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July 19, 2008

Now that documents have been released detailing the testimony of Julian Fantino at an August 29 2007 court hearing for Shawn Brant, and transcripts of recorded phone calls between Fantino and Brant from the June 29, 2007 “day of action”, we are able to gain a rare glimpse into the mind of Ontario’s “top cop”.

We know that Julian is a bully when there’s a camera or microphone around to show off for, and we know that when dealing with anything remotely associated with CANACE, he is prone to making bizarre statements about violence and agenda’s that exist only in his head, but what’s he like when he’s dealing with a Native and thinks nobody is listening?


July 18, 2008

As reported today in the Brantford Expositor, Councilor James Calnan intends to ask council to support a complete ban on development on any land that Six Nations claims in the city.

The move comes as a surprise to some as Calnan previously voted in favor of seeking the injunction barring extortionists from halting development at several city sites. He now says he regrets his previous decision to do the right thing because when he voted in favor of the injunction he thought it would be followed by the City extending an “olive branch” to Six Nations.

How this guy can possibly believe that any “olive branch” extended wouldn’t be used to smack Brantford in the face is beyond me, but in any case he’s clearly lost the spine he had when he voted for the injunction.


July 14, 2008

Native extremists are preparing to launch an attack on the city of Brantford according to the latest report from the Expositor. “They’re going to have one hell of a fight now,” said Steve Powless, who spoke on behalf of the protesters. “This is going to be Caledonia Part 2. They don’t understand what they’re in for.”

Mr. Powless was recently quoted calling for “war” if Brantford police tried to enforce the interim injunction issued to prevent Natives from illegally occupying land and interfering with lawful construction on private property.


The Expositor is reporting that the Brantford Police have done the impossible this morning. They arrested a Native who was violating the injunction and breaking the law by blocking truck access to the Kingspan development site.

The latest reports are that workers have not been allowed into the site despite this arrest, and that city police have shut down access to the site by blocking the road.

Stay tuned to for the latest on this breaking story.

March 12, 1940

A management consulting firm has been hired to look at the impact of an interim armistice proposed to ease tensions over local claims issues.


July 9, 2008

After an obscene run of wreaking havoc on development across 2 counties, the theatrics that have been called “the Floyd and Ruby show” have finally been brought to an end.

Not by the Ontario Provincial Police who have watched as they halted development in Haldimand County, nor by the Brantford Police who watched as they set to work on destroying the development industry in Brantford, but by a small group of average people who said no more.