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December 18, 2008

CWUC has it on very reliable sources that Native criminals are getting ready to move in on and occupy a development called Voortmans Townhouses in Hagersville. The OPP are of course standing by to watch while people have their livelihood stolen from them by criminals and they’ll call it “keeping the peace”.

It’s truly remarkable how little things have changed in almost 3 years. One must wonder if Clyde Powless who was recently given a character reference from Julian Fantino and a subsequent discharge for his cowardly attack from behind on Gary McHale will be on site to help ensure the law is not enforced.

How comforting it is to know as a Canadian that these criminals can announce their plans to commit crimes to the police ahead of time so that they can stand by at the site to ensure nobody interferes, or tries to do anything rash like keep building houses on property that they have the title deed to.


It seems that the occupation as such has yet to take place. Either those who intended to pull this stunt weren’t thrilled with the publicity, or someone cut a deal of some sort with them to hold off for today.

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