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January 28, 2009

In February of 2007, Julian Fantino whined like a child to the Hamilton Police that one of their officers was exercising his right to freedom of speech as a Canadian citizen by criticizing the way the OPP were failing to protect himself, his family, his neighbours, and his community in Caledonia from the ongoing lawlessness at the Douglas Creek Estates which is just a few doors from his home.

That officer was Dave Hartless and as most know, he was cleared of any wrong doing after an investigation into his charter rights revealed that Fantino doesn’t have the authority to muzzle people at will who happen to disagree with his race based policies. A lawsuit to that effect filed by Hartless and a blitz by the future members of CANACE that gathered hundreds of signatures in support of Mr. Hartless may also have had something to do with the eventual outcome.

Some 2 years later, Fantino who as has been documented here has the obvious mentality of a school yard bully with a badge decided to take another frivolous run at Mr. Hartless for signing the petition for a formal inquiry into the actions of Fantino and the OPP in Caledonia. Apparently in FantinoLand, only king Julian is allowed freedom of speech.


January 27, 2009

As some may recall, one of the first stories posted at was about the attempted murder of an OPP officer by Native criminals. In broad daylight Natives walked up to an OPP van and assaulted the officers inside which included US Border Guard and ATF agents. They then stole the van, used it to try to run over an OPP officer, smeared it with human feces on the Douglas Creek Estates, and returned the van minus a number of classified intelligence reports that had been inside.

The OPP stood by and watched as one of their own was nearly killed and when one of the Natives approached officers demanding to be arrested they refused. He then turned to stunned Caledonia residents and proclaimed that he could “get you any time I want to” before retreating into the home free zone known as the DCE. This incident was largely responsible for Gary McHale becoming involved in Caledonia.


January 25, 2009

In an interesting tale of 2 stories that were posted at Caledonia Wakeup Call today, a Six Nations resident is trying to deflect the blame that belongs squarely on the head of Julian Fantino toward Diane Finley for joining some 5000 residents in signing the petition calling for an inquiry. The January 20 editorial by Tracy Bomberry in the Toronto Star states in part:

The convoluted petition currently being circulated by disgruntled Caledonia residents calling for an inquiry into the handling of the Caledonia land claim dispute by OPP commissioner Julian Fantino is a direct result of the federal government’s reluctance to resolve the land claim issues not only on Six Nations but across the country.”

Ms Bomberry (forgive me if that should be Mrs but I’ll err on the side of caution) appears to feel that if the Federal government would just make an offer to settle land claim issues, everything would be magically resolved and everyone could presumably start singing Kumbaya. It’s not to be however because the government just won’t make an effort.


January 8, 2009

In a story in today’s Simcoe Reformer, we learned that the cowardly McGuinty government is trying to force Norfolk County to restrict development and consult with Six Nations on any archaeological finds in the County.

 an overall guide to how and where growth will occur in the county — was changed by the province to say the Six Nations reserve must be told of any archeological finds in the county.”

Fortunately our Mayor and Council don’t seem inclined to lie down and accept this nonsense without a fight.

“They have no claim in our territory at all — remove the language,” Mayor Dennis Travale said during Tuesday night’s council meeting. “I want the language about the Six Nations of the Grand River taken out.”


January 7, 2009

As those who are on the Caledonia Wakeup Call mailing list already know, 2009 has seen a new release of some kind every day, and they’ve all been heavy hits directed at Julian Fantino. For those who have had the misfortune of being out of the loop, here’s a recap of some of the CWUC releases we’ve seen so far with just one week of 2009 behind us. Please note that none of the attachments referred to are included here.

January 1:

“OPP Officers are sick of Fantino”

Over the past year we have seen real cracks in the wall of silence in the OPP – we have now received donations directly from line officers. We were incorporated directly because a very Senior OPP officer encouraged it and helped pay for it.

But the best example of how average OPP officers have had enough of Fantino and the Race Based Policies in Caledonia has come in the past few weeks.