Mammoth trial of epic proportions begins today

Posted: November 20, 2008 in Caledonia, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP, Trial of the century

Mark November 20, 2008 on your calendar ladies and gentlemen as today is a day that your children and their children’s children will be learning about in history classes for generations to come.

In fact it’s such a monumental event of gargantuan, humungous, mind blowing, future altering, awe inspiring, unthinkably behemoth proportions that I feel before we can even discuss what’s going to happen this day, we must first observe the history of November 20 of years gone by before they’re dwarfed by what is to come.

On November 20, 1194 Palermo is conquered by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI. 1789 New Jersey becomes the first State to ratify the Bill of Rights (how fitting), 1910 the Mexican Revolution begins, 1945 Trials against 24 Nazi war criminals begin at Nuremburg, 1962 the Cuban missile crisis ends, and in 2008 the trial of the century is about to begin.

Today the trial that will settle what some may call the most serious charge in Canadian history will commence. Today Gary McHale goes on trial for Counselling mischief not committed.

Did he suggest that someone do something that they then proceeded NOT to do? That’s the question that a trial judge who might otherwise be overseeing proceedings dealing with something like murder, rape, armed robbery, or the like will have to decide.

Indeed it will be history making as Julian Fantino himself will be forced to take the stand to answer to Gary McHale while media who would otherwise have no interest in Caledonia salivate with pens in hand.

Several charter challenges will be launched that could reshape the landscape of not only Caledonia but any other town that the OPP decide to enforce the law based solely on race in. No court has ever handed down any ruling which supports the practices that we’ve seen in Caledonia, but those practices are about to be put on public record in their entirety with National media standing by.

One would have to assume that it’s going to be a series of very bad days for a lot of people, but Gary McHale is not one of them as he finally stands to be vindicated.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Jafo says:

    After reading your post concerning Gary’s court case, I just wanted to say thank you. You just confirmed what I had believed all along. You did suffer some sort of head trauma after your melon bounced off the pavement. “Mammoth trial of epic proportions” Good grief. You better seek help. And fast.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Someone who needs to think up a far more creative alias (or stop hiding behind one) posed a good question here. “What happened?”

    As a witness who has not finished giving testimony, I have not been sitting in on the trial and am not privy to the details of what’s happening inside. I suggest staying tuned to for recaps of media coverage.


  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Sorry Jafo but your comment has been sitting in the SPAM filter which is where most of what you say belongs, and I just caught it.

    Thank you for continuing to make light of a substantial injury and in doing so continuing to show everyone the general mindset of those who support the illegal smoke shacks, occupations etc.

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