Judge bars natives from Brantford development sites

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Brantford, HDI, Headlines, Land claims, Native Extortion, Natives
The Hamilton Spectator
June 02, 2008

BRANTFORD – A judge has prohibited native protesters from demonstrating at construction sites to prevent what he described “irreparable harm” to the City of Brantford.

Superior Justice Gerald Taylor imposed the prohibition this week as an interim measure while the city is waiting for the court to rule on a permanent injunction against the protesters, who have been disrupting work at five construction site for at least two months.

“In my view, irreparable harm will be suffered by the City of Brantford if it is not permitted to control development on lands within its jurisdiction,” Taylor wrote in a judgement dated today.

In his ruling he named, several known protesters, the native-run Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI), its legal adviser Aaron Detlor and HDI employee Hazel Hill.

Until the injunction application is heard, all these parties are prohibited from “blocking, interfering or in any way obstructing development (on the five properties)…including blocking access to development sites, standing in front of machinery/equipment…or in any way threatening or intimidating workers at development sites.”

In his ruling the judge accepted the city’s evidence that the developers were lawful owners of the land and they obtained all the required development permits from the city of Brantford.

He rejected a motion from Detlor’s lawyer asking him to strike City of Brantford bylaws that were passed last month to prohibit native protests at development sites in the city.

Click here to view the Brantford Injunction 

  1. jordan says:

    hey, just for the record, why arent you guys whining about the blockade of GM headquarters by CAW members? I thought if non-native people had a blockade of anything theyd be “thrown in jail instantly”?

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    When they start setting tire / bridge fires, and attacking innocent people, let me know and I’ll give the story some attention. Until then it’s irrelevant.

    It is a blockade though so Ontario logic says it’s time to send the ART and MELT teams in to negotiate.

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