OPP may reluctantly do job: Fantino

Posted: May 25, 2008 in Brantford, Caledonia, FantinoGate, HDI, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, McGuinty, Michael Bryant, Native Extortion, Natives, OPP, Ruby & Floyd Montour

May 25, 2008

As reported by the Brantford Expositor yesterday, OPP commissioner Julian Fantino paid a visit to a longhouse meeting to chat with Confederacy chiefs on Friday.

That alone is not earth shattering news as Fantino has stated in the past that he visits the area to dine with Native leaders and visit his friends on DCE, but this time he didn’t come for dinner and he was not bearing a bottle of wine.

What’s ground breaking about this story is that Julian allegedly told the Natives that the Ontario Provincial Police might enforce the law and arrest criminals regardless of their skin color!

Before we proceed, please take a moment to consider that statement. The police might stop racially profiling criminals.

There is a hitch however. In order for the OPP to start enforcing the law, the city of Brantford (which is outside the jurisdiction of the OPP) will have to obtain an injunction from the courts.

Brantford has come out swinging since the Native lawlessness and extortion that is rampant in Haldimand County spread their fine city, and their lawyer has made it abundantly clear in court that they consider the situation an emergency, and as most are aware by now is requesting that the military be put on stand by to deal with a Native riot which they consider “imminent” should the police try to arrest any criminals.

Meanwhile the German lawyer who represents the criminal HDI managed to get the proceedings delayed by showing up 90 minutes late for court and whining that he’s not prepared.

In other Fantino related news, he now claims that the OPP is investigating the HDI extortionists as a “delicate matter which the OPP is reluctantly handling”. Could the timing possibly have something to do with the fact that CANACE is going to file private prosecutions against Ruby and Floyd Montour this week for mischief and extortion?

With Floyd and Ruby promising to keep breaking the law, Julian threatening to enforce the law, Michael Bryant being accused of interfering with the law, and McGuinty no longer throwing money at developers to subvert the law, things should get very interesting in the days and weeks to come.

Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. Stop the presses!!! Man bites dog! Berlin wall comes down! Coke changes formula! Man walks on moon! OPP enforce law! Maybe!

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  2. Steve says:

    I’ll believe this when I see it. The OPP have had 2 years to do their job in Caledonia, and they haven’t yet. Besides, the city of Brantford is not policed by the OPP, so the injunction would be enforced by city police, who have also shown themselves to be useless in this situation. I can’t believe a little old couple is allowed to bring development to a stand-still in a city of nearly 100,000 people. The police, the provincial gov’t, and the federal gov’t are going to end up with blood on their hands when someone ends up dead over this. The citizens of Brantford will not sit idly by forever.

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