Natives try to evict Toby Barrett from his home

Posted: August 28, 2008 in Caledonia, Conservatives, FantinoGate, HDI, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Land claims, Native Extortion, Natives, OPP, Toby Barrett

August 28, 2008

In a press release issued today regarding the intimidation by Fantino that was reported here earlier this week, Toby Barrett revealed that Natives gave him an eviction notice at his home.

The Natives have been telling us for over 2 years that they have no interest in anything but new development, and now we learn that they’ve tried to evict our MPP from his home! How much more arrogant and obscene can you get?

This of course raises serious questions.

When did this happen?

Have other politicians received eviction notices from Native criminals (yet)?

Did he report this to the OPP? If not, was it because of the threatening letters he received from Fantino?

Who exactly showed up at Mr. Barrett’s home?

What demands did they make?

Were efforts made to extort him by or on behalf of the HDI?

Was his wife at home alone and a masked warrior showed up at the door? Was this part of the Floyd and Ruby show? Did they occupy his property?

If an MPP can be served an eviction notice, where will the arrogance of these people end? What possible reason is there for average people like us to feel secure with our land title deeds when the Natives have decided that members of the Federal government are fair targets for their game?

Will the OPP protect Toby Barrett if the Natives decide to come to his home and evict him? What is the official position of the OPP if this happens? Will they assist property owners or will they just stand by as they have so many other times?

I would like to take this time to sincerely thank Mr. Barrett for confirming the news I reported earlier this week about Fantino threatening him. It takes courage to admit that the abuse took place, and it will take courage to admit that in fact he was intimidated by a man who has made a career out of intimidating people, but we will be behind him all the way and have faith that he can do what he knows is right.

The next step is of course to ask if he has he filed a police service complaint? If not then is he ready to do it now? I for one will continue to stand proudly behind my MPP and I hope that all of you will join me in offering him our support!

Stay tuned as CANACE continues to bring you the hard hitting exclusives and please don’t stop calling to offer your support to Toby. It’s important he know that he has the support of CANACE and the people in his riding.

Jeff Parkinson
  1. WL Mackenzie Redux says:

    An eviction eh? Hollow deluded symbolism, that speaks louder to the brainwashed perspectives and amorality of claims extortionist incivility than it does anything else.

    For every reasoning person they send to negotiate there are 10 scumbags that advocate uncivil remedies and violence. I’ve been waiting for some rational civil element within SN to roundly denounce this insipid fanaticism but it never comes…..I have to assume at all levels in SN leadership we are dealing with the acceptance of potentially violent criminal intimidation as a viable political tool.

    This is not negotiating in good faith it is disingenuous negotiating and a mask on ulterior motive. No wonder there is nothing to talk about.

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