Fantino orders officers to ignore crown – arrest McHale

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Caledonia, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP

November 11, 2008

“I don’t want us to get bogged down with legal nuances” (the law) said Julian Fantino in an email to investigating officers on December 2 2007, “surely experienced investigators don’t have to go running to a Crown to know when they have RPG to arrest/charge someone!”

Perhaps someone needs to point out to the “top cop” in Ontario that legal Nuances are the only thing standing between us and a Police State.

RPG stands for Reasonable Probable Grounds and is the difference between arresting someone for a crime, and arresting someone for their political views, but Julian Fantino makes it abundantly clear in his correspondence with his staff that he doesn’t want to be “frustrated” by such things in his efforts to keep Gary McHale out of Caledonia.

“I want us to take McHale to court to seek a Court order to keep him out of Caledonia.” Indeed Fantino was quite clear about what the motivation behind the tainted investigation that took place after the chaos of December 1, 2007 should be. Nowhere does he suggest that anyone investigate how Gary and I came to be hospitalized, but he does state “I believe that we are falling short on exploiting every possible proactive investigative strategy that could curtail the activities of McHale et all.”

Reading between the lines we see Julian is upset that not enough is being done to ensure that peaceful, law abiding activist Gary McHale is being railroaded into travel restrictions with some sort of bogus charge that doesn’t need to hold up in Court.

Naturally I understand myself as being covered by “et all” in the Fantino correspondence, and this puts perspective on the fact that within an hour of being released from the hospital, I had reliable sources telling me that I was the target of an investigation.

” I don’t want us to get sidetracked by crown lawyers on this ” stated Fantino in an email sent at 3:22pm, while McHale and I were laying in hospital beds at the hands of his race based policing policy. The venom nearly oozes off the page as he writes about not wanting to be “constantly frustrated by timid Crowns who seem to only get charged up when they have a sure prospect of conviction ”

The Crown is there to act on behalf of the general public (not Fantino) and in the best interests of you and I on any given day, and If that means not proceeding with a charge as purely politically motivated as “counselling mischief not committed” then Julian wants his people to simply ignore the advice of experienced litigators and make things happen his way regardless of the cost to justice itself.

While sadly in this case that’s exactly what happened, it’s about to come back to bite Fantino as he will find himself in a court of law face to face with Gary McHale before the month of November is out, and there will be nowhere for Julian to hide from the horrifying reality that he has created for those in Caledonia from the comfort and safety of his Woodbridge home and Orillia office.

Jeff Parkinson

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