McGuinty Government endorses selling cigarettes to children

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Corruption, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, McGuinty, Natives, OPP, Tobacco Kings

February 6, 2009 

In a move that is surprising even to someone like myself who has seen and heard things which most people would call unthinkable while involved in the Caledonia crisis these last years, the McGuinty government has now officially endorsed the sale of cigarettes to children in Haldimand County.

To quote a Feb 5 story from the Simcoe Reformer which uncovered this despicable, duplicitous act by the same government who has endorsed the lawlessness by Native extremists since 2006 many times in many ways:

The Ministry of Health pays the province’s 36 health units $50 million a year for youth smoking programs. Most of that is spent monitoring convenience stores to ensure they are not selling to minors.

Enforcement officers, however, are not allowed to go near the biggest source of contraband tobacco in the province — native smoke shops. Thousands of smoke shops have popped up in recent years on the province’s 163 reserves. Locally, a handful have set up illegally in Haldimand County along Highway 6.

A carton of cigarettes at a convenience store costs about $80. However, a baggie of 100 cigarettes typically sells at a native smoke shop for as little as $7. Yet the McGuinty government has told the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit that the smoke shops of Haldimand County are off-limits to enforcement staff.”

With this action the McGuinty Liberals have taken one final step to ensure that children who wish to buy cigarettes need only to ride their bicycles out to one of the illegal shacks set up on government land on the outskirts of Caledonia as they have been doing for years now while the OPP sit and watch.

It is a well known fact to those in the area that children frequent these illegal shacks because the owners will sell their $7 a carton insect egg and human feces ridden cigarettes to absolutely anyone. The sole purpose of these shacks has been to flaunt their ability to break the law in the face of Caledonia residents from the beginning so why would they care to ID anyone?

To make matters worse, some then peddle back into town with the bags of smokes hanging from their handle bars past OPP cruisers who just happen never to be looking at that moment and they take their contraband bounty to school with them where they sell this filth at inflated prices to other children!

Although the children are certainly the focus of today, it’s not only pint sized black market dealers that are piggy backing a profit off of these tax free, unregulated, extra toxic Native cigarettes. I have personally been approached on more than one occasion in Simcoe, and Hamilton by industrious citizens who pull these Ziploc bags of smokes out of a backpack and offer to sell them to you for $20. It’s all quite reminiscent of the days when people smuggled smokes in from the States to sell tax free here, except that this time it’s being endorsed instead of combated by the Government.

The only efforts to see these shacks closed culminated in a demonstration at one of the shacks by a small group of protestors and civil rights advocates on December 1 2007 which resulted in 2 people being attacked and hospitalized when the OPP refused to remove violent Natives from the scene despite numerous attacks on peaceful protestors and police throughout the day.

If ever anyone needed another reason to explain the triggering of their gag reflex by the name McGuinty, we now have it.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    I would think with fifty million dollars McGuinty could leave the honest taxpaying retailer alone and build a few very high fences around the illegal shops on government land so no one could get to them to buy.
    Talk of being a hypocrit. He is enabling children to get these cigarettes. He is allowing smoking outside of schools on the property. He should be worried of the next generation of adults coming up being dead from cigarettes and no taxes coming to his coffures from them. What a mess we made when Ontario fell for his dribble and voted him in.

  2. Jafo says:

    Not to detract from your article but, I was wondering how your friend “Chouie” got her facts that it was natives who protested the removal of the smoke shack by the reserve police yesterday. There was no mention in the papers what race of people it was who screamed about it’s removal. Here you and Mark and Gary go on about not being racist yet one can’t help but wonder about your associates. What’s that phrase again????

    Oh yeah…..”Guilty By Association”.

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I would think Mary-Lou that with $50,000,000 McGuinty could hire a real police force to come in and clean up the mess left by Fantino in Caledonia but that would be somewhat contrary to every action McGuinty has taken in the last 3 years to ensure that the laws of the land are not upheld when Natives are involved.

    It’s nice to see that you’re reading the CWUC board Jafo and I’m not sure why you don’t just register an account there to ask your question but this is one I’ll be glad to answer.

    The statement in question was from a member named “Chouie” who stated eariler today in a discussion

    “Apparently SN police tried to remove a smoke shack.
    After getting it on a flatbed to be hauled away, natives on the reserve who took offense to this forced the SN by protesting in a large group to take the shack off the flatbed and leave it.
    Now SN council knows what it is like to not have control on their own land.”

    Not that I want to speak for Chouie but if I could go out on a limb here I suggest she feels it was Natives who protested the removal of the shack because Natives are the only people known to set up the shacks, run the shacks, and have a fit when someone tries to do something about the shacks. I can attest to that last part personally having been seriously injured (much to your disturbing ammusement Jafo) while documenting a protest at one of these smoke shacks.

    Furthermore if it was Six Nations Police who tried to remove the shack at the request of the Six Nations Band Council then it’s fairly reasonable to assume that Native people had a substantial involvement in this event.

    As much as I’m sure you would like my readers to believe otherwise, there is nothing racist about calling a spade a spade.

  4. Mary-Lou says:

    In regards to the remarks from Jafo.
    The SN police news release stated the reason the protestors to the shack removal wanted it put back was they felt the Confederacy had not been consulted.
    The consultation of the Confederacy would NOT be a concern to anyone other than members of the SN reserve. Read the news release. Do you honestly think a few non-natives would object to it’s removal after all the press about cigarettes sold to underage persons. I did in fact call a spade a spade.

  5. Great article, Jeff about a disgusting milestone in Ontario’s history – the use of the Premier’s office to order that laws be not enforced due to race.

    I built on your post to create one of my own: ‘McGuinty interference ignores terror & violence links while sacrificing children to illegal smokes.’

    Mark Vandermaas

  6. lloyd and carol stockton says:


    • caledoniawakeupcall says:

      Lloyd I wish there was something I could say to that but there is not aside from I’m very sorry and I hope you find a way to beat it.

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