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August 21, 2008

2 years ago Gary McHale started spreading a message of equality and rule of law to communities in and around Haldimand County, and one city he chose to visit was Brantford Ontario. When he rented the Lions hall, a group of supporters of Native terrorism gathered together to badger the mayor who caved and cancelled the hall rental, rented signs to tell people that McHale wasn’t coming to town, and gave interviews claiming that Brantford had no need for people like Gary because they didn’t have a problem with their Native neighbors.

Gary had told people he would be in Brantford to speak to them about law and order so he went to Brantford as scheduled and spoke outside on the lawn while being heckled by a group of Native extremists. Brantford was obviously a city whose government lacked the spine necessary to listen to some whining from the pro Native side and really didn’t care about the torment their neighbors in Caledonia were enduring at the hands of thugs.


August 21, 2008

For those who are wondering, a brief update on the status of the charges against Floyd and Ruby Montour is in order. It was revealed in Court yesterday by the crown that the OPP have decided to lay criminal charges of mischief so that the crown could withdraw the charge laid by CANACE, and citing mysterious reasons that “would not be appropriate to share at this time” the crown withdrew the charges of Intimidation and Extortion at the same time.

I realize that on the surface this sounds like a very bad day for us, but I can assure you that behind the scenes it was an excellent day and we’re far from finished with this matter.

Good times are coming, this is merely the tip of the iceberg of the private prosecutions that will be filed by CANACE, and if all goes according to plan there are some very big surprises in store for some very deserving people.

Jeff Parkinson