CANACE cancels the Floyd and Ruby show

Posted: July 9, 2008 in CANACE, Gary McHale, HDI, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Native Extortion, Natives, OPP, Ruby & Floyd Montour

July 9, 2008

After an obscene run of wreaking havoc on development across 2 counties, the theatrics that have been called “the Floyd and Ruby show” have finally been brought to an end.

Not by the Ontario Provincial Police who have watched as they halted development in Haldimand County, nor by the Brantford Police who watched as they set to work on destroying the development industry in Brantford, but by a small group of average people who said no more.

That group is of course CANACE and we accomplished what nearly everyone said was the impossible by refusing to back away from the message we have been spreading for 2 years now. There is one law for everyone in this Country and it’s not affected by race, age, skin color, alleged land claims, or corrupt police forces who take their orders from a school yard bully.

When Floyd and Ruby pulled their latest stunt in an already decimated Haldimand County by shutting down a development in Cayuga, the OPP told the developers that they would not be enforcing the law. On May 12, CANACE attended the site and gathered the necessary evidence to lay the appropriate charges privately.

Ruby tried several times to stop me from video taping her both by ordering me to turn off my camera, and by directing OPP officers to stop me. Nobody listened to her demands, but in the process she made it quite obvious that she knew what they were doing was criminal and feared being held accountable by the one group who isn’t afraid to do it.

The OPP watched helplessly as we were handed papers authorizing us to gather evidence on and around the property to use in filing private prosecutions. When asked one last time by the property owner to remove the Montours, the commanding officer on the scene responded “no” and continued to refuse to do his job.

Now that the process of holding the most public symbols of the HDI accountable has begun, it’s simply a matter of time before CANACE takes the next step in destroying the race based policing that has been shoved down the throats of Ontarians by the corrupt OPP.

One has to wonder how many traffic tickets commissioner Fantino wrote while Gary McHale was in court having real charges filed to put an end to real crime.

Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    It’s unfortunate that these two senior citizens got caught up in the extortion rackets cynically run by HCI and cravenly accommodated by the McGuinty regime. However, in a equitable rule of law system there ARE legal consequences for being the “enforcement officers” for a criminal extortion scheme…even if that scheme is protected by unconstitutional race politics and race-based policing.

    It may go in the Montour’s favor that they were duped by these crooks by their gullibility in buying into the revisionist mysticism and inflammatory marxist entitlement politics used by the extortionists to manipulate support and “justify” their crimes, but at the end of the day, they made the rounds demanding swag for a mob-like shake down operation of lawful deeded land owners.

    I do not relish the thought of gullible and susceptible dupes like Floyd and Ruby being stressed by legal fees and facing jail time or big fines….they are the small fry who take the fall for the “boss”…. but IF this leads to the arrest and prosecution of the HCI “Capos” running the extortion rackets and the malfeasant politicians who accommodate them, so be it.

  2. Elizabeth Hutchison says:

    Ruby and Floyd, as the saying goes, ” Are All Growed Up!”. These two saw a way to make a fast buck. They are neither nieve nor victims. They are extortionists and thugs. Wearing the mantle of age does not negate their lascivious behaviour. I certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep over their legal fees, I’m sure they will be represented by legal aid, paid for by you and me. If it walks like a duck…… E. Hutchison

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    They’re certainly old enough to know better than to behave like this WL, but I would have to disagree with you about their priority in the HDI food chain.

    Without these 2 shutting down construction sites for the last year, people would have simply brushed off the HDI as nonsense and rightfully so. Unfortunately that’s not so easy to do when you have a senior couple in your face making outrageous demands and threatening to fill a construction site with “warriors”.

  4. Paul Bannon says:

    we as citizens are geting tired of the natives disrupting our work sites and lively hood. All I can say is the montours should get a “REAL” job and stop extorting our tax dollars, and our personnal funds. They are stoping at least 100 to 200 jobs a day in the Brantford area…..I can’t say much more because I will probably get sick to my stomach !

  5. Mr Giggles says:

    Congrats on a hard fought first round. I truly hope that Canace are fully successful in making the OPP accountable for their actions.

    The OPP have gone from being the pride of Ontario and around the world to a disgrace in 15 short years.

    How can any police force turn their backs on the citizens of Brantford and Haldimand.
    Forgot the fine people’s of Desoronto and Ipperwash.

    Sad that only a small number of people have to fight this big fight and on their own ticket.

    Well writen Jeff and keep pushing the Bullies cuase they are running out of room to spin.

  6. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    You’re absolutely right about this being the first round. From what I’ve seen, the way that they can turn their backs on citizens is by being bumped up to six figure incomes because of all the overtime they’re given to do nothing in Caledonia.

    They all know the difference between right and wrong, and they choose to take money to do wrong. That by definition is corruption.

    As for the bullies, you can bet we’ll keep pushing back until they self destruct. They’re so used to dealing with people who cave into them because they huff and puff a bit that their brains can’t comprehend it when people like us stand up to them.

  7. Warrior says:

    You are goning to pay for this you white fucking racist asshole the creator will turn you into a maggit for abusing our elders didt your white residential schools do enugh now you attack it survivors who protect our land I am a proud native american turtle island is ours go back to europ ugly fucking white scum I have pride in my heratige what do you have to be proud off coming on a boat to kill all the indians destoying our beutifull land

  8. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Jesus loves you Warrior

  9. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    The investigation and trial will determine Floyd and Ruby’s depth of complicity or if they were principle conspirators. There is really nothing to be gained by destroying them financially in a long criminal trial…we’ll just lose it all out the back in supporting them with welfare when they go broke. IF they are guilty as core conspirators I recommend a suspended sentence on condition of a peace bond and restriction from associating with protests/protesters….IF that break those conditions jail awaits…this will send a message. IF they are only bit players, squeeze them with a leniency deal to get the boss.

    BTW Jeff, Re: Warrior: This psychotic diatribe had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of the hilarious ethnic bigotry lampooned in Montry Python’s life of Brian where Reggie (the Roman-hating leader of the Judean people’s liberation front) asks:

    “What have the Romans ever done for us?”…

    Then the zany crew start answering back with things like …well, they did give us roads and commerce…and running water…and sanitation…and police and law courts to control bandits…and irrigation…and hospitals and medicine…and proper housing….and universities and…. Then Reggie says…”yes yes aside from all that minor stuff, what have the Romans ever done for us? ”

    ( the moral is that some people revel in their bigotry and hatred, it becomes their only reality)


  10. Native Whiteman says:

    Has it ever occured to our Native friends that there is much in common between us?
    First, our ancestors came from somewhere else (Natives did not spring out of the earth), ergo, we were both alien invaders at one time or another.
    Second, we currently reside on land that was, in recorded history, someone elses’
    Third, like us, (as recorded by europeans) they have a blood thirsty past with no regard to human suffering (white or native) and infact reveled in it.
    Anyway, thanks Gary for taking this struggle to the street. Without people like you and Mark the Government would just roll over and give away the farm in any negotiations.

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