CANACE cranking up the heat on Fantino in 2009

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January 7, 2009

As those who are on the Caledonia Wakeup Call mailing list already know, 2009 has seen a new release of some kind every day, and they’ve all been heavy hits directed at Julian Fantino. For those who have had the misfortune of being out of the loop, here’s a recap of some of the CWUC releases we’ve seen so far with just one week of 2009 behind us. Please note that none of the attachments referred to are included here.

January 1:

“OPP Officers are sick of Fantino”

Over the past year we have seen real cracks in the wall of silence in the OPP – we have now received donations directly from line officers. We were incorporated directly because a very Senior OPP officer encouraged it and helped pay for it.

But the best example of how average OPP officers have had enough of Fantino and the Race Based Policies in Caledonia has come in the past few weeks.

Attached are two pages out of hundreds we recieved in an unmarked package left at our doorstep – we scanned the documents and got rid of the originals. As you can see from the documents they are directly from an OPP Intelligence Unit regarding Native Protesters in Caledonia going back as far as early 2006. Other documents we have are Bank Statements of money transfers done due to smuggling.

Some of these documents will be used when Fantino takes the stand again on April 22, 2009 while others will be used to help identify Native Protesters for private prosecution charges – currently our greatest problem on filing charges is having correct identifications and
addresses for these Protesters.

You should also note that in the second document attached regarding Jeff Henhawk (who operates one of the illegal smoke shops) that his licence was suspened back in Apr 1997 – so why is he allowed to drive around Caledonia?

What is great about these documents is we now have People’s Names, Addresses, License #s, Alias Names, partial criminal records, etc. etc.

What is also great is that this could not have come to me without it coming directly from an OPP Officer – clearly some officers are sick of all the crap.

So far the Crown in Cayuga has been doing everything it can to interfere with our ability to lay criminal charges against senior OPP officers and Government officials, however, their days are numbered because Judge Marshall will not uphold the Crown’s Right to stop private prosecution cases – the ruling should be on Jan. 12, 2009.

Just like in the movie “Mississippi Burning” which ends with people going to jail – including police officers (which did happen in real life as well) – we will see the day when OPP Officers and Government Officials step down or possibly see jail time.

January 2:

A must read editorial on Fantino recent attempt at creating new highway laws – in my view he has only been trying to get media attention  to make it look like he is an Law & Order type of person when he has no problem supporting the very people doing the violent crimes in Caledonia. Fantino would like nothing more than to be able to be law maker, judge and jury. The Charter of Rights isn’t too important to Fantino. From here on the court should just ask Fantino who is guilty because he clearly believes he is God’s gift to mankind. If the Crown disagrees with Fantino he just tells his officers to disregard the “timid” and “feeble” Crown. The man has no regard to the Rule of Law or for the Rights of Individuals.

January 3:

“Fantino is not the only one breaking the rules”

A few months ago the public found out that Fantino had threatened Toby Barrett but Mr. Barrett couldn’t release Fantino’s letter due to privacy rules.

It has now become clear that various Ministers in McGuinty’s Government are sharing private document to ensure they cover for various OPP officers. In May 2007 Mark Vandermaas filed a complaint against OPP Commissioner Fantino and two other OPP officers. That complaint went directly to the Minister of Community and Correctional Services. The Minister then passed on that document to the Attorney General’s office to be use by Civil Lawyers against Jeff Parkinson and Gary McHale.

Lawyers from the Civil branch of the Attorney General then took Mr. Vandermaas’ document, without his permission, and filed it at the Cayuga courthouse against Mr. Parkinson and Mr. McHale.

The same document when also used, without Mr. Vandermaas’ permission, by the Criminal branch of the Attorney General against Mr. Parkinson to stop him from laying criminal charges against OPP officers.

Since the Attorney General has decided to make this document public -via the court – then we are posting the document for everyone to read.

The following link is to a 71 page complaint against the Commissioner which outlines in detail criminal charges that the Commissioner should be facing. Of course, the Government refused to investigate the complaint – no surprise there. However, the document that is posted is
the copy from the Minister’s officer – see his stamp on page 4. Page one shows that the document was being used in small claims court against Mr. Parkinson and Mr. McHale. Page 2 & 3 show that the document was filed with an Affidavit showing the document to be accurate.

Please take the time to read the document that the Government has made public – it will show just how much work the members of CANACE put into ensuring they have solid evidence to support their arguments in court etc.

The document outlines three criminal charges against the Commissioner:

Part 1. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, s. 139(2) Criminal Code of Canada

Part 2. INFLUENCING MUNICIPAL OFFICIAL, s. 123(2) Criminal Code of Canada

Part 3. BREACH OF TRUST BY PUBLIC OFFICER, s. 122 Criminal Code of Canada

January 4: 

Officers turn internal hearing into trial of Fantino – Toronto Star:

January 5:

Fantino’s Witch Hunt has started.

It has come to our attention that the OPP is in react mode regarding our release of two pages of OPP Intelligence reports. This react mode includes possible criminal charges for possession of stolen property and at least legal action to have them returned.

I have told the Government that we are a media outlet and therefore no documents will be returned without a court order and we will oppose any count order. I expect to receive court papers within a few days.

As far as I know Fantino himself arranged to have these documents given to me in order to be able to lay additional charges. In the past two years the Commissioner has already directed his officers to illegally arrest me back in 2006 even though they fully knew I had committed no crime – a Hamilton Judge ordered my release from jail. In 2007 the Commissioner once again ordered my arrest whether or not the Crown or the Court would agree because in his words the OPP could at least ‘publicly expose’ me.

This is not the limit of Fantino’s criminal behaviour in Caledonia. In fact, the Crown in Cayuga has already interfered with our Right to lay criminal charges against Fantino – the issue is now part of an Order of Mandamus and will be ruled on by Judge Marshall. Furthermore, the Government has refused even to review possible criminal behaviour on the part of Fantino related to the following charges:

Part 1. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, s. 139(2) Criminal Code of Canada

Part 2. INFLUENCING MUNICIPAL OFFICIAL, s. 123(2) Criminal Code of Canada

Part 3. BREACH OF TRUST BY PUBLIC OFFICER, s. 122 Criminal Code of Canada  

Is it possible that the Commissioner is behind these documents? – Yes, because the man is out of control and has little interest in the Charter Rights of individuals? However, at the same time it is equally possible that OPP Officers are sick and tired of Fantino and their inability to uphold the Rule of Law in Caledonia.

The only question now for the OPP is whether they would lay criminal charges against a Hamilton Spectator reporter if he received such documents? Remember Judge Marshall, during an in-camera hearing, granted me the right under Freedom of the Press – Section 2 of the Charter – to publish the details of the Order of Mandamus. I also have emails from Insp. McLean claiming the OPP cannot meet with me because I am a media outlet and therefore I must make request for interviews through the Media Relationship unit.

If Fantino isn’t behind the release of these documents you can be sure that the witch hunt has begun. Fantino isn’t loyal to anyone but himself as seen in the case that is in court this week regarding Fantino attempting to rid himself of two OPP officers.

Officers should beware because Fantino will do whatever it takes to cover his ass and cover for McGuinty. No Officer or citizen in Ontario is safe while Fantino sees himself as being above the law.

By the way, people ask why I copy Fantino and other OPP officers on my emails – the answer is simple – it is hard to argue you are doing something with criminal intent when you are keeping the police informed of your actions.

January 6:

The OPP need your help to get illegal drivers off the road in Caledonia.

Public alert Notice –

We all know Commissioner Fantino would be the first to support any
community effort to stop illegal drivers.

January 7:

Caledonia Wakeup Call released a letter from OPP lawyer Chris Diana to Gary McHale requesting that he return the intelligence reports he recently received from an OPP officer about Native criminals. Diana makes the rather odd statement “we look forward to your anticipated cooperation” which left us wondering which Gary McHale this guy thinks he’s dealing with.

CWUC also published McHale’s response to Mr. Diana. Both can be found here  and are an excellent read.


This of course is all in addition to the petition started at the end of 2008 for a formal inquiry into Fantino’s actions started by Ken Hewitt and signed by hundreds of residents including Councilors Craig Grice and Buck Sloat.

Thus far it’s been an eventful 2009 and we haven’t even started to warm up yet. The crown should be and is aware that they’re next and will be dealt with beginning at a hearing I have in front of Judge Marshall on Jan 12.

Anyone who wants to stay up to date with the absolute latest can send an email to asking to be subscribed. This will definitely be a Happy New Year but not for Fantino or the Crown.

Jeff Parkinson

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