More threats of Bloodshed from Natives

Posted: May 26, 2008 in Brantford, HDI, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Land claims, Native Extortion, Native Racist Hatred, Natives, OPP, Terrorism

The following warning to the Brantford about the consequences of attempting to enforce the law was published in the Expositor today. 

May 26, 2008

“Foundation for confrontation”

I (Clive Garlow) am one of those named in the motion record regarding the application for an injunction by the city of Brantford.

I will state clearly and emphatically again, that the behavior and the conduct of Brantford’s mayor and council go beyond anything that resembles any sense of decency, given the well-known and documented history of Brantford’s dealings over the past 170 years regarding our lands and leases.

The fraudulent dealings Brantford has employed in acquiring Six Nations lands are common knowledge.

This motion record is a racist document in itself. It primarily and directly targets a specific race of people, to wit, the people of Six Nations. In itself, this is strictly prohibited by the Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In short, it is against Canadian law and against our guaranteed right of peaceful protest and all of its definitions.

Mayor Mike Hancock and council, I fear, have laid the foundation for serious confrontation that could very well lead to bloodshed. Should that occur, history will prove Hancock and his cronies to be directly instrumental in instigating the agony which may befall his own beloved city, its citizens and its neighbors, the people of Six Nations, when clearly many, many other options were available that would avoid confrontation.

By our actions over these many months as we have tried to defend what is ours until a court of law decides otherwise, we have proven that, yes, while we are as one developer likes to say, “a pain in the ass,” we have conducted ourselves always, in a peaceful, non-confrontational way and proven to all, that we do not condone violence in any form. Determination, yes! But not violence!

Our attempts to educate the people of Brantford to show why our fight is just and honourable have, with few exceptions, fallen on uninterested ears. No one wants to listen and what’s more, no one wants to believe Brantford has behaved as a thief in the night wearing a mask called democracy.

We will see what unfolds. It is now, as it always has been, up to Brantford to have the courage to stand up and hold itself accountable for the many wrongs it has committed against the people of Six Nations over many years. If it cannot do that, yes, you will have our lands as you wish. There is none among us who can stop you, for you apply the laws to your own benefit and disregard our rights. That reputation you always seem so concerned about, Mayor Hancock? You will never get it back.

Those who cannot respect others’ rights, cannot hold others to respect them. You will be rich but you will have no soul. Any bloodshed is upon you!



  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    The demented Shamans of this SN renegade uprising are so close to the schizoid detachment of cult leaders it isn’t funny. I decided a while ago,(after reading K Horn’s unhinged racist dogmatics) that this has cultish mysticism, mind control conditioning, polarized “us-versus-them” dogmatic cult elements to it…seeing these latest revelations it appears the cult leaders are determined to throw their mind controlled zombie followers into a death cult suicide incident if they are held accountable to the law…much like Jones Town syndrome mixed with the Hezbollah technique of suiciding with an enemy.

    These people are truly a danger to themselves, their people and society at large, and the sooner they’re outted and rounded up and incarcerated, in either penal or mental institutions, the better both Six Nations and Canadian society will be.

    You can’t negotiate with a moonie death cult….and it appears that what the fomenters of this insurrection are running. They lust to have a Waco or Jones Town. Tragic, demented and dangerous. We will not diffuse the danger with empty negotiating with a unreasoning death cult and ignoring the danger allows it to grow.

    Confrontation is inevitable…let’s handle it intelligently and minimize the casualties.

  2. James says:

    Now democracy is the problem? Can’t they get over it already that the Queen doesn’t rule here anymore?

    The same old scare mongering histerics of bloodshed and violence. Why is it always aboriginals that bring violence up?

  3. Steve says:

    This is hilarious! I don’t even know where to start. First, no one is stopping them from protesting. The injunction is meant to stop them from preventing development. They can protest in other ways. It’s also meant to stop the extortion of the HDI. “Give us thousands of dollars and we’ll go away.” That is without a doubt, extortion, and it’s illegal in most of the civilized world.

    Second, while the handful of protesters in the city to date have been non-violent, Canadian First Nations people as a whole, have demonstrated clearly in the last 2 years that they will willingly turn to violence to get their own way. There is no doubt in my mind, that if those 2 old fogies are arrested, hundreds of native people will flock to the city, and violence will be a certainty.

    And I for one, will sit back and watch.

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