An apology to Gary McHale

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Caledonia, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs

August 12, 2008

I found this on the Caledonia Wakeup Call chat board and thought it to be of enough interest to republish here with permission from the author. For those who don’t know, there exists a network of discussion boards on which people with an interest in Caledonia post messages to one another. Various sites have come and gone over the past 2 years but one thing has remained constant until recently.

These people who gather behind secret screen names to hide their identities and claim to be authorities on the issues loved to bash and defame Gary McHale. When Gary tracked down several of these people and filed lawsuits against them, their tough guy attitudes vanished and you won’t see his name mentioned on any of these forums aside from our own now because saying the forbidden name (Gary McHale.. OOPS I said it) will get you banished forever from their sites out of fear and paranoia.

It makes no difference what the nature of the forum claimed to be when it opened. With some claiming to let everyone have their say while actually making sure that only a select few had a voice, another claiming to be a cafe, another claiming to run parallel to the issues, and one exceptional site reserved for the Natives and their supporters to pat each other on the bum while sharing plans to commit serious crimes, none has ever succeeded in making any difference for either side of the battle over race based policing.

Faced with notice of a pending lawsuit, one man decided to do something unthinkable in the world of anonymous internet tough guys. He sat down and discussed the issue with Gary until they came to a mutually agreeable resolution. He then published an apology to Mr. McHale on our board, and because I think it sends an important message about a tiny portion of the crap that anyone who dares to oppose Native lawlessness has to endure, I’ve decided to share it with everyone now.

My Apologies to Gary McHale

Approximately one year ago, I joined various Caledonia related discussion boards under various aliases and as I was speaking from behind a screen name, I assumed I was free to say anything I pleased without regard for consequences.

I took it upon myself to join others in making unfounded accusations and inflammatory statements about Mr. McHale because quite frankly it seemed to have become the fashionable thing to do. The administration of both The Caledonia Café, and The 49th Parallel frequently listed reasons why it would be perfectly legal to make statements about Mr. McHale and frankly I believed what they said.

When I found myself served with a lawsuit from McHale for some of my statements about him, I consulted a lawyer who told me in no uncertain terms that I am 100% liable for my statements.

When I reluctantly contacted Gary McHale asking him to discuss settlement terms with me, I found the man to be surprisingly reasonable and although I still often disagree with his methods, I do have a new found respect for Gary McHale as a human being.

Part of our agreement was an apology that is as public as the hateful rhetoric I used against him, and as EVERY other discussion board has made the mere mentioning of the name Gary McHale an offence punishable by banishment, I asked Mr. McHale if I could use this forum to which he agreed.

Gary for the many unfounded and unreasonable statements I made about you in the past year I sincerely apologize, and I ask your forgiveness for any harm that I have done.

Yours truly,

David Thompson

“Screaming River”

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