Caledonia residents win one during heated protest

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Brantford, Caledonia, DCE, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP, Residents, Terrorism

September 02, 2008

Contrary to the fluff piece garbage that’s been published today by much of the mainstream media, residents of Caledonia took a significant step toward reclaiming their town by refusing for at least this one day to be afraid of the Terrorist Natives who continue to use the town as a pawn in their political game, nor the OPP who so diligently protect their tormentors.

Using the long overdue arrest of Steve Powless for breaching the injunction in Brantford as an excuse to cause trouble, the Natives dragged their ever present stolen hydro tower across Argyle Street and started a land protector tire fire on the Highway 6 bypass to choke off access to the town on Labor Day.

Fed up residents rallied in front of Canadian Tire and when Clyde Powless showed up to give orders to the OPP followed by a contingent of Natives, residents responded to him with nothing but the disgust and disdain that he has earned from them over the past 2 ½ years.

At that moment Caledonia residents began to gain control of the situation for perhaps the first time in more than 2 years as Powless and company beat a hasty retreat up Argyle Street and removed their barricades shortly thereafter.

When the OPP declared the road open and told residents to leave, they declined and demanded to speak to the new top cop in town Acting Inspector Rigby, and on this point they refused to budge.

Eventually Rigby was forced to actually attend a public event, but refused to meet with anyone outside of a parked air conditioned OPP van, so residents held their ground.

As has always been the case at these events, the OPP found their token resident to arrest mid afternoon in the form of a 14 year old boy while arresting a total of 0 Native Terrorists, but even when Sgt. Phil Carter showed up around 5pm to demand that everyone clear the road within 5 minutes, the residents refused to back down. Shortly before 6pm a deal was brokered in which the OPP who had been building their troops on the road since the Natives left agreed to leave the scene and in return the residents cleared off of Argyle Street bringing an end to a long, hot day in the sun.

The battle against injustice in Caledonia can only be won through a series of small steps taken over a long time, but the residents took a significant step yesterday by peacefully refusing to be intimidated in the face of impossibly frustrating circumstances.

Jeff Parkinson

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