Bypass hazard may force more private prosecution

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP

August 1, 2008

As reported this morning (before anyone else) by Caledonia Wakeup Call and Voice of Canada, the Ontario Provincial Police are still failing to protect the public from the extreme danger posed by Native thugs tossing objects off of an overpass onto the highway 6 bypass.

The OPP have had almost 2 years to address this problem but have failed to do so out of fear of reprisal from Native criminals. CANACE has no such fear, and is more than willing to commence private prosecution against those who endanger the lives of others for their own amusement.

Starting August 2, 2008 some CANACE members will begin carrying video cameras when traveling the highway 6 bypass around Caledonia and the OPP should rest assured that if one of our people becomes the next victim of this heinous crime, it will be captured on tape, and we will file charges privately.

With membership well over 100 and growing at a steady pace, it would be very unwise for the OPP or the Native thugs to presume to know who will be out there watching or when. Based on the following statement from a press release issued by the OPP today, I’m sure they’ll be pleased by this announcement.

“Haldimand County OPP is asking the public for assistance with these incidents to find the culprits responsible for such crimes. If you see a parked vehicle, unusual behavior or suspicious persons upon any overpass at any time, call police.

Your extra set of eyes can make a difference. In most cases, the culprits flee after their mischievous actions, so look for description of vehicle/person and direction of travel if possible”

Calling the police is an excellent idea, but I imagine the Hamilton Police Service would tell us to call the OPP, and since that would be as effective as farting into a hurricane, we’ll simply take it to court ourselves.

Jeff Parkinson
Caledonia Wakeup Call
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    You just KNOW that Fantino will paint you as “vigilantes” for doing their jobs for them.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    If Julian wants to open his mouth about how it has become necessary for average citizens to keep watch over an overpass because his officers are under orders not to do so due to the race of the potential criminals, I’ll make a T-shirt out of whatever name he decides to call me and wear it like a badge of honor.

    I personally made more passes under that bridge today than I could keep track of and not once did I see an OPP cruiser on the highway 6 bypass. I did however see a rather young person peering off of the Stirling overpass who dissapeared quite quickly once he saw a camcorder pointed at him.

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