Finley Fears McHale

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Caledonia, Conservatives, Diane Finley, Election 2008, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP, Sam & Joe Gualtieri

Sept 17, 2008

It’s been only 7 days since Gary McHale became a certified Independent candidate in Haldimand Norfolk, but Diane Finley has already made it clear she sees him as a major threat to her ambitions of being re-elected.

After Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer told the Simcoe Reformer that “McHale’s candidacy guarantees that the rest of the field would have to talk about Haldimand’s ongoing problems related to native land claims”, Finley confronted her in what I as a voter would interpret as an effort to silence one of very few legitimately objective voices.

It’s understandable that Finley was riled by the mayor’s comment however as she likely realized at that point that McHale will force her to answer for her complete failure as an MP to the people of Haldimand Norfolk. Indeed if I were Diane Finley I too would be terrified of Gary McHale as his platform of accountability will make her policy of lying to the people and then hiding from them quite difficult to maintain during an election.

It appears that in a desperate effort to figure out how to deal with McHale, she may have phoned the last person on the planet that anyone should ever speak to, Julian Fantino as she is now spewing the same tired rhetoric that he has been for nearly 2 years.

“My concern with Gary McHale is that the peace in Caledonia is very fragile; very fragile,” Finley said. “It doesn’t need anyone stirring it up, and frankly that’s all I’ve seen him do.”  This is what she told the Simcoe Reformer when asked about her comments to the Mayor.

Fragile peace is what Fantino (and now Diane Finley) calls the oppression of the human rights of Caledonia residents that is enforced by the OPP in order to appease Native criminals, and as for her claim to have seen someone do something in Caledonia, that’s a bold faced lie as Finley has avoided Caledonia like the plague for 2 ½ years while those who elected her begged her to help end their suffering.

One thing we can safely assume with Finley is that if voted back in, she will not stir anything up in Caledonia. She will ignore the terrorism taking place against residents just as she ignored Sam Gualtieri when he was nearly killed by Native thugs, and if she has her way the entire situation will quietly fester while she rides out another term in office and collects a nice fat pension from the tax payers she failed so miserably.

Jeff Parkinson 
Embarrassed former volunteer for the campaign of Diane Finley
  1. Paul says:

    When D. Finley said in refomer “his candidacy not helpful” is what she realy mean is that she did not what to see any competition show up at election time? Gary McHale has every right to run in this election, as much as she does.

  2. Terry says:

    Not only has Finley not been in Caledonia in 2 1/2 years, she has no mention on her web site about the whole land claim/ lawlesness issue.

    She infact talks about protecting Canadians from criminals. Are we in Caledonia not Canadians?

    I Have voted in every election since I was 18. I have always voted Conservative, This will be the first time I will not. I can not bring myself to vote for this candidate.

    You Go Gary!!

  3. Mary-Lou says:

    Somehow these politicians always believe they can sit back and ignore great chaos in their area and still get elected. I think times are a changing. Diane had all kinds of time to show her constituents she had a mouth to voice their concerns, and she chose not to. Diane also was arrogant enough to raise sarcastic remarks about a statement the Mayor said about another candidate, which is totally uncalled for as it did not directly concern a comparison or negative comment about Diane herself.
    This is totally a case of sourgrapes on Diane’s part. No one should have the right to say another candidate incites violence when the proof has been circulating for months that this is not true. Fantino is in a mess because of his accussations against Mr. McHale and has now sent the Human Rights Commission evidence without one word of Gary or Mark inciting or engaging in violence. The time of government employees covering up the truth of what innocent residents in land claims are enduring on a daily basis has come to an end. People are talking now and expect the same respect, rights, and attention any other resident would receive not in land claim disputes.
    No area of Ontario should be allowed to become a Home Free Zone for criminals and criminal activity while the police stand by and pick their noses while crimes are taking place right in front of them. Diane deserves no respect or a re-election.
    Fantino deserves to be fired at the least, charged for failure to protect the citizens of this Province at the worst.


  4. Greg says:

    It is time that we as citizens start to take control of our governments. We must elect people who will act for the good of the country, province and local community. I wonder why we as Canadians have fallen victim to Race_Based Government Policies? It is because we have not VALUED our freedoms which our cousins in the USA have fought for for so many years. Canada was a country that truly protected its citizens but today we have so many special interest groups that everyone is afraid to do anything. We have had 40+ years of Liberal governments installing Liberal judges in court positions (especially the SCC), people who refuse to uphold our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These are activist judges who are pushing their political views and agendas at the expense of our citizens well-being. We have had 40+ years of social re-engineering training Canadians to not stand up for themselves and let the government do everything but Mr Joe Public your too stupid to know how to run your life.

    This comes in all forms across Canada from free drugs in Vancouver (paid by our taxes – when we all struggle to place food on the table), to anyone voicing moral believes are labeled as intolerant (when in fact it is the Liberal public who are intolerant of a different view of life). It is far past our time to stand and be counted.
    If it takes ordinary Canadians to be arrested for daring to speak then we must be prepared for the sacrifice. Our FREEDOM is worth nothing if it does not cost us something!!

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