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After 30 years of dragging their feet, the Canadian government has finally passed legislation that gives Natives the protection of the Human Rights Act. This is great news not only because it grants basic human rights to people in need, but because it also helps establish that Natives are as Canadian as you or I.

When the Canadian Human Rights Act was passed in 1978, it excluded Natives who were considered to be governed by the Indian Act. One has to wonder how long such a policy would have lasted if Canada had told black people “You don’t have human rights because you are governed by the Negro act.”


Bear with me on this one folks as it’s an MNN release which means it’s incredibly long, and full of rhetoric you have to read around to get the story. In fact to cut to the chase for those who don’t have the stomach for this stuff, Six Nations claims to own Toronto.

Mohawk Nation News
June 1, 2008


The Hamilton Spectator
June 02, 2008

BRANTFORD – A judge has prohibited native protesters from demonstrating at construction sites to prevent what he described “irreparable harm” to the City of Brantford.

Superior Justice Gerald Taylor imposed the prohibition this week as an interim measure while the city is waiting for the court to rule on a permanent injunction against the protesters, who have been disrupting work at five construction site for at least two months.

“In my view, irreparable harm will be suffered by the City of Brantford if it is not permitted to control development on lands within its jurisdiction,” Taylor wrote in a judgement dated today.