Natives claim ownership of Toronto

Posted: June 3, 2008 in Headlines, Land claims, Natives, Propaganda, Toronto

Bear with me on this one folks as it’s an MNN release which means it’s incredibly long, and full of rhetoric you have to read around to get the story. In fact to cut to the chase for those who don’t have the stomach for this stuff, Six Nations claims to own Toronto.

Mohawk Nation News
June 1, 2008

Last November 2007 the Six Nations Confederacy reminded the Mississauga that Toronto sits on part of Haudenosaunee Territory.  We refused to give up the 372 square miles of land on Lake Ontario.  In 1787 the British brought in the Mississauga who are Algonquian from northern Ontario and got them to fraudulently sell our land to them.  The Mississauga said, “It’s not our land, but we’d be glad to sell it to you!”  They accepted L1,700 pounds and signed a blank sheet of paper.  Why?  Because they knew it wasn’t theirs.

Now 221 years later Toronto is trying to buy it again because it wasn’t done “right” the first time.  Once again, the colonists are trying to buy it from the Algonquian “misclaimers”.

The “Toronto Purchase of 1787 & 1805” and an area 12, 944, 400 acres in south and central Ontario known as the “Williams Treaty” of 1923 are part of this shady land deal.

Another “tall tale” is about the Toronto Islands which Toronto wants to buy from the Mississauga.  This is a group of 15 islands amounting to 332 acres about 1.6 km south of downtown Toronto.  It was originally a peninsula made up of eroded sand and gravel carried west from the Scarborough Bluffs.  In 1858 a violent storm separated the mainland from the islands.  Since then the islands have been doubled in size.  It is now an 8 km hook broken on the inside into tiny lagoons and islets.  City Centre Airport is on the northwest area.  Toronto then known as “York” was built inland protected by the old peninsula.

The Mississauga even put in a claim to the two homes in Burlington of Mohawk traitor, Joseph Brant.  Though we know this sell-out to the British is a treasonous bastard, his house and land still belong to us.  We could turn it into a “Treason Museum” and display the 1805 Confederacy declaration signed by all 50 chiefs that he is a traitor to our people.  He sold and gave away our land to his British army buddies and American UEL friends.

Involved in this real estate “swindle” are the following Algonquian culprits, the communities of Hiawatha, Scugog, Alderville, Curve Lake, New Credit First Nation, Chippewa Nation of Georgina Island, Christian Island, Rama as well as Moose Deer Point.

In 1784 Joseph Brant did state that the Haldimand Tract and the land between the three lakes was already Six Nations Land under protection from encroachment by squatters by the King, the Nan Fan Treaty, Peace Treaty of Montreal 1701, the 1725 Treaty, the Silver Covent Chain and the Royal Proclamation of 1763.  These all affirmed that the original “Beaver Hunting Grounds” of the eastern half of Onowaregeh/Turtle Island remains under the sovereignty of the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law, as maintained by the Six Nations Confederacy, our friends and allies. [See list below].   None of our land can ever be given up.

The Haudenosaunee and the Algonquian are descended from the “Paleo”.  There were three branches:  two were called “Clovis” and “Folsom” who developed into the “Laurentian Archaic”, the ancestors of the Haudenosaunee.   The evidence indicates we are older than the Algonquians.

The “Shield Archaic” developed into the “Plano Paleo” who are the ancestors of the Anishnawbek/Algonquian, who came from the western plains.

The two cultures also developed vastly different burial practices.   The Laurentian Archaic/Haudenosaunee built elaborate burial and ceremonial mounds to honor our dead.

The Shield Archaic/Algonquian cremated their dead.  Their original area is rocky, with little soil and very cold, which did not lend itself to building large burial or ceremonial mounds.  After they became Christians, they buried their people in Haudenosaunee grounds.

A traditional migration story known as the “Wallum Olum” tells of a time when the “Le Nape”, the ancestors of all the Algonquian, were located at the head waters of the Mississippi River and in the Lake of the Woods in northwestern Ontario.  They moved southward to the bank of the Mississippi River.  On the east side of the “Great River” was a giant race of people known as the “Alleghans”, also called “Alligwi”, who are our Iroquoian ancestors.  The Alleghans lived throughout the Ohio River valley which converged with the Mississippi River.  They followed the course to its source in the Alleghany Mountains which they called the “Grandfather”.  Our territory is from the Mississippi River to the east coast of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island.

To the north of the Alleghans were the “Mengwe” [the ancestors of the Wendats] another of our Iroquoian relatives.  The Le Nape asked the Mengwe to help them get permission to cross the Mississippi and pass through the land of the Alleghans.  They got permission for “safe passage”.  With our help it took many years for the Le Nape to migrate to the East Coast.  From there they moved northward on their way back to their homeland in the Canadian Shield and the western prairies.

When the Le Nape reached the east coast, they branched off into other Algonquian speaking people. The Delaware, in their language, refer to themselves as the “grandfathers” of all the Algonquian. They became matrilineal like the Iroquois.  They even picked up a few souvenirs from the Mengwi and Alligwi like wooden carved masks which they had never used before in their ceremonies.

Some of the direct Haudenosaunee ancestors of the Alleghans/Alligwi are the Erie-Alligiwi (aka Cherokee and Choctaw) and the Erie-Neutral (Susquehannock, Conestoga, Wenro). [See previous MNN article dated May 28, 2008 for full list].  The Alligwi and the Mengwe (Six Nations and Wendat) converged to form the “People of the Longhouse”.  Our world view and ceremonies are more elaborate and completely different from the Anishnawbek.

The Ontario Ministry of Culture confirmed in 2004 that there are no old

Mississauga burial sites in the Toronto area.  How could there be when they cremated their dead?  There are hundreds of Haudenosaunee burial and village sites throughout Southern Ontario and south of the Ottawa River.

The Mississauga are being paid to invent history and say they are the original owners of all Haudenosaunee land in Southern Ontario and the land between the three lakes, Ontario, Erie and Huron.  What a big farce!  In 2006 Indian Affairs paid them $12 million plus for our land around the mouth of the Credit River and to keep their barefaced lying mouths shut!  These “fibsters” are about to receive $15 billion for the “Toronto Purchase”.   It is purported that they plan to build a huge industrial park for the military industry.

The Six Nations Grand River Confederacy contacted Brian “An-Indian-who-tells-a-white-lie-for-owista[money]” LaForme, the “big cheese” of the Mississauga of New Credit, to discuss this false land scam.  He practically told them to “go f-k themselves” and to talk to his white lawyer, Kim Fullerton [contact info below] who never returned any calls.

Then in October 2007 documents were taken to the “Toronto Aboriginal Affairs Committee” meeting to present to Mr. “B.S.” LaForme.  It was about the “Thunderbird Mound” located on the village site of Taiaiagon in Toronto, [See map below] a Seneca-Mohawk village site on the Humber River dating back to 1687.  He glanced at it, left it on the table and walked out.

Researchers, archeologists, educators, politicians and traditional people from both Haudenosaunee and Anishnawbek confirm that the Mississauga are not from the Toronto area or from Southern Ontario.  At the December 2, 2007 “Toronto Pow-wow”, Brian “Liar-Liar-Pants-on-Fire” LaForme publicly said with a flapping salivating “forked tongue” that “Toronto is the traditional territory of the Mississauga of New Credit”.  He choked out this fiction in front of several Haudenosaunee chiefs from Six Nations.

The Mississauga is a “rogue” band.  On their website they state that they originated from the Mississippi River region of the Lake Superior highlands.  They admit coming from the north into Southern Ontario.  In 1784 their own Chiefs acknowledged they were not the owners of the land known as the Toronto Purchase, the Haldimand Tract or the land between the three lakes.   Two leaders of the Algonquian “Three Fires Confederacy” also confirm that the Mississauga is not a member of their alliance.

According to our law, our land can never be alienated to any one as it is held by the women for the children yet to be born.  The Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 was meant to protect the Mohawks, our posterity and those we invite to live with us from encroachment by the colonists.  The Haldimand Tract is part of the vast Haudenosaunee Territory.

Six Nations Confederacy acknowledges that in 1740 the Cayuga brought the Mississauga in as a “refugee nation” under the protection of the “Great Peace”.  The Mississauga came to Southern Ontario onto the “Haldimand Tract”, after the whites kicked them out of Credit River in 1848.  The Mississauga told the Confederacy that they were only “camping out overnight” and were on their way to the Detroit River, from where they were heading back northward to their homeland. They asked many times to extend their visit and never left.

In the Great Law translation by A.C. Parker, the adoption of a “foreign” nation is temporary.  The Mississauga remained under our protection as long as they respected the Great Law and our Confederacy.  Now they are illegally assuming “acquired squatters rights” just like their masters, the colonists, who tell them, “You’ve been here for so long it’s yours now.  So sell it to us”. There is no “squatters rights”!  They have broken the conditions of their visit.  They have to come to us for permission to stay.  We have warned and given them a chance to live up to their adoption agreement.  If they refuse to uphold the Great Law, we can’t protect them anymore.  We must expel them from our territory and tell them to find their way home.

In 1780 the Mississauga left their wampum behind for the Confederacy Council to hold.  They never returned to take care of visitation matters.  Should the “black beads” be held over their heads, they must come to us and make things right so they can catch the beads before they hit the ground.

The Mississauga better talk with us immediately about their fraudulent claim to our land. Objections have been filed with all levels of the Canadian government, the United Nations and Mayor David Miller of Toronto.  They all know full well that this land is ours.

  1. James says:

    Well now. Just how far can people go back to “claim” property? Can I claim all the British Ilses?
    I wasn’t compensated by my ancestors for whatever reason they left the UK a couple of hundred years ago.
    Shall I route around my family tree and try to find someone who was ripped off?
    What has all this got to do with now? Or building a society together?

  2. Annie says:

    Gee I wonder how Toronto will take to being held hostage, protested against, and having the worst hatred thrown in there face? Enough, no matter where you go there will always be some relative who disagrees with the way history is. GREED AND MONEY! They are a shame to my ancestors. They call Joseph Brant a traitor and still want his land, that speaks volumes. Mohawk Nation News is a delusional group who will spend a lifetime preaching hate and fiction. They are an embarassment to any Mohawk who cherishes truth, community, and the land. Changing history seems to work for all these greedy, money hungry people. What a shame, can you imagine how much good they could do with all that time instead of spewing hatred. In our home we do not desecrate the memory of our ancestors we celebrate them. When we look back it is with pride at leaving Mohawk Valley in the USA and fighting along side our british friends for Canada. Many of those family names still echo in the generations after them. My hope is that Canadians come to understand the greed of some is not the greed of all.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you James, what’s done is done. All of this does nothing to build our society. Instead of enriching each others lives, there seems to be a movement hell bent on dividing all of us, with the ” your either with us or against us.” I have watched this in the Deseronto area with great heartache and shame. It is about time these Chiefs and councils stood up and said get lost to these militant groups, however, I see no evidence that any of them will do what they know should be done. The time for speaking out of both corners of their mouths must end, but I see no evidence of such courage in any of the chiefs.

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    The legal file deeding system tells us who the land belongs to, not marginalized demented foaming revisionist fomentors.

    You can rewrite history but you can’t rewrite reality…unless you are prepared to go insane….obviously some at MNN have done that.

  4. John LaForme says:

    Dear whoever wrote this,

    Sorry fine sir, but if you really want to know….ALL of the Six Nations originally came from what is now known as New York State and apparently some from Virginia(?)…The Queen(or king) rewarded your tribes with land in Southern Ontario that was not even theirs to give in the first place…..

    Where you get off claiming Toronto as Six Nation land I have no idea, as we have to remember that the whole of Six Nations are also “immigrants” to the traditional territories of MY ancestors friend….

    John LaForme
    Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Hello Mr. Laforme,

    While I greatly appreciate what everyone here had to say, your post came at just the right time to be part of the inspiration for a new post.

  6. Tom Kennedy says:

    I thought Josef Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister for Hitler’s Nazi Germany was dead. The hate ,venom,inaccuranceies and invented history makes one wonder if a mental institution is missing a patient or if something like LSD is being added to the illegal cigarettes from Caledonia area. The “history” quoted is so outlandish !The reference to Haldimand is passe as the Law Courts of the Government that gives them millions of Dollars have already said that the Simcoe Grant of Occupation Rights is the standard.The firm History ,well vetted and documented,of the area is ignored consistently. Let us give them fee simple ownership(which they claim already) of the land they occupy but cut off any further financial aid or escaping the payment of taxes that the rest of the citizens of Canada are subject to.

  7. HAHA says:


  8. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Jealous of someone who has so little belief in what they’re saying that they’re too afraid to post under their real name, and has no grasp of grammar? I think not.

    Combined, we have millions of views and have made history on more than one occasion, and you have.. what? your little attitude that you think impresses someone?

  9. Johnny says:

    “John LaForme says:
    December 18, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Dear whoever wrote this,

    Sorry fine sir, but if you really want to know….ALL of the Six Nations originally came from what is now known as New York State and apparently some from Virginia(?)…The Queen (or king) rewarded your tribes with land in Southern Ontario that was not even theirs to give in the first place…..

    Where you get off claiming Toronto as Six Nation land I have no idea, as we have to remember that the whole of Six Nations are also “immigrants” to the traditional territories of MY ancestors friend….

    John LaForme
    Mississauga of the Credit First Nation”

    We are already aware of the Mississauga twisted side of the story… You apparently have forgotten where you your people originally came from, the Mississigi River, near Garden River Area. Your people did not traditionally live in Southern Ontario full time. The land that you claim as Mississauga land was all previously Erie/Neutral and Wendat land. There have been people living on this side of lake for many generations from the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Mohawk and Oneida in among the Erie/Neutral and Wendat. That has also been proven though much archaeological excavation throughout the GTA. So no not all of the Six Nations came from New York as your embellished history has suggested. The Mississauga’s did not take up residence in Southern Ontario until the 1750’s. When they did come here, it was only to winter over in our Longhouse villages, and then in the spring would return back to the North from where they came from. The Erie/Neutral only agreed that Ojibwa could live in Michigan, not in Southern Ontario. They gave all of the original homelands over to the Six Nations Confederacy when the remnants of their people became part of the Six Nations. Through longstanding agreement with the Erie/Neutral the Six Nations then became caretakers and sovereigns over this vast land, which also includes present day Toronto. The Six Nations side of the story is the Mississauga became part of the Confederacy in 1740, and was adopted by Cayuga as a whole nation, because no one was permitted to live in Southern Ontario unless being granted permission by the Six Nations Confederacy. The Mississauga then broke away from the Confederacy in 1780, just prior to the Haldimand Tract agreement. They became Christian and left their wampum behind with the Cayuga nation, where it is still held today. They saw there breaking away as an opportunity to make deals with the British over parts of Southern Ontario, whereas their own chiefs at that time acknowledged that they did not have ownership of the land, but they made the deals with the British anyway. Therefore the stories that MNN has printed about this issue are factual and correct.
    Also, in the 1850’s when the Mississauga was kicked out the credit by the settlers, they came wining to Six Nations to take up refuge only overnight they stated. The Six Nations granted them a place to stay where they are at now. Under the original agreement of the Haldimand Tract, only Six Nations people and their heirs should be permitted to live there. The Mississauga told the Six Nations that they would only be there overnight because they were on their way to the Detroit River to be with their Ojibwa Cousins in Michigan. That supports the agreement that was made earlier with the Erie/Neutral and the Six Nations over lands in southern Ontario. So whose land is it anyway? Who was here first? Not the Mississauga, as they falsely claim, because there is no evidence outside of their twisted history that supports it. If anyone is an “immigrant” to this land as you suggest J. Laforme, it is the Mississauga and the settlers who came with them. Maybe the Six Nations should consider making you pay up all of the back rent money, for squatting on Six Nations Land all this time?
    That’s why Joseph Brant refused to buy the land from the Mississauga, because he knew that the land had already was under the jurisdiction of the Six Nations Confederacy.

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