Diane Finley – Not coming to a town near you

Posted: October 4, 2008 in Caledonia, Conservatives, Diane Finley, Election 2008, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs

October 4, 2008

For the second time in as many debates, Diane Finley decided not to show up today to an all candidates meeting held by the Hamilton Spectator and televised throughout Haldimand Norfolk to her constituents. I must say that as a constituent I’m beginning to question her dedication to this job.

I touched recently on the impression I received from Dr. Hoskins that he’s not someone who would be able to lower himself to the level of the common constituent, and should point out that having spoken with and volunteered for Diane Finley in the last election, I know her to be incapable of it. That’s not coming from an impression or a theory, it’s personal experience with her.

After no showing her constituents in Dunnville, and now bailing out of a televised debate for the entire riding, one has to wonder if she’ll bother to show up on Monday at the Caledonia debate, and if so will she be accompanied by the RCMP as she has been in the past when meeting with residents?

It’s possible that she’ll show up at the Wednesday all candidates night in Simcoe as she might still see it as a stronghold despite her absolute failure to do anything for anyone, but if the rumours we’re hearing from the business community that Stephen Harper is being scheduled to put in an appearance at the Simcoe fair prove to be true, then even the most die hard Finley booster must be able to smell the (illegal rollie) smoke of defeat billowing from the ears of our lame duck MP.

The only question remaining is how much of the mud sticking to Finley does the PC party want to let rub off on Harper? They’re projected to win at least another minority at this point, and surely they must realize that trying to save Finley now is about as productive as trying to tow the Titanic back to port with a canoe.

Jeff Parkinson

Diane Finley listening to community advocate Gary McHale during the Delhi Harvest Festival

Diane Finley listening intently to community advocate Gary McHale during the Delhi Harvest Festival

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