Which came first, the counseling or the mischief?

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Caledonia, Corruption, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP

August 20, 2008

On December 7, 2007 two people were charged with crimes related to a pickup truck sitting briefly on a street in Caledonia. Doug Flemming was charged with mischief as it was his truck, and Gary McHale was charged with “counseling mischief not committed” for allegedly suggesting to Mr. Flemming that more people should join his protest.

One of those charges has now been resolved with the person having been let off the hook, and the other is being relentlessly pursued by the crown attorney who wants serious restrictions to their freedoms left in place as “punishment” with the person having gone to court 22 times thus far in an attempt to prove his innocence. Can you guess which one is which?

If you guessed that the person who was charged with committing a crime has spent more time in court and is being treated more harshly than the person charged with allegedly suggesting one, you are WRONG!

Most of the details of the case can not yet be shared because the crown requested a publication ban in order to ensure the public has no idea just how frivolous their case truly is, but it is a simple matter of fact that while quietly letting Doug off the hook with an unconditional discharge (which is great) they have refused to make an effort to reach a deal with Gary McHale for his alleged act of making a suggestion.

We’ve known from the beginning that the sole purpose of charging Gary with such a ridiculous offence was purely to get bail restrictions imposed on him in the hopes that if he stays out of Caledonia for awhile, the town will become more complacent and thus more easily silenced by the OPP, but one has to wonder if they ever imagined what a huge failure their plan would become.

Some may say that it’s been effective as Gary has not been to Caledonia since his arrest in December, but since that time we’ve managed to confront Julian Fantino at the Haldimand County building in Cayuga (he ignored us but the footage was run in its entirety on CTV news that night), serve Michael Bryant with legal papers in front of the media at a Haldimand Council meeting, go to Fantino’s home to protest his disgusting reign as commissioner, lay criminal charges privately against Natives, hold a rally at queens park, expose the reality of the Terrorist blockade of the highway 6 bypass in April, put an end to the traveling extortion racket known as the “Floyd and Ruby show”, incorporate CANACE with financial assistance from a retired OPP officer, expose to the public that the OPP consider the land title deed system worthless if a Native says the words “land claim”, expose the fact that lives continue to be endangered under the nose of the OPP on the Highway 6 bypass because they continue to allow Natives to throw debris off of overpasses, and that’s just the short list which we can actually talk about in public.

So which came first, the counseling or the mischief? Who cares! Gary McHale and CANACE aren’t going away no matter how many frivolous charges the OPP lay against us, no matter how many times OPP officers toss us on our heads in the middle of a highway, no matter how many hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars the Ontario government spends to have the crown pursue us, and no matter how desperately the OPP, Native criminals, and McGuinty government pray that we’ll just go away.

Jeff Parkinson

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