Roadblocks coming down in Caledonia: minister

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Michael Bryant, Natives, OPP, Terrorism

Note: This comes from Aboriginal Appeasement Minister Michael J. Bryant and there has been NO confirmation from residents of Caledonia that the roadblock has in fact been taken down.

April 29, 2008

The province’s aboriginal affairs minister says peace is being restored in the southern Ontario community of Caledonia.

Michael Bryant says both the road barricade of a local highway and the recent blockade of a rail line are being dismantled.

He says the blockade – which was erected last week in solidarity with aboriginal protesters in eastern Ontario – went up because of rumour and misinformation.

The Opposition says the Liberals have been encouraging lawlessness by tolerating the recent escalation of aboriginal protests.

The Conservatives say the Liberals should call off negotiations with the Six Nations protesters until the protests stop.

But Premier Dalton McGuinty says he won’t call off negotiations with the protesters unless he’s told to by the provincial police and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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