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January 7, 2009

As those who are on the Caledonia Wakeup Call mailing list already know, 2009 has seen a new release of some kind every day, and they’ve all been heavy hits directed at Julian Fantino. For those who have had the misfortune of being out of the loop, here’s a recap of some of the CWUC releases we’ve seen so far with just one week of 2009 behind us. Please note that none of the attachments referred to are included here.

January 1:

“OPP Officers are sick of Fantino”

Over the past year we have seen real cracks in the wall of silence in the OPP – we have now received donations directly from line officers. We were incorporated directly because a very Senior OPP officer encouraged it and helped pay for it.

But the best example of how average OPP officers have had enough of Fantino and the Race Based Policies in Caledonia has come in the past few weeks.