Fantino’s exorbitant spending continues

Posted: November 28, 2008 in FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP, Trial of the century

November 28, 2008

Having attended the mammoth trial of epic proportions this week to testify, I had the interesting fortune of appearing immediately before Julian Fantino. As I have not yet finished giving evidence, I was not able to sit in on the rest of the day’s proceedings, but I did have my first face to face encounter with Julian Fantino in the hall on my way out.

The first thing to become evident from looking at Julian was that he has absolutely no regard for anyone’s hard earned tax dollars and appears to live in a bubble world of his own from which he tries to dictate to the rest of us.

First there was the special reserved secure underground parking that was reportedly provided for him as the streets of Hamilton are not good enough for Mr. Fantino to park or walk on. Then there was the elevator that was locked down for his use. Maybe the man feels compelled to press all of the buttons at the same time and they had to lock up an elevator so that it could be remotely directed to its destination?

More likely than not though, they had to give him an entire elevator so that he could fit his taxpayer funded posse inside. As I left the court room I was immediately greeted by 3 officers. 2 were standing intently waiting for orders on their secret service style ear pieces, and one was standing at the ready with a hand held metal detector. Maybe it didn’t cross his mind that anyone entering the building had already been screened by a metal detector and uniformed police.

As I was taking this in, the door to his private elevator opened and a posse of taxpayer funded, ear piece wearing, well dressed officers who appeared ready to protect the leader of the free world from an angry mob emerged with a surprisingly small and feeble looking Fantino in the middle. They quickly ushered him through the perhaps threatening looking empty hallway and past me into a private room just off of the Court room he would be testifying in.

Having just seen a CHCH news report from several days earlier which suggests that Fantino likely spent several full days in the Court house in case he was called to the stand early, I really must wonder what kind of rituals he had to go through to eat lunch.

With that kind of man power being taken off the streets where actual crimes are committed each day, one has to hope that the next time Julian starts whining to some media outlet about the cost of policing peaceful protests, he’ll offer up the cost involved in getting himself to various court houses when people he orders silenced are put on trial.

In the meantime I have no doubt that Fantino’s exorbitant spending of your hard earned dollars on luxuries such as 6 body guards to escort him through an empty hall will continue because there appears to be no price he isn’t willing to make the citizens of Ontario pay to feed his race based justice machine.

Jeff Parkinson

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