Fantino an equal opportunity abuser

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Caledonia, CN Rail, Deseronto, FantinoGate, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, June 29th 2007, Kingston, Natives, OPP, Shawn Brant

July 19, 2008

Now that documents have been released detailing the testimony of Julian Fantino at an August 29 2007 court hearing for Shawn Brant, and transcripts of recorded phone calls between Fantino and Brant from the June 29, 2007 “day of action”, we are able to gain a rare glimpse into the mind of Ontario’s “top cop”.

We know that Julian is a bully when there’s a camera or microphone around to show off for, and we know that when dealing with anything remotely associated with CANACE, he is prone to making bizarre statements about violence and agenda’s that exist only in his head, but what’s he like when he’s dealing with a Native and thinks nobody is listening?

After reading 4 sets of transcripts I came two conclusions. Fantino is a man who appears to have no respect for basic human rights, and he gets as riled up by our peaceful, law abiding, demonstrations against injustice as he does by a terrorist shutting down the 401 and CN rail line.

I have no love lost for Shawn Brant. The man is a terrorist, and Canada would be much better off with him behind bars where he belongs, but that doesn’t excuse the despicable, childish, school yard bully rhetoric that was spewed at him by the supposed leader of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Not knowing that Brant’s phone had been wiretapped, our beloved temper tantrum prone Commissioner made some statements that can only be described as threats to Brant while trying to convince him to remove his barricades of the 401, Highway 2, and the CN rail line. Not threats to arrest him for his crimes, but threats to use his position of power to destroy the public image of Mr. Brant both in the mainstream media, and in his own community.

Some of the more interesting excerpts of the transcripts:

“You know, if you pull this off, I’m liable to say that your issues are critical and they’re important and I’ll speak to that, but if you don’t, then I’m going to go the other way, and I’m going to say that you’re just destroying, and you’re abusing, and you’re using the people, and you’re actually being a mercenary about it, using the suicide of children and all those legitimate issues, and you don’t want that because I think I can play the media routine like you do.”

“Your whole world’s going to come crashing down”

“I’m now telling you to pull the plug or you’ll suffer grave consequences.”

And the one that best sums up the belief Julian has that he has a right and a duty to use his position of authority to attack private citizens as he has attacked the members of CANACE.

“I will do everything I can within your community and everywhere to destroy your reputation”

Fantino not only admitted during cross examination by Brant’s lawyer that he made these statements, he actually claimed he was being “respectful” of Brant while making them!

When questioned about the legality of the wiretap which was placed on Brant’s phone by the OPP without a warrant, the fact that there was discussion within the OPP about illegally withholding the wiretap evidence from the defense, and asked point blank if he would investigate any possible wrongdoing on the part of OPP officers, the commissioner said no, and when pressed he offered the following explanation:

“I believe that everything that we did was in the greater good, and that’s my understanding.”

Translation – Julian Fantino believes that he has not only the right, but a duty to threaten, slander, intimidate, and violate the rights of private citizens if it will benefit what he considers “the greater good”.

Unfortunately his idea of the “greater good” is handing out speeding tickets instead of returning the rule of law to places like Caledonia, and answering 911 calls from the children on the Sixth Line.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call


Transcript of Julian Fantino’s testimony on Aug. 29, 2007

Transcript: Fantino & Shawn Brant Phone Call #1

Transcript: Fantino & Shawn Brant Phone Call #2

Transcript: Fantino & Shawn Brant Phone Call #3

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    ROTFLMAO…the Fantino fantasy; “My PR dick is bigger than your PR dick”.

    As you say, Jeff, puerile, philistine and vulgar….all the intellectual qualities needed for the head of McSkidmark’s Ontaristan police state. Where would these authoritarian thugs be without race politics to sanitize their thuggery?

    “I believe that everything that we did was in the greater good,”

    Infamous last words of every tyrant the people had on the gallows.

  2. Mr. Giggles says:

    The illegal acts that the OPP continue to try and pull are wrong on so many fronts.

    We have laws in this province that the OPP are entrusted to carry out but choose to ignore time and time again.

    I have seen rank and file OPP officers stand and watch while two camera men were beaten and robbed all the while the OPP just stand there and not even blink.

    The only way out now is remove the three amego’s Dalton, Fantino, and Bryant from any government position again.

    In Brantford a temp. injunction was put in place and bylaws enacted to protect the city and its builders from the extortionists from SN. But again the laws get tossed aside without any consequences.

    We need this to stop right now or I fear it will escalate further until a death to a human takes place or the death or a City

  3. James says:

    CFRB this morning just interviewed Brant and his lawyer.

    Brant has now added a claim that there is a tape of Fantino telling his family that the “next time they see Brant will bi in the morgue.”

    Doesn’t that seem like the more damning claim to make against Fantino? Why waste your time with those other comments if there is a taped threat to his life?

    Not sure how to take this myself.

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I’ll believe that one when I hear the tape James, but if it’s true then Julian should be arrested for uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm which is a serious criminal charge.

    I suspect that if such a tape existed they would be releasing it instead of talking about it.

  5. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    James Says: “Not sure how to take this myself.”

    Brant is a terrorist and should have the full weight of the law deal with him…not vigilante cops.

    The message in Fantion’s attitude and actions is that he is ABOVE the law.

    The law is the great equalizer and it will treat terrorist natives, extortionists, malfeasant officials and vigilante cops with the same firm hand…with justice due for crimes committed.

  6. Anthony says:

    Well written as always Jeff.

    I don’t often comment, but am an avid reader and feel it’s time as a resident of Caledonia to acknowledge that yourself and CANACE are doing an incredible service for my community and I thank you for it.

    Please pass on my appreciation to the group and keep up the good work!

    Anthony S.

  7. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Firstly thank you Anthony. It’s always nice to hear that people are noticing the things we’re doing and I’m glad to be able to help.

    WL I agree sir it is the law and in this case Fantino as commissioner of the OPP that needed to deal with the actions of Shawn Brant, not the bully who launched into a tirade and made threats to a private citizen.

    I still think if they had a tape of Fantino threatening his life, they would be playing it for anyone who would listen instead of talking about it.

  8. Annie says:

    It never ceases to amaze me, just how much press you can get spinning the truth. Shawn Brant and his lawyer seem to be masters at it. Looking purely at the transcripts and the entire transcripts not just sound bites one cannot help but make the following conclusions:
    1. That Fantino, love him or hate him, did what the Ipperwash inquiry stated police should do. He RECORDED THE PHONE CONVERSATIONS. Brant and his lawyer would have us believe that all of these taps on the phones where illegal and impuning the honour of his brother while, at the same time crying foul about how the OPP did not adhere to the Ipperwash report. When will the press make the connection? The police did adhere to the Ipperwash recommendations and have recorded all calls on the phones of those peope to whom they spoke regarding Brant’s big blockade. End of story folks. It is a shame the media are too stupid to ask that question at these staged press spinning sessions. They tapped the conversations as per the recommendations and if you do not believe that I strongly suggest you read the Ipperwash Report front to back.

    2. The OPP commissioner treated Brant who is the leader (despite his claims to be otherwise) of his band of Mohawk Warrior Society, as he should have by trying to resolve the blockades, with someone clearly stalling so he could as he does so well, get more press time. His blockades had nothing to do with suicides or reserve conditions, it was about Brant. Pure and simple. His actions where criminal and he was treated accordingly.

    I hate that all Canadians see of Mohawks is this degenerate. We are not all like him. Now he is trying to spin this entire situation to be a victim. HE HAS NEVER BEEN A VICTIM. He is an ego maniac pure and simple who really enjoys terrorizing others.

    In all these years of alleged advocating, what has he done for the Mohawk people? Nothing. What has he done for his own territory? Nothing. To see the press portray him as the victim is nauseating. And I just cannot for the life of me figure out why everyone buys into Brants fabricated delusions.

    He occupied a quarry because he cared about the land. When the Chief ‘s brother opened and quarry and has destroyed another section of the territory. Why aren’t Shawn and his followers bothered by this.

    People the problems surrounding First Nations peoples are complicated. Some involve the governments, some involve the chiefs and elders. They are further complicated by grand scale fabrications of delusional people like Shawn Brant. He preaches a form of action, that his elders and ancestors would be ashamed of. Please do not think for one minute he represents anyone other than himself, he has always represented himself, and never gave a thought to the Mohawk people. Quite frankly his actions and grand fabrications are a dishonour to our people, and all those who work hard everyday to make life better, for ourselves and neighbors.

  9. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    I think that Canadians are an infinitely fair minded people (far more than the race baiters would have you believe) and as such we are certain that punks like Brant and the HCI crowd DO NOT represent the majority of Mohawk people… any more than Paul Bernardo represents all Canadians.

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