed and in bold throughout.

April 29, 2008

Canadian Press – Original Title: Blockades and escalating protests won’t derail talks in Caledonia: Premier

TORONTO – Blockades that cut off highways and vital rail lines won’t stop the province from negotiating with aboriginal protesters (Terrorists) to resolve outstanding land claims and end a two-year (Criminal) occupation, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday.

As barricades were dismantled in the southern Ontario town of Caledonia following several days of escalating protests and fears of violence, McGuinty said he won’t call off negotiations with the Six Nations protesters (Terrorists) unless he’s told to by the provincial police and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“The principal negotiations, as you well know, take place between the federal government and the Six Nations community,” McGuinty said Tuesday.

“If at some point in time, the OPP advise us it was in the interests of public safety that we end these negotiations, and if Prime Minister Harper also agreed that he should end his negotiations, then that’s obviously something that we would have to consider.”

The Ontario Conservatives are accusing the Liberals of encouraging lawlessness by tolerating the recent escalation of aboriginal protests.

Six Nations protesters (Terrorists) blocked off the Highway 6 bypass over the weekend to show support for fellow aboriginal protesters (Terrorists) who were staging their own (illegal) blockade over a land claim in the eastern Ontario town of Deseronto, near Belleville.

Provincial police removed the Deseronto roadblock Monday after the (criminal) protest escalated on the weekend. Two officers were injured and a cruiser window was smashed after police arrested Mohawk leader (Terrorist) Shawn Brant at a traffic stop, prompting his supporters (fellow Terrorists) to rush to the scene and clash with police.

Conservatives are calling on the Liberals to break off talks with Six Nations protesters (Terrorists) – aimed at settling their land claims and ending a two-year  (criminal) occupation of a former housing development in Caledonia – until the protests stop.

Even if OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino (McGuinty lapdog) or Harper recommended such an ultimatum the province would be reluctant to call of the talks, McGuinty said. (because that kind of common sense approach is something the Harris government would have taken so McGuinty never will)

“They’d have to make a pretty compelling argument because the Ipperwash report specifically said, keep talking,” McGuinty said. “The only way to make real, lasting and substantive progress is to keep talking.”

(Of course the fact that the McGuinty government designed and paid for the IpperwhiteWash report to discredit the Mike Harris government, and that it’s not suitable for anything other than bird cage lining is not mentioned by McGuinty.)

Although the town’s mayor feared the renewed blockades would spark violent clashes between protesters and frustrated residents, Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant said people’s patience has paid off.

Peace has been restored and negotiations continue, he said.

“Obviously it’s very frustrating for residents and I want to commend those who have exercised and allowed cooler heads to prevail in this case,” said Bryant, adding the Caledonia blockades were fuelled by rumour and misinformation. (Why does it matter what fueled the criminal blockades erected by Terrorists Michael?)

“There was a misunderstanding as to what was transpiring (in Deseronto) . . . There were rumours circulating around the communities about what was happening with the OPP that just weren’t true.”

(So does this mean the OPP didn’t actually grow a set and enforce the law in Deseronto? Was that just a rumor?)

  1. It would be a lot funnier if it weren’t so true.

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Why would he denounce native terrorism? This is his justification for paying extortion demands which could not normally be justified in the absence of criminal coercive force if we had functional rule of law.

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I don’t believe that Dalton has personally paid any extortion demands. He leaves that task to the already stretched too thing developers that are left in the area and sits on his throne in queens park blaming everyone else.

    One very important thing I have learned from talking with builders in the last while is that contrary to popular belief, they aren’t sitting on piles of cash from jobs they do. they sink their profits into the next job and that’s how it goes until they eventually retire, but when they have a site shut down by extortionists, their life’s work ends with them being basically broke.

  4. Angie says:

    Why is it that Mr. McGuinty can never be found anywhere near these so-called negotiations. How can he have an educated opinion of Canada’s home-grown Terrorist Cells (reserves) if he doesn’t bother checking them out. I keep hearing about how Canadians cannot empathize with problems faced by natives. I’ve heard about how we take it for granted that we can turn on a tap and receive fresh, clean water and how natives don’t have that luxury. I live about 60 km from Ramara reserve and for the last 5 years, we’ve had to boil all the water we use. I haven’t turned on a tap and expected a drink for a very long time. On the reserves, gov’t ships in bottled water for consumption; here in my town, we are on our own. I buy all our drinking water and don’t sit around griping about the fact that I’ll never see my money back. I’ve had a rash on my body for the past 4 years…my doctor hasn’t a clue how to get rid of it because she doesn’t know what causes it. I turn on the taps for a shower and I KNOW where my rash comes from. I moved here 10 years ago from Oshawa because I could no longer live with the fact that I was paying over a thousand dollars a month for rent on a house that was smack dab in the middle of two nuclear plants. I didn’t want to wake up one morning and find my kids glowing. So which is the lesser of two evils? Despite all this crap, I don’t spend my life trying to make everyone around me pay for all these wrongs committed against me and my family and my many neighbours. Where is the sense in whining….we are only on this earth for a short time; I want to make my time count for something besides hating my neighbour!! I’m so sorry that the natives have been shaking it so rough for centuries but HELLO!! Get a grip; do you think you’re the only downtrodden people around? You are just the only spoiled brat children around who have had too much given to you already. In most corners of the world, if someone wants to take land, they overthrow the current owners. It’s called WAR. They don’t usually pay them for it later; they develop it as their own and keep the former occupants at bay. Why don’t you all take a good, long look at what you do have and build on it instead of smashing it all by the wayside like a bunch of spoiled children!! You’ll never gain the respect of your fellow Canadians if you don’t show some respect first.

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