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May 24, 2009

The CANACE flag raising event in Caledonia today began with word that the OPP had 150 officers and their helicopter rallying at their command post just outside of town. Proof positive that the OPP obviously still have a blank cheque from the McGuinty government to spend vast amounts of your tax dollars to prevent you from exercising your basic rights and freedoms if your skin happens to be the wrong color.

Hours of duplicitous OPP chicanery later, a flag was raised but skipping straight to that part of the story would be tantamount to skipping the tasty appetizers and exceptionally satisfying main course and going right for the desert. Incidentally I enjoyed my dinner this evening while watching the OPP helicopter make several passes overhead long after all of the action was over. I wonder how much it costs to run a chopper in circles for 5 hours.


May 18, 2009

During the testimony that Julian Fantino gave a Hamilton Court last month about his involvement in the witch hunt to charge Gary McHale with “Counselling mischief not committed”, Julian was forced to reveal on the stand that he sent an email on December 3, 2007 to deputy commission Chris Lewis in which he stated “I feel like doing what LA Police Chief Darrel Gates go out and arrest the goof myself”.

Just who is this Darrel Gates that Julian idolizes? McHale’s efforts to clarify were quickly interrupted by Mitch Hoffman in order to prevent Fantino from being held accountable for his words. So since we’re not allowed to hear it from the horse’s mouth, I decided to have a look for myself (and all of you) at who Gates is and why Julian so admires him and it quickly became obvious that there are similarities.


In an event eerily similar to Caledonia thus far, a relatively small group of Tamil “protestors” marched onto the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto this evening shutting down a major artery of the city and disrupting the lives of thousands of innocent bystanders who happened to be on the wrong highway at the wrong time.

Why did they do it? To further their political agenda. They want Canada to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation, and as this site will not become a vessel for the agenda of this or any other extremist group, I’m not going to elaborate on their demands.

How did they do it? They put women and children in front to keep the cops at bay and marched onto The Gardiner at Spadina waving red flags and talking about genocide. This is all very familiar to those involved in the Caledonia crisis.