France hires firm to test proposed peace agreement

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Brantford, Caledonia, Corruption, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Native Extortion, Natives

March 12, 1940

A management consulting firm has been hired to look at the impact of an interim armistice proposed to ease tensions over local claims issues.

BM Consultants has been hired by a group of French businesses and developers trying to figure out how to make a profit while their neighbors suffer at the hands of extremists. In addition to looking at the proposed agreement, the firm has been asked to look at what would happen to the community if a surrender were to take place.

“We’re serious about finding a better way to work together,” a spokesman for the appeasement coalition said in a statement released Friday. “BM is a highly thought of firm that will take an objective look at the facts and help everyone understand the impact of the collision course that we seem to be on.”

Those who have felt the devastation in neighboring Countries are aghast at this development, but the coalition is unfazed by such concepts as “right and wrong” when there are dollars to be made.

If you’re thinking right now that this story is absurd, consider that a group of developers and business people who call themselves the “Haldimand Tract Good Neighbors Coalition” have hired a firm to investigate the likely outcome of a complete development freeze.

Apparently this brain trust has also formed a plan to demand that the City of Brantford flush a portion of the residents hard earned tax dollars down the toilet by paying off the extortionist Native Terrorists who would then agree to OBEY THE LAW by not interfering with development!

I understand that cowards are prone to doing strange things when put under pressure, but this is beyond absurd. Councilors Grice, Boyko, and Mayor Trainer attended a meeting in the twilight zone with the appeasement coalition and the Native criminals, but Council continues to refuse to meet with CANACE who remains the only group actually making progress against those tormenting Haldimand County residents.

Brantford appeared to be on the right track in dealing with these thugs by seeking an injunction, but the respect they garnered in doing so is on the verge of being obliterated by a few fools who have the ear of the media and the best interests of their wallets at heart.

Jeff Parkinson
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    Like all non value added redundant consulting, they will hum and haw, and take their retainer…file some mumbo-jumbo “reports”…blust to the media in planted or paid news bites about the evil Caledonia citizens who are holding crony captial for ransom by demanding the rule of law be restored….and they will try to sell the concept of paying off extortionists (with public funding) as a “noble” higher calling……they may even act as an agent for this foreign developer and try to collude an HDI public subsidized and council actuated bribe, …but at the end of the day they will fail because paying off criminals with public or private funds is illegal. There is an easier and self evident legal remedy open to them and that is to make the government and the cops enforce the rule of law and defend the lawful validity of the land titles act from defilement by criminal claimants.

    It is the Ontario government that has unlawfully put these developer’s capital investment at risk by allowing their deeded, permitted developments to succumb to exploitation by extortionists and vandals by not rendering the force of law to the lawful deed holders in the face of all this banditry. Every title deed holder in the former Haldimand tract is in a similar situation or will be. What makes them special?

    Crony capitalism (payola politics) is not protected by law here…maybe in France but mot here. This is how the mafia does business but not Canadians.

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Dear Jeff,
    It appears to me that this Good Neighbour Coalition deserves to be charged with aiding and encouraging extortionist methods on innocent taxpayers.
    The Province has declared HDI an illegal entity.
    An Injunction is in place to prevent protest at these sites by natives.
    Take the developers down who are encouraging this thing with NOT their own funds, but public money.

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Excellent point Mary-Lou.

    I’m in the process of working on charges against 2 people for their role in aiding and abetting criminal occupiers from an incident in 2007, so it is certainly possible that we’ll file charges against those who are trying to help the HDI when we’ve finished putting them out of “buisness”

    What some clearly still fail to realize is that the behavior of these extortionists and terrorists is unacceptable and we WILL hold them accountable for their actions no matter how hard the OPP try to enforce race based policing.


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