Shawn Brant leads another occupation

Posted: June 8, 2009 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Headlines, Home Grown Terrorism in Canada, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, Terrorism

June 8, 2009

German (Mohawk wannabe) Shawn Brant who Canada has refused to keep off the streets led yet another blockade Sunday night. This time it’s the Skyway Bridge to Picton Ontario. The reasoning (and I use that term loosely) being a “protest of solidarity” with the Mohawks who took over the International border crossing at Akwesasne.

Brant was responsible for shutting down the 401 and CN rail line in June 2007, and is well known for giving a speech about attacking the infrastructure of our Country to further his agenda. He has twice been arrested but never charged with Terrorism for his actions which clearly meet the definition of the word in Canadian law.

The result of Canadian impotence in dealing with this overgrown spoiled brat is another occupation at a time when our government should be taking a strong stand against these actions, but instead is attempting to negotiate an end to the illegal occupation of an international border. The effect is an obvious and ever growing emboldening of these criminals who are spreading like wildfire.

The Turtle Island News reported this week that the group of organized criminals known locally as the Men’s Fire are readying themselves for an attack on Caledonia should Canadian officials attempt to enforce the law and reopen the international border at Akwesasne. Nobody has any reason to doubt this threat as this same group pulled a similar stunt last year in an effort to prevent the law from being enforced in Deseronto Brant was arrested.

The situation continues to escalate at a dangerous pace for one simple reason. It’s not failed negotiations, nor the arming of border guards at Akwesasne that are to blame, but the appeasement of Native extremists by the OPP, Ontario, and Federal Government who have bowed at the feet of these criminals for years and emboldened them at every turn. We have been trying to warn people for nearly 3 years now that this was an unacceptable strategy that would lead to nothing but trouble, and here we sit with two bridges now closed by Terrorists (one of which is a border crossing) and threats of more attacks on Caledonia pouring out of their mouths.

US officials have expressed to CANACE that they are not pleased with the unguarded border crossing and talk of having Marines guard the US side has taken place, but not yet materialized. These same officials have been in touch seeking all the information we have about the very real threat of another terror attack by Natives on the hydro station in Caledonia. Those of us in the area will remember being without power for several days in 2006 because these weaponized toddlers had a tantrum and sent a burning pickup truck into the station.

Brant claims to have 50 – 60 supporters blocking the bridge right now and news reports say the Tyendinaga Mohawk Police Service is currently monitoring the situation. There is of course no talk of actually enforcing the law and removing the occupiers from the bridge because that’s just not something that Canada does.

While none of us can predict what will happen next, I would wager that whatever it is will be another step in the wrong direction for Canada, and will embolden these already dangerously cocky thugs to new levels of anarchy.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Greg says:

    Shawn Brant is a German? Please explain. Does he have any native blood?

  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    My understanding is that he is German and was adopted as a Mohawk so no.

  3. Kathy says:

    Recent NewsCanadians peaceful protest getting the point across without violence. Deseronto resident just sit and wait!!!! Some have left their homes and stay with familys in near by communities. Natives protestors have threaten with another Caledonia but on a higher scale. Deseronto children have been sent home from school today!!!!! TRADITINAL MORALS AND PRINCIPLES – its is easy for them to attack us for getting involved but if it was in your town- a community is defined by the people that come to the aid of their neighbours!!!!!

  4. Annie says:


    Your words speak from the heart and are a true measure of your character. “A community is defined by the people that come to the aid of their neighbours.” That is exactly what defines it not ethnicity.

    I am mohawk, and it is a sad day indeed for all our people when the likes of Shawn Brant and his merry band of terrorists hurt our neighbors, friends, and surrounding communities. Shawn is in jail where he belongs. Perhaps with this violation of bail conditions, he will remain where he belongs. He is twisted by hatred and his own grand delusion of himself. He has some followers, but not many. Unfortunately, to use a quote “Evil can only prevail when good men (or women) DO NOTHING.” It is sad to watch the Chief speak out both sides of his mouth and not send this man off the territory, he brings nothing but dishonour to all people. Problems cannot be solved by hatred nor can they be solved by refusing to listen.

    I am sick and tired of people thinking that their point of view is the only one. In our community and the surrounding ones, Picton, Belleville, and Deseronto, many have mohawk relatives in their family lineage. So there is a great deal of understanding and compassion for our neighbors and they too have understanding and compassion for the territory. What saddens me is to see one little egotistical man who would not know the truth if it hit him in the face, pushing for violent confrontations, hurting even his own claimed community of tyendinaga. The family names here go back generations, when I see my neighbors suffering I run to do anything I can, their pain is my pain, as mine has been theirs.

    Taking the bridge was not in support of his brothers in Cornwall it was to grab headlines from themselves, and as usual it worked. It was not a matter of simply being inconvient for people it was horrifically painful too. Cancer patients having extra time added to there trips to Kingston. Already weakened from chemotherapy, that extra time caused REAL PAIN, stops along the highway 2 to throw up, shaking under a blanket in pain. I went to help someone in Picton get to Kingston, and fought back unsuccessfully the tears listening to the suffering.

    Kathy, someday I hope the Police do their job. These alleged protestors are nothing more than criminals. Shawn Brant does not bring honour only shame with his hatred of anyone NOT MOHAWK. Can you imagine what he and his merry band terrorists could have achieved over the years by putting all this energy into getting notice into actually helping his people. Governments move slowly no matter what ethnicity you are. I will continue to reach out my hand and support neighbors, we are neighbors by a choice of property, but family and friends by a sense of community. I wish you and the communities well, and am sorry for all you have suffered from such an idiot. I continue to hope that the police or Chief will grow a back bone and to the right thing and kick these people off the territory, for the shame they bring us all.

  5. Kathy says:

    Thank you Annie but there is no need for you to apologize for Shawn Brant and his followers and their lawlessness.

    I know he does not speak for all Mohawks l have lived here all my life and have many Mohawk friends and friends that have married Natives they feel the same as you do and regardless what Shawn and his followers do it will never change my friends or my feelings towards my neighbours. I would like to thank you for speaking out for your people it makes me proud to be your neighbour!!!! You sound like such an amazing person with morals and values!!!!

    Thank You


  6. Geoff says:

    Shawn Brant is the biggest goober in Belleville… The old Mohawks need to understand they are Canadian, not the high almighty indians they feel they are. You no longer live off the land… You shop in the same stores as the rest of us… We all work in the same buildings and you no longer live in teepee’s. It’s time to wake up !!!!!!!

  7. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    There’s no question that some of the Mohawks and in particular those who have formed the terrorist organization known as the Mohawk Warrior Society need a wakeup call.

    As with any other society anywhere in the world there are bad seeds and in this case those seeds are particularly rotten, but I don’t believe they reflect the beliefs and attitude of the Mohawk community at all.

    My own experience over the last few years including a fascinating evening spent in Deseronto surrounded by angry militant Mohawks has taught me that the so called warriors represent a small fraction of the people who are perfectly happy to victimize their own as readily as they will attack us.

    I realize it’s easy to look at the situation and paint everyone with the same brush, but we must not allow ourselves to do that because it’s exactly what the extremists want.

    The moment we all realize that the extremists do not represent anyone but themselves and their own greedy agenda, and force our government to admit to such is the moment that they lose their power.


  8. jeff greyeyes ojibway nation says:

    hey jeff i got a question ?
    whats your address because i’m going to be in the toronto area on cultral talks and would like to pay your big mouth a visit.

  9. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    If you want a response to your childish threat, I suggest you see this post

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