City police have no plans to budge native protesters

Posted: May 5, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Brantford, HDI, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Native Extortion, Natives
May 5, 2008
The Brantford Expositor

City police won’t help end native protests at the northwest Brantford construction site for a hotel, where work has been halted by Six Nations’ Confederacy activists.

Instead, police will act cautiously, emphasizing the need to preserve the peace, protect the public and maintain officers’ safety.

That will be their attitude at sites affected by native land claims’ disputes, according to Insp. Kent Pottruff.

Last week, the Expositor asked city police brass for comments on the issue. Pottruff made an unusual request for a reporter’s questions to be sent by e-mail. He then offered a written response on Friday. The Expositor’s questions rose in response to the growing impatience of developers and some residents over blockades mounted by native activists, led by Floyd and Ruby Montour, which have stopped work at some sites.

After failing for five days last week to get protesters to stand aside – as police looked on – at the entrance to the site of the planned $10.4-million Hampton Inn Hotel at Oak Park Road and Fen Ridge Court, developer Danny Bawa said he has had enough. He ordered the company’s lawyers to seek an injunction in a bid to remove them. Pottruff answered some of the Expositor’s questions in part with general statements, and others not at all.

“The Brantford Police Service recognizes that the longstanding aboriginal land claims issues are very complex in nature. As such, the police should not be considered to be the solution to these matters,” the statement said.

“The role of the police in these situations is to keep the peace, protect the public and enforce the laws, while these matters are resolved through negotiations with the appropriate levels of government who have the authority to bring these issues to a resolution.”

Criminal acts will be investigated and appropriate charges will be laid after giving consideration to all aspects of the situation, including the potential for escalation and safety risks, Pottruff wrote in his e-mail.

Police “will strive to maintain the peace to the best of its capabilities while utilizing our limited resources while these challenging issues are being resolved.”

Pottruff did not refer to enforcing injunctions or the dispute surrounding the hotel project.

Bawa had no comment on the police statement, saying only that he is trying to acquire an injunction this week so he can get a construction crew back at work. The hotel project is so far behind that the company is losing $200,000 per month and won’t make an early September deadline for completion, he said.

Floyd Montour was not surprised by the police statement, and believes it’s the right approach.

“Because of the Ipperwash inquiry, all police forces now strive to maintain the peace first,” he said.

“As long as we remain peaceful, the police will work to keep that peace and we can respect each other. We always aim to maintain that peaceful attitude at all costs. We respect the Brantford police; we are happy to have their respect and we want to keep it that way.”

Questions for police

Among the questions The Expositor asked city police:

– When a property owner asks police to remove native protesters obstructing the ability to carry on construction, what should the police response be?

– Why did officers at the hotel site advise the owner not to force the situation by trying to move machinery onto the property to restart construction that had been delayed by protests for four months?

– Are there circumstances under which the police would remove protesters blocking a development site?

– How would police treat an injunction ordering the end of a blocking protest and removal of protesters from blocking a site?

  1. Murray Hilton says:

    Truly sad, truly, truly sad, is there not a police college or some place of learning for the likes of Fantino and this other, rather new to this dodging of their responsibility, what’s his name, oh yes, Kent Pottruff. Two grossly overpaid Simple Servants that don’t have any ability to perform the job description that they should be doing.
    Where is responsible government when they permit lackies like these two to snub the jobs they are supposed to be doing; upholding the laws, they both pick and choose what they want to do, to hell with the laws of the Province of Ontario. Trespassing at a private property and the useless police let this form of embezzling to go on right under their noses; adding to the thousands of examples of the ‘Two Tier’ system of policing. These two useless simple serpents need to join the thousands of others that have joined the unemployment line following the way that McDinky has governed the once very proud workhorse Province of Ontario.
    When the power is restored, (not if, but when) to the true Citizens that do the work and pay the taxes that make the economy run; the likes of McDinky, Fantino, Pottruff and their dear close friends Floyd and Ruby Montour will be without a cheque each month, unless of course they can manage to find some employment.
    Does Floyd and Ruby not know that they’re almost biting off the hands that feed them. Remember now, that in order to collect your cheques each month that the economy has to work and the people building the Hampton Inn Hotel and others like them are the backbone that makes economies work. Simple; I’ll explain it really simple for the two of you, Ruby and Floyd, some people have to work to make money so they can afford to pay taxes to operate the government that can then in turn ‘cut you a cheque’ and get it into the mail system to keep you in groceries.
    Stand well back and look at this mess being caused by illegal actions and condoned by the publicly paid (by workers) police forces and ask yourself; “Is this getting any better or showing signs of improving?” Simple answer; not one teeny bit, actually it’s progressively getting worse; what’s a solution? The people will likely have to step in and do what the police don’t do, ‘in spite of the police managements rediculously overpaid wages’. Correct this before it gets out of hand this summer. Remember, the Ontarians already know who’s sitting on their hands.
    Murray Hilton

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Time to issue some pink slips. What other native criminality are Brantford city cops prepared to look the other way on? They should be read the riot act on the color of right being a bogus defense to brake the law…by the Ont AG himself…his words…natives do not have the color of right on occupations.

    What’s the real problem do we need to build a large penal facility first before the arrests begin? Maybe when one of these scumbags kills a cop they might get a better idea.

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