Flag raising a success on many levels

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Caledonia, CANACE, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, OPP

May 24, 2009

The CANACE flag raising event in Caledonia today began with word that the OPP had 150 officers and their helicopter rallying at their command post just outside of town. Proof positive that the OPP obviously still have a blank cheque from the McGuinty government to spend vast amounts of your tax dollars to prevent you from exercising your basic rights and freedoms if your skin happens to be the wrong color.

Hours of duplicitous OPP chicanery later, a flag was raised but skipping straight to that part of the story would be tantamount to skipping the tasty appetizers and exceptionally satisfying main course and going right for the desert. Incidentally I enjoyed my dinner this evening while watching the OPP helicopter make several passes overhead long after all of the action was over. I wonder how much it costs to run a chopper in circles for 5 hours.

When we arrived at the Lions Hall, we were greeted by Staff Sgt Phillip Carter of the OPP who made an interesting offer to Merlyn. He would agree to have the OPP escort Merlyn, myself, and one assistant down to the hydro poll in question so that Merlyn could hang his flag. This could be called a step in the right direction but would have done nothing to allow everyone else present their rights. Merlyn explained to Carter that he would need to get a consensus from his peers and would get back to him, and speeches about the importance of an event like this commenced for the crowd that had gathered.


Merlyn & Jeff May 24

Merlyn & Mark May 24

Merlyn & Christine May 24

Within about half an hour it was time to leave for the main event of the day and an offer was put on the table for the OPP. If they would allow us to take a few people who also wanted to exercise their right to hang a flag down with us, we would all go home following the successful flag raising. This would have been a group of perhaps 8 people including myself as videographer, and someone to hold a ladder. The officer on the scene at that point was not authorized to make such a deal and a call was placed to Carter to get confirmation. It almost seemed for a moment as though good faith negotiations were taking place, but that thought was quickly smashed.

DSC_0027 (Medium)

Marching down Argyle

After a substantial amount of standing around waiting, we informed the officers that we would await Sgt Carter at the inevitable barricade they would form on Argyle St. and marched to Canadian tire where the OPP started pushing residents and threatening to make arrests for obstructing a police officer if anyone dared try to hang a Canadian flag on a Canadian hydro poll including Merlyn. Carter soon oozed out of the woodwork to inform Merlyn that someone had been arrested for walking too close to DCE with a flag which voided the offer they had put on the table. He said he hoped that another deal could be brokered and then vanished down the road to chat with Natives.

Sgt Carter reneges on his deal with Merlyn Kinrade

Sgt Carter reneges on his deal with Merlyn Kinrade

After what I would guesstimate to be 45 minutes of waiting for this new offer that the site commander “hoped” to be bringing us, we were informed by Carter that no deal was going to be reached and nobody would be allowed to hang a flag because a non Native person that none of us saw and who was not part of our group had been arrested on charges he could not specify for allegedly walking too close to DCE with a flag before we arrived. So much for good faith negotiations.

Courtesy of the Hamilton Spectator

Courtesy of the Hamilton Spectator

After reading off the section of the Canadian Criminal Code for the charge of Common Nuisance to be sure that the officers on site understood that they were committing a crime and would be held accountable for it, Merlyn walked up and down the police line asking every officer if they would allow him his right to hang a flag and getting their badge number when they said no. Some were polite and quiet, and some had an obvious chip on their shoulder, but all of them were equally guilty, and CANACE will begin reviewing the evidence to consider criminal charges against individual OPP officers in the near future.

Section 180(2)b states:

For the purposes of this section, every one commits a common nuisance who does an unlawful act or fails to discharge a legal duty and thereby

Obstructs the public in the exercise or enjoyment of any right that is common to all the subjects of Her Majesty in Canada. [R.S., c.C-34, s.176.]

I firmly believe that the officers on the scene are well aware that 2 officers have already faced the criminal charge of mischief at the hands of a CANACE co-founder and that we not only have the legal precedent on our side to lay these charges, but have proven that we have no qualms about doing so and yet they chose to obstruct us anyway so any charge we lay will be dually justified. In fact I may reconsider spending the time on a judicial review of those mischief charges in favour of focusing on possible charges against officers from today.

The day was far from over however as we were all invited to attend a Garage Sale at the home of Dave Brown and Dana Chatwell who as most readers know are unfortunate enough to live on property that touches DCE. The very few Natives who had shown up at DCE to watch the day unfold were surprisingly quiet at this point which is great as the event had nothing to do with them and nobody was interested in a confrontation with the occupiers.

Garage Sale

The OPP gradually dissipated from the area and at 5pm I had the honour of accompanying Doug Flemming and Merlyn Kinrade as they hung a flag on a hydro pole across the road from the Douglas Creek Estates. A van full of OPP officers showed up to observe but chose not to interfere which is even further proof that they had no authority to stop us in the first place.

Flag goes up May 24

Merlyn & Doug May 24

DSC_0117 (Medium)

 Jeff Parkinson

Update: May 25, Thanks to all who have helped propel this site into the top 40 growing blogs for today on the WordPress system which is currently hosting over 6 million blogs

  1. Mark-Alan Whittle says:

    You say you don’t know Randy Flemming? Wasn’t he the guy arrested according to the Hamilton Spectator story? Isn’t he a member of CANACE? Just asking.

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    It’s nice to see you raise a valid question for once Mr. Whittle.

    I never said I don’t know Randy Flemming. I said he was not part of our group and none of us saw him yesterday, and no he is not nor has he ever been a member of CANACE.

    It was interesting however to see the picture the Spectator published of his arrest and the amount of force being used against him with at least 5 officers involved, one of whom is using his knee to hold an already subdued Mr Flemming’s head on the ground.

  3. Winston Smith says:

    It seems that anti Canadianism and race politics are closely related and still play unabated as ad hoc policy in McGuinty’s Caledonia gulag.

    Something exceedingly sinister, uncivil and unCanadian is occurring in Caladona. It festers like an open sore on our nation. We can only hope this abomination of officially corrupted policy will be the downfall of all who colluded to make it so.

  4. granny says:

    How much taxpayers’ money was wasted on policing this idiot stunt?

  5. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Well said Mr. Smith.

    To Connie Kidd aka Granny who I usually don’t give any airtime to here because she’s a deluded supporter of Native terrorism:

    Connie, I’m sorry to see that you view people having civil rights as “idiots” and the flag of our Country as a “stunt” but you do raise a valid question which seems to happen with the likes of you about once every 2 years with the likes of you. I’m sure it’s accidental but I’ll respond anyway.

    Estimates are between $150,000 and $200,000 wasted by the OPP that day to prevent a war veteran from hanging the flag he defended overseas on a hydro pole in his own town.

  6. loopdoop says:

    you just got yourself a place in my bookmarks

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