AK 47 shooter gets a big kiss from Cayuga Crown

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Attorney General of Ontario, Caledonia, Corruption, DCE, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP

October 21, 2008

In May of 2007, Caledonia Wakeup Call & Voice of Canada were the only sites to report to the public that a man armed with an AK 47 had threatened to kill someone at DCE just a few yards from the Notre Dame school yard, and then gone to the illegal smoke shack known as “the Hawk Shop” outside of town and filled it with bullets. The mainstream media has just now caught up by publishing that he was carrying a “military assault rifle”

The OPP watched Donald VanEvery, a convicted gun smuggler under court order not to possess firearms point a prohibited firearm at a woman holding a child while threatening to kill her and refused to intervene presumably because the armed maniac wasn’t “counselling mischief not committed”.

This week Mr. VanEvery who according to the Hamilton Spectator has 73 previous criminal convictions including 43 gun offences was given a  proverbial kiss on the cheek by the crown in Cayuga for no reason other than his race.

The defence lawyer babbled an attempt at a defence for shooting someone with a military assault rifle while the crown withdrew 13 counts of attempted murder against a maniac with a temper that prevents him from making adult decisions and a long history of gun related crimes.

Sure he nearly killed someone with a weapon that he should never have been able to get his hands on at a time when he was under a court order not to possess guns, but he’s spent 13 years in jail for previous convictions and that didn’t do anything to dissuade him from committing more crimes so why bother giving him any real jail time now? The only thing at stake after all is public safety.

So Mr. VanEvery got a sweetheart deal with a 4 ½ year sentence for crimes that would likely have put any of us away for the rest of our lives, but as the 17 months he served while waiting for this smack on the wrist counts for double time, he could be back on the streets smuggling more illegal firearms into Canada or perhaps shooting more innocent people any day now.

We should all sleep much better tonight knowing that the OPP and the Attorney General are working hand in hand to ensure that public safety takes a back seat to the political incorrectness of putting a Native in jail if his crimes took place in Caledonia. It’s safe to say we now know why the occupiers call DCE “the protected place”

Jeff Parkinson

  1. I was inspired by your post to write one of my own regarding this outrageous example of race-based justice:


    Thanks for another good one, Jeff!

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    This reminds me of the sniper that opened up at Notre Dame in Montreal and killed 14.
    The fact this man at the smoke shack opened up and emptied the magazine into the smoke shack is not much different except no one was killed. To drop thirteen attempted murder charges was insane. This man was out of control, admitting he dealt in firearms and past history proves he is unstable. We have a right to feel unsafe in Ontario where natives doling out criminal behaviour are concerned. Who will be his next target and will the courts be held accountable the next time.
    Absolutely disgusing, but then again drunk drivers killing an innocent get house arrest.!!!!!!!

  3. DRG says:

    FYI here is the Hamilton Spectator story about Vanevery’s 1999 conviction. Note the interesting similarities between then and now but also note that in 1999 he got 4 1/2 years for a technically ” non -violent” crime ( i.e. he didn’t shoot anybody then ) 8 years later he does shoot someone and the sentance stays the same.

    Gunrunner gets 4 1/2 years prison: Undercover sting nabs stolen weapons —
    [The Spectator – Tue 16 Feb 1999]
    PUBLICATION The Spectator
    DATE Tue 16 Feb 1999
    BYLINE Christine Cox

    HEADLINE: Gunrunner gets 4 1/2 years prison: Undercover sting nabs stolen

    An Ohsweken man who sold about two dozen guns and thousands of rounds of
    ammunition to undercover police has been sentenced to four and a half years
    in prison.

    Donald Vanevery, 39, pleaded guilty to 45 charges in Ontario Court
    (provincial division) yesterday. They include possession of restricted
    weapons, selling restricted weapons, possession of firearms while
    prohibited, having firearms with serial number removed, smuggling firearms,
    possession of stolen property, and possession of marijuana.
    Another 40 charges were withdrawn.

    “An astonishing array of offences,” said Judge Robert Weseloh.
    “Those who may be inclined to ignore Canadian firearms laws shall take
    notice that these laws have sharp teeth and will be enforced.”
    Vanevery was arrested last September, at the conclusion of Project Pete, a
    two-year investigation into an informal gun and drug-dealing ring. The
    project was run by the provincial weapons enforcement unit, which involves
    12 law enforcement agencies, including Hamilton-Wentworth police, and is
    managed by the OPP.

    The project began near Peterborough and moved to a storefront base in
    downtown Hamilton in January, 1998.

    Starting in November, 1995, Vanevery sold undercover detectives weapons,
    including semi-automatic pistols and rifles, a .357-magnum revolver, a
    .38-calibre revolver, and ammunition. Police paid about $8,700 for the guns,
    some of which had been stolen.

    Detective Bryan Grigsby said Vanevery made two deliveries of guns to the
    Hamilton storefront, and also sold camera equipment stolen from The
    Brantford Expositor. The rest of the transactions took place in Ohsweken.
    Outside court, Det. Pete Mitchell said an SKS rifle was sold with a book on
    how to convert it to an automatic weapon — equivalent to a machine gun.
    When Vanevery was arrested, police searched his home and found three rifles
    and some marijuana.

    Federal prosecutor Martha Zivolak told court Vanevery admitted purchasing
    the rifles in New York State and bringing them into Canada. One rifle,
    loaded with four rounds of ammunition, was found under a bed.
    Defence lawyer Bud Loft said many of the weapons Vanevery sold were
    purchased from people on Six Nations Reserve. They had kept them for
    protection when the cigarette trade was flourishing, but no longer needed
    them when that trade died down. Acting assistant Crown attorney Craig Fraser
    said Vanevery “chose to enterprise in the weapons trade” and put the
    community at risk.

    The prison term, on top of time served, was a joint submission by the Crown
    and defence. The judge ordered the weapons destroyed, and banned Vanevery
    from possessing firearms, ammunition or explosives for life.

  4. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thanks for tracking that down sir!

    I wonder why a federal prosecutor was involved last time when there was no shooting involved but now that he blows a hole through someone’s arm with an AK 47 it’s left to the OPP influenced, politically motivated local crown to deal with.

    Also very worthy of notice is this statement by the defence that people on Six Nations were selling their illegal firearms because the cigarette trade had died down. Since it is once again flourishing, what does that suggest about the state of illegal weapons on Six Nations?

  5. DQN says:

    Not to worry. As soon as David Miller’s handgun ban takes effect-oh, wait- Mr. Vanevery was using an already PROHIBITED Fullly Automatic assult rifle equiped with a prohibited high capacity ammunition clip. You can’t legally get one of these rifles in Canada. Bringing one across the border especially without declairing it? That’s a big no no, even more so if you don’t have a firearms license. It’s against the law. Also, you can’t carry one around in public. Having a loaded firearm in your possesion while under a court order not to do so – isn’t that a very serious felony offence ? Pointing a firearm (a loaded one at that) would get you or I a very long sentence. Doing so in the presence of police officers (a very dumb thing in itself) would probably also get us ventilated if we didn’t immediatly drop the firearm and submit to arrest. But, as I said- not to worry. Jusitce in Ontario is still blind. For certain people(s) it’s also deaf, dumb and paralylsed!

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