Tired old rhetoric from tired old Fantino

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Corruption, FantinoGate, Gary McHale, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Mitch Hoffman, OPP

April 29, 2009

One of two things happened in a Hamilton court room this week. Either Julian Fantino lied through his teeth under oath, or he proved that he has the worst memory of anyone I have ever known.

When pressed for details of his extensive involvement in targeting Gary McHale for arrest despite “legal nuances” such as his innocence, Fantino repeatedly answered “I don’t recall”.

A clearly hostile Fantino did however seem to remember Caledonia residents protesting at his home although he couldn’t seem to manage to talk about even that without tossing in some totally false information such as people yelling things as his wife and children.

To cap off his testimony, Julian babbled that Gary had inflamed the situation in Caledonia with his “racist” statements and stories posted on his site. When asked to back up that tired and slanderous old rhetoric, the supposed “top cop” in Ontario not surprisingly failed to do so. In fact he indicated that the OPP investigated Gary for possible hate crime charges and found NOTHING.

Likewise when he lied in stating that Gary was responsible for officers being injured he “couldn’t recall” the untrue details, when he stated that Gary was responsible for violent rallies in Caledonia he couldn’t recall any of the details as it never happened, and when he stated that Caledonia would be a relatively peaceful place without Gary he could not back up his lies with any facts.

He did not seem to have any memory lapses when Mitch Hoffman stood up and tried to save face for Julian by lobbing him some softballs about his position as Commissioner, but when it was once again McHale’s turn to question him, his memory quickly dropped almost as low as the level of respect that people have for him.


He often repeated himself with uncontrolled outbursts of nonsense about Gary followed by “you and I both know it” which the judge and Mitch Hoffman didn’t feel the need to object to, and he truly seemed feeble and flustered as he tried to say that McHale was “entering a dark room full of gas and looking for a switch”. A switch Julian? To shine some light on what a fool you are perhaps.

When pressed to explain how the charge of assaulting a Police Officer was dropped against Clyde Powless within an hour of Fantino being notified of it, he was conveniently unable to remember any details and no doubt relieved when Hoffman objected as Gary got too close to the truth. What has been established is that a charge of assaulting a Police Officer was dropped from the list between the time Fantino received it, and the time he sent it back out on his Blackberry.

Speaking of Fantino’s buddy Clyde Powless, Julian claimed to not know of any involvement Powless had in other criminal activity before he wrote him a glowing letter of reference for the charge of assaulting Gary McHale. Clyde was one of the people seen digging up Argyle Street in a backhoe and is widely regarded as a spokesman for the Terrorists who occupied DCE but Julian claimed to have not bothered to do any sort of background check on him or spoken with any front line officers who would have actual knowledge of Powless’s behaviour before writing him a letter of reference. Perhaps I was right when I speculated that Julian got to sit in the backhoe and say “wheee” during one of his dinner dates with the DCE thugs.

During one of his few coherent moments, Fantino testified that the York Regional Police removed signs (and presumably the flags as well) that Caledonia residents had hung on hydro polls outside his Woodbridge home. Removal of those objects is theft and a violation of the agreement we made with the York Regional Police that they would not interfere with the protest and we would not return. Theft is most certainly interference so we are no longer bound to stay away from Fantino’s house. Thanks for the info Julian!

at fantinos-home

I was only able to sit in on a small portion of this testimony as I had been an uncalled witness during the first full day that Gary had him on the stand, but what I saw was more than enough to have left me embarrassed by the fact that this guy is a representative of the Province that I call home. It couldn’t have been more obvious that he’s a puppet for the agenda of the likes of McGuinty and Clyde Powless, and I anxiously await the day when our tax dollars stop flowing into his pockets.

One truly has to wonder though if Mr. Fantino is a pathological liar, or just senile?

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Todd Harris says:

    Fantino wants into Politics? Crazy, senile with a twist of Hitlerism.

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Dear Jeff,
    Now we have proof of selective policing based on race,
    Selection of charges based on race even if an officer charges the offender, and best of ALL-selective memory. I wonder if Fantino has any memory of who and how all the trouble started in Brantford and other parts when Gary wasn’t around or banned from Caledonia. I find it extremely disturbing that Fantino can run Gary right into the ground, and yet not utter a nasty word about natives blocking railways, highways, subdivisions and the bi-pass for four days in Caledonia. Another example of selective memory???????

  3. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    I find it disturbing that we’re paying him $250,000 a year to do his best to oppress the civil rights of anyone who fails to fall in line with his severely twisted view of reality, and even more disturbing that there are still people out there who consider Julian an actual cop.

  4. Tired of your racist rants says:

    STFU asshole.

    Get a job you damn parasites.

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Thanks for weighing in on the pro Julian side. You’re a shining example of his fans. You lack the balls to state your name or leave an email address, and you have a potty mouth, yet you think you deserve to have your say while hiding behind your little oh so clever little moniker and making statements that you can’t back up.

    Now who do we know that’s in Brantford as you are who fits your description.. hmmm

  6. You might like this (I didn’t) and maybe you can help me, as the media refuses to deal with it even a decade later. (http://www.angelfire.com/punk5/cop_abuse/)

    It reflects only about 20% of what really happened, as it’s essentially untouched since July, 2000, save for the preamble written when it was posted in November, 2004. To this day, though, I still live with the aftershocks. Nothing quite beats an attempt on your innocent life by a dozen rabid, bloodthirsty cops – as endorsed by Fantino after the fact.

    I recommend bookmarking and then taking it off in pieces, because it could prove to be an exhausting read in one go.

    Also, note to “Tired of your racist rants”:


    Either chew, or suck on this and I dare you to get back to us.

    Your boy is stupid, ignorant, corrupt, cowardly, larcenous and a proved liar. Just follow the bouncing ball – starting here, for one.

    Goof (your pal’s new favourite word, btw).

  7. Mary-Lou says:

    I really can’t think of a better vocation or job in life than getting rid of race based policing and having the law applied equally to all in this Country irregardless of ethnic background. Perhaps the writer above needs a job to keep his mind active on what is really happening in this Country. Stupid is as Stupid does and you can’t cure stupid.

  8. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Mr. Turner,

    I apologize for the delay in posting your comment as it was erronously flagged as spam and I just found it.

    I hope you can understand that I can not endorse the validity of your story or site due to a lack of first hand knowledge of your situation, but I do recommend that people check out the link that you posted as I have found it to be an interesting read so far.


  9. Chris Angel says:

    Your comments regarding that fascist thug Fantino are right on the money. He is a corrupt lying turd in a uniform and would be a disagrace to a street sweepers togs. That this above the law disgrace continues to hold his position is unfathomable. Police at all levels have substituted laziness self interest and cowardice for public service. A true public servant would never presume to make the threats he has made and would never have to lie to justify themself. Sadly regarding Biull Turner’s link, I read the entire thing a couple of years ago and Bill I am so sorry to have to say this but as much as I sympathise with you I think you have spiraled slowly into mental illness. The story is impossible to make sense of other than as an intelligent man’s struggle to maintain a trendy urban life style while becoming increasingly isolated due to the usual jealousies rivalries and personal issues. He was essentially rejected by his perhaps fickle friends rather than the object of a conspiracy as few could possibly care enough to do so. Sorry Bill but I have to recommend that people do not invest the time to read your story as it basically goes no where. I do believe it could be a screenplay or worked into a novel if you were to rediscover some of the humour and irony in your story.

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