Six Nations women march in support of terrorism

Posted: June 11, 2009 in Appeasement & Cowardice, Caledonia, Deseronto, Hamilton, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP, Ruby & Floyd Montour, Terrorism

June 11, 2009

women marchIn another exceptionally pathetic display by police, a group of Six Nations women including extortionist Ruby Montour and Janie Jamieson (who we all remember telling us how peaceful the terrorists at DCE were in 2006 while a tire fire raged behind her) are being allowed to close a lane of the Red Hill Valley Parkway (Hamilton) and will apparently be allowed to disrupt traffic on the 403 between Hamilton and Brantford today. 

Why would anyone want to march down a major highway you ask? To support the Terrorists at Akwesasne who have kept the international border closed because they don’t want border guards to carry guns. Although I woke up to this news on my local radio station, I think the Hamilton Spectator story does a better (but really slanted) job of telling the story so I’m going to quote it in its entirety.

“A group of native protesters is blocking one lane of traffic on the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

The Six Nations group – about 10 women and children so far – is walking south along the Red Hill Valley Parkway.

They plan to disrupt traffic on the parkway, the Linc and Highway 403.

Spokesman Janie Jamieson said in a release that the women and their supporters are objecting to Ottawa’s decision to arm border guards.

Demonstrators gathered at Queenston Road and the Red Hill and started off at 8 a.m., escorted by nine Hamilton police and OPP cruisers. Police briefly shut down all southbound lanes as they set off. One lane was re-opened soon after to allow traffic to slowly pass by.

Jamieson, spokesperson for the group, said the march will be peaceful. She did not attend this morning’s protest.

Jamieson was a spokesman for protesters at Caledonia’s Douglas Creek estates during the occupation and road blockades there.

The march is to protest the Canada Border Services Agency decision to arm border guards at the Cornwall border station.

The demonstration in Hamilton is a “unity march against armed CBSA” and participants  intend “to promote a message of peace an unity,” Jamieson said in a statement.

Jamieson said the Six Nations women believe human rights are being violated and international law being broken by Customs decision to close its station at cornwall and a bridge connecting the Akwesasne territory.”

For those who have been following all of this for years, this story reeks of the same old excuses to get away with terrorism, but the uninitiated this could actually sound like they have a legitimate grievance which is another example of the sad state of most mainstream media.

The reality is they don’t want the border guards armed at one of the most active gun and cigarette smuggling locations in Canada, and they’re disrupting part of the infrastructure of our Country in an effort to force their political agenda on our Government. That is by definition terrorism and it’s no surprise to see the likes of Ruby and Jamieson involved.

This quickly brought to mind two stories I had the pleasure of reading at VoiceOfCanada recently.

Proof Positive native extremists have lost PR battle eloquently spoke of the fact that Native leaders have realized that people are starting to see through the message behind this kind of “protest” and have condemned it. To quote Mr. Vandermaas: Now, we have clear evidence that native leaders themselves have realized that public and government opinions are turning against them, and that they ignore it at their peril.”

Let Healing begin with Six Nations apology suggested that the time has come when Six Nations can initiate the end of hostilities between the two communities with a simple apology to the innocent victims of Caledonia and by speaking out against the kind of behavior we are seeing today from some of their residents.

Unfortunately it would seem that this message was lost on at least a small group of extremists from Six Nations, but the leadership and residents could come along way toward that healing by condemning this unlawful march down major highways in support of Mohawk Terror. I admire Mark for his belief that that day is coming, but I won’t be holding my breath until it does.

The question we must ask ourselves today is if the Hamilton Police Service OPP, and apparently Mohawk Police at Akwesasne and Tyendinega are going to aid these criminals as they have so far, then what is it going to take for a law enforcement agency to step up and enforce the laws of our land? Even the Toronto Police have demonstrated a lack of resolve to deal with this nonsense as they allowed Tamils to close the DVP recently, so could it be any different in any city or town anywhere in this Country?

The answer may come from a small group of dedicated nobody’s as CANACE president Gary McHale is in court as I write this battling the Crown in an effort to have charges which would make a significant difference in this battle certified. I can’t be more specific at this time but I can assure you that if he succeeds against the now desperate Crown, the charges he is seeking will be a turning point in the battle against race based policing in Canada.

For the few who may not know, McHale has been kept out of Caledonia by a charge of “Counselling Mischief not Committed” since December 2007, and by the time his trial takes place in 2011 at least $1,000,000 will have been spent to prosecute a man who is charged with allegedly making a suggestion that someone who had closed a road keep it closed a bit longer. No charges have been laid against any Native who has blocked a highway of course because that would not be politically correct.

We’re rapidly approaching the 3 year mark since CaledoniaWakeupCall was launched and we’ve made serious headway in that time, but it certainly appears today that as a Country we are in serious trouble at the moment with an unthinkable situation escalating at a rapid pace.

Another pictures courtesy of the Hamilton Spectator

Another pictures courtesy of the Hamilton Spectator


The Spec is now reporting that these criminals have marched onto the 403 and “all but closed” the Brantford bound lane. Traffic is backed up for kilometers because of these idiots and they’re doing it with “half a dozen Hamilton police cruisers, a motorcycle cop and one marked OPP cruiser behind.” Once again we have those who are supposed to protect us from criminals and enforce the law aiding and abetting Native Terrorism.

Jeff Parkinson

  1. Mark Delio says:

    Great rant, Jeff. I couldn’t agree with you more. By the way, do you know that the natives have now set up another smoke shack just a little south of the one at the end of Argyle Street, on the east side of Hwy 6?
    It must be summer coming again! I guess we’re in for a long summer of discontent again. I know he was a jerk, but don’t you sometimes miss Mike Harris? At least he had some balls!

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Welcome to the Third Level of Government in Canada–that of the native agenda. We let this go on, we all have crossed the line forever.

  3. Margaret says:

    We drove east on 403 as the pitiful group of indians were nearing the by-pass. If a lot of those truckers are not screaming, then there is something really sick with the Canadian mind. The Tamils can do it, the indians can do it, lets see if a group of Canadians can do it – block a road.

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