Brant blockade ended by Police – Media chased away by Mohawks

Posted: June 12, 2009 in Deseronto, Headlines, Jeff's Blogs, Natives, OPP, Shawn Brant

June 12, 2009

According to media sources, the illegal blockade started by Shawn Brant of a bridge in Deseronto has been brought to an end by the OPP and Tyendinaga police. Reports say that some of the criminals fled when confronted by Police, and 13 were arrested for mischief.

According to the Belleville Intelligencer who shot some video at the scene, “native dissident Jerome Barnhart arrived around 8:30 this morning and chased media away from the scene.

“Clad in camouflage and wearing white sneakers, Barnhart barreled across Highway 49 shortly after 8:30 a.m. barking orders that all media “should get away from here right now.

“You need to leave right now, or else,” he said, his finger now pointing down the highway.

“The CBC is not allowed here and neither are you. Get the f—k out. And don’t be pulling off the road down there … we’re going to be watching you and where you go.”  A vehicle with individuals from the protest group followed the retreating reporter from the scene.”

We’ve heard reports that Shawn Brant was among those arrested but have yet to be able to confirm that he’s in jail where he belongs. What we do know from the Intelligencer is that a group of “as many as 100 Mohawks” showed up at the Skyway Bridge last night to confront Brant and demand that he remove his blockade. Clearly Brant has lost the support he believed he had in his community.

Police are refusing to release the names of those arrested this morning, and although we don’t yet know why, I would submit it’s to try to prevent reactionary terrorism from those who see Brant as some sort of hero (such as the Men’s Fire from Six Nations).

The timing of these arrests is particularly interesting since the OPP and Hamilton Police provided an escort to a group of Six Nations criminals yesterday as they marched down the 403.

This is a great day for the people of Deseronto and for all of us if indeed Brant is back behind bars, but one has to wonder why they chose to enforce the law in one location while aiding the Natives in breaking it at another. Perhaps the fact that Deseronto residents were fed up and calling for a counter protest had something to do with it, but similar circumstances in Caledonia have always resulted in the OPP lining up to block residents while ignoring the Native thugs.

This also raises questions about what events may be triggered in Caledonia as a result of this excellent news. The organized criminals who call themselves the Men’s Fire have already threatened to shut down roads around Caledonia if any attempt was made to enforce the law at Akwesasne where an International border remains closed, so what will their reaction be to the arrest of their hero, Terrorist Shawn Brant?

Hopefully Julian Fantino was paying attention this morning as there’s definitely a lesson here for him to learn. This is how law enforcement is supposed to work. Criminals commit crimes, police arrest them. I realize that for most of us that concept is pretty easy to wrap out minds around, but apparently for Fantino it’s a chore that takes years.


Police are now guarding the Skyway Bridge as a group of Mohawks showed up and tried to retake it. It seems that Fantino isn’t the only one incapable of learning

Jeff Parkinson

  1. annie says:

    Shawn Brant NEVER HAD THE SUPPORT OF THE COMMUNITY. While the idiot who shot up the tmpolice chief’s truck is a coward and should be kicked off the territory, Shawn Brant is a man who is self important and only cares about grabbing the headlines not issues. The police had to act because, people around here mohawk and neighbours are sick and tired of this stupidity.

    Cancer patients in very ill health having to travel around an extra hour for treatment in Kingston. Driving for treatment is difficult for them at the best of times. Our surrounding communities all have Mohawks living in them or have descendants who where mohawks, so there is a level of tolerance and understanding. Shawn Brant and his fellow terriorist are slowly eating away at such support to the point where I have no doubt this weekend would have found not only mohawks demanding the bridge be cleared but also many from surrounding areas. No one likes being held hostage anywhere. They should have been arrested on the first day. In support of Cornwall, hardly in support of Shawn Brant grabbing headlines for himself. My god, if he actually took all this energy and put it into furthering good causes the territory would have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. But it is not about his people, it is about HIM, AND ONLY HIM.

    It is disgusting that the OPP lack the courage to end these occupations before the months and years go by. Laws are meant to be upheld, and criminals are to be put in jail. Its time to deny bail to this bunch and give them hard time. It is also time for Chief Maracle to stop talking out of both sides of his mouth, and kick these idiots off the territory. They bring shame to my people, and continue to do so.


  2. caledoniawakeupcall says:

    Very well said as always Annie.

    I understand that upwards of 100 people marched to the bridge to demand that Brant remove his barricade the night before the raid took place, and that his actions were condemned by literally everyone with any postition of authority in your community.

    That speaks volumes about the tide beginning to turn in my opinion. It’s truly a great relief to hear that the Mohawk people are fed up with the way that Shawn Brant has been portraying them to the general public and I would submit that real and lasting change is a real possibility when the residents start speaking out against extremists like Brant.

    We can only hope that the people of Six Nations will follow suit.

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