Tamils give Toronto a small taste of Caledonia

Posted: May 10, 2009 in Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, John Tory, Toronto

In an event eerily similar to Caledonia thus far, a relatively small group of Tamil “protestors” marched onto the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto this evening shutting down a major artery of the city and disrupting the lives of thousands of innocent bystanders who happened to be on the wrong highway at the wrong time.

Why did they do it? To further their political agenda. They want Canada to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation, and as this site will not become a vessel for the agenda of this or any other extremist group, I’m not going to elaborate on their demands.

How did they do it? They put women and children in front to keep the cops at bay and marched onto The Gardiner at Spadina waving red flags and talking about genocide. This is all very familiar to those involved in the Caledonia crisis.

The response according to CFRB which I listened to for about an hour has been that the Police have done nothing to prevent thousands of people from committing mischief, but have shut down the affected lanes of the Gardiner themselves instead. Pictures have already surfaced online of Riot Squad members standing at the ready but doing nothing, and the highway remains closed.

With the exception of 2 sympathisers, nobody who called in while I was listening had any sympathy for those who are choosing to put their own agenda ahead of the rights of Torontonians, and in the end I would wager that this act will accomplish nothing for anyone. It’s just another case of a group of very selfish people trying to force the hand of the Government by using innocent bystanders as leverage.

The last thing I heard was at 8pm when John Tory – the former PC leader who has been reduced to a talk show host by his own incompetence got on the air and stated “Nobody has the right to shut down a highway or interfere with the rights of others. We have the rule of law here” Unfortunate that he’s thinking of this 2 years too late and now that he has been disgraced and lost any power he once had.

If Caledonia is indeed an example of how Canadians deal with this kind of ridiculous behaviour, then the Ontario government will likely be trying to purchase something to give to the protestors, the Police will refuse to arrest those committing crimes and claim to be “keeping the peace” while the highway remains closed, and some sort of whining, babbling figurehead will soon emerge to blame the whole thing on Gary McHale.

In any case it will be interesting to see how it all turns out and if the people of Toronto who are being impacted by this will have a different outlook the next time Caledonia is in the news because of a group of selfish individuals who decided to block a highway to force changes in government policy.

UPDATED: May 11, 2009 – The Gardiner was cleared before the Monday rush hour not by the police enforcing the law, but by the Liberals caving into their demands and agreeing to discuss their agenda in caucus. Reuters is now reporting that Tamil “protestors” have shut down roads around Westminster in England. What will they do next as they continue to be emboldened?

Jeff Parkinson

Other sites of interest for those just now hearing about Caledonia for the first time:

  1. Simply awesome post, Jeff! I shall await the emergence of the “whining, babbling figurehead” who blames the Tamil disruptions on McHale. I guess we should be grateful that Julian isn’t the Toronto Police Chief anymore. ROTFLMAO!

    Speaking of babbling figureheads, maybe McGuinty will buy the Gardiner Expressway and give it to the Tamil Tiger terrorist supporters and install taxpayer funded sleeping and toilet facilities.

    This John Tory guy…who is he again? Is this the same Tory who twice undermined our attempts to peacefully protest against thugs like these Tamils? The same Tory who refused to stand with victims of native extremism like Dancer and Sam Gualtieri’s brother at our pre-election Oct 8/07 ‘Remember Us’ March in Caledonia? That John Tory?

    Gary better not go to Toronto anymore — Julian will be claiming that violence erupted every time he visited there!

    Mark Vandermaas

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    For those who are new here and curious, Dancer is a young lady who has been forced to live without policing on her road for the last 3 years because a group of extremists demanded that the OPP stay away and the government agreed to it. More information on her plight can be found Here

  3. Terry says:


    Did you read the quote from Fantino, Page 5 Monday Toronto sun. ” what ever politics and difficulties and issues that might prevail in other parts of the world” and said no protesters have the right to hold society “hostage” and impede the right of citizens to move about their city.

    “I suppose that there will be a time for negotiating and talking, but at some point in time, we just can’t have the city or our communities or society held hostage by any one sector of people” he said.

    “Lawful demonstration is one thing, but hijacking and compromising the ability of people to go about their business–law-abiding decent people– is another thing”

    A couple of things came to mind when I read this A) Caledonia is to small to matter, B) Fantino needs a pysch. assessment C) He is just an out and out Hypocrite.

    Either way this guy needs to retire.

    • caledoniawakeupcall says:

      Disgusting but not suprising. It seems Julian has a case of the disease infecting our local politicians which causes them to craft entirely different messages when speaking to those around Caledonia and everyone else. I believe it’s called “Spineless Coward Syndrome”

  4. Terry Jamieson Jr says:

    Now the Tamil protest looked a bit like the Whitey invasion of the Western Hemisphere. The whites assume they have some kind of honourable reason to justify their taking over OUR (aboriginal) land and resources.Car jacking a continent aint cool.Why didn’t any of the sophistocated governments not produce legal documentation for their land claims?…Their is none. It all aboriginal land. The only land that the whiteys are entitled to is across the ocean.

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Whitey eh?

    Thanks for weighing in and showing us the caliber of racist support the Tamils have.

    Canada doesn’t have a land claim. We own the land, you do not. Wishing that you owned everything does not make it so.

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