‘No trespassing signs’ upset natives

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Brantford, HDI, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Native Extortion, Natives, Ruby & Floyd Montour

Just when you think that the likes of Extortionists Floyd and Ruby Montour can’t get any more ridiculous, a story like this comes along.

The Brantford Expositor
May 20, 2008

Conflict has risen another notch at the construction site of a hotel repeatedly protested by Six Nations activists in the city’s northwest, with the sudden appearance of signs forbidding entrance to the property by anyone from a particular native organization.

Members of an activist (Edit: Extortionist.. some day the media will get it right) group led by Floyd and Ruby Montour say they want authorities to investigate as “hate literature” signs erected at the site of the delayed Hampton Inn Hotel and a development by Kingspan Group LLP beside it on Fen Ridge Court and Oak Park Road in the northwest business.

Floyd Montour and other protesters arrived around 6 a.m. Tuesday at the site of the delayed Hampton Inn Hotel at Oak Park Road and Fen Ridge Court to find four identical signs posted on the property. (Edit: Then they made time to return to the site in Cayuga that they’re trying to extort as I saw them there about an hour ago)

“Entry on the property or premises without consent for any purpose by any person, including any person purporting to act on behalf of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute is strictly prohibited. Trespassers will be prosecuted,” the sign reads.

“We think it’s hate literature against us as protectors of the land,” Montour said.

(Edit: It’s a no tresspassing / no extortionists allowed sign and this notion Floyd and Ruby are trying to spread that they’re “protectors of the land” is absurd. Would one of these ace journalists please ask them how demanding money from developers protects the land?)

Mayor Mike Hancock confirmed that the city had the signs issued for developments at that site at the advice of its solicitors.

Danny Bawa, of Bawa Hotels Canada Ltd., said he had the signs erected over the weekend.

Natives refused construction workers entrance to the hotel site.

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Great stuff…deluded Troglodytes like the Montours have such narrow optics they can’t see the trap waiting for them. Far be it for me to tip them,…

    all I’ll say is that regardless of the sweetie pie protection they think they have from the degenerates running the OPP, the law is clear as to what a legal owner of property can do to protect his land from malicious trespassers…there is a lot of margin in what a citizen or security agents in his employ can do in preventing trespass by malicious trespassers.

    Rather than make some insipid racist rant about whats on the signs she should have been counting and measuring them to see if they come into trim making the legal requirement which certifies the property as legally signed off to trespassers 😉

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